File To Form Converter

File To Form Converter module will convert any uploaded csv file into a tabular display layout.

Svg Image

This module changes default image field widget and formatter to allow use SVG image with the standard Image field.

Using SVG Image module you will not need to use another field type to load SVG image. Load SVG files into the Image field, it is not needed to create file field or special "SVG" type.

Don't forget to add a svg file extension into the list of the allowed image extensions in the field settings.

Other modules:

IMCE Rename (D8)

Module adds functionality renaming images from user interface of the IMCE file browser.

Media Unsplash

Media: Unsplash adds as a separated media provider. It's not embedding anything, but save image to your media repository.

You can search for images from trough media browser and save them as an image in your repository.
This module is ideal for bloggers, agencies and portals who needs royalty free images, and you can save time doing this trough Drupal media browser.

File URL


File URL module provides a field type that allows either a file upload or entering a URL to an external file. The field type comes with a widget that allows the user to chose between the two options. A formatter is also provided that displays a link to the file.


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