Image Private Token

With this module you can protect your images in your posts and prevent that another user link the image to own website.

Every X minutes (configurable time) the image token will change, internally is generated each time that the web is shown.

File Archive

What is File Archive
It provide a new field for entity. It collect all files that belong to the specific file/image field and create an archive from it.

Image style all

Use any path inside Drupal root to image style images. For example:

Derivative Generator

This module allows you to select image styles per field instance that will be generated when a new image is uploaded to this field. Image generation is done via a queue. You can run the queue with drush queue-run derivative_generator or with cron. When a derivative is not yet generated through the queue, visiting the url will still trigger the derivative generation.


FileField Sources Access

This proof of concept sandbox emerged from #661198: Add access control/permissions by role
Requires patch from #14 from

For now it defines permissions for every Filefield Source.
In theory it could be expanded in a much more granular way.

Storage API stream wrapper

Provides a stream wrapper to integrate Storage API with Drupal, as an alternative to Storage API's core_bridge submodule.



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