Protected File (from download)

Protected file formatter settings

Protected file module provide a new field type which extends File field and permit to enable/disable for each file the possibility to prevent users to download the file, if they don't have the right permission, whereas the file is still visible on the page.

This module is useful if you want to prevent users to download file, but you want display the file regardless.


This module provide a new field type "Protected file" based on the File field type. File is provided by Drupal core.

CKEditor Image Embed

Embed images by CKEditor Embed add-on without uploading them on server (plugin uses dataURI directly in HTML).
Extremely useful especially for inserting icons.

CKEditor Image Gallery

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Add-on can generate previews by configurable template and compatible with different image preview scripts like ShadowBox, LightBox, etc..

CKEditor File Uploader

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CKEditor Quick Image Uploader

Quick Image Uploader is the most popular premium tool for CKEditor to upload files in a couple of clicks.


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