Fine Image Upload

This module add a new field widget ('Fine image upload') to the image field. It makes standard image upload field more user-friendly and simple to use by showing only necessary settings and adding more convenient image preview feature, along with details of uploaded images.


This module adds an alternative to the standard core-provided *bar* (with pecl uploadprogress) upload progress widget with new XHR2 upload monitoring support in browsers via xhr.upload.progress.

Note: This is an API module and is targeted towards module developers.


Files Viewer

File viewer module shall help you view popular document files online, without downloading them.

This module uses Google Docs and Office live url to render documents.

Currently it supports following extension.

.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf

S3FS File Proxy to S3

This module keep on stage_file_proxy, s3fs_file_proxy philosophy, but instead download files to use in your local file system, is thought for staging and preproductions environment that use S3 like production. It's used with s3fs module.

This module download the files from your production S3 bucket and then upload to your pre production S3 bucket.


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