OSS File System (ossfs)

Aliyun Open Storage Service

OSS File System (ossfs) provides an additional file system to your drupal site, which stores files in Aliyun's Open Storage Service (OSS). You can set your site to use OSS File System as the default, or use it only for individual fields. This functionality is designed for sites which are load-balanced across multiple servers, as the mechanism used by Drupal's default file systems is not viable under such a configuration.

Inspired by S3 File System(s3fs), see s3fs for more information.

OG File

This module defines Organic Group permissions for File entities.

For each file bundle, the following OG permissions are available:

  • View file
  • Edit file
  • Delete file


* Organic Groups 7.x-2.x
* File Entity 7.x-2.x


Import xls

I am starting a creating a new module which help any one import own xls data into node content.


The goal of this project is to parse a views_json url and create a file that can be sent to an ftp server. This will be developed for D6 since services is not available. This gets around CORS and provides a way to distribute your view on a cron schedule in a usable format.

Nice ImageField Widget

The Image Drupal 7 module allows you to work with a set of images using the tabledrag feature, but in many cases it is uncomfortable.

This module uses the 'sortable' interaction of jQuery UI to overcome this problem and presents a widget called 'Nice Multiple' that can be used with fields of Image Type.

Besides this, the module requires Multiupload Filefield Widget module and allows selecting multiple files to upload at a time.



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