File Cart

File Cart description coming soon.


Tyny menu handler modules stuff to improve user and developer expirience.

At the time it contains main module to get menu item rendered content
and single 'menu_extra_rebuild' sub-module to rebuild dirty menues while cache flushing to improve site performance.


Declares profile:// file system storage to avoid system and user files mixing in the public:// storage.

HTML5 File and Image field

This module brings the new features from HTML5 into the Drupal core's Image and File fields without making any visual changes.

Features include:
- Multi file upload support User can select multiple files from the "File Upload" dialog box.
- File type restriction: Browser.
- Javascript validation for file type, size, and dimensions.
- All the goodness that comes from core's File and Image fields!

File Shelf

File Shelf remove the access to the "unpublish node files" automatically.


Drupal doesn't have the ability to stop users to access files when an associated parent entity (e.g. Node) is unpublished. Instead old file links will still remain accessible even the old revision is outdated. This becomes an issue when users click on any old file links that cached by search engines until you remove the files entirely from the server.


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