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Fancy File Delete

A Module that can finally delete files properly!


What this module can do:


Filedepot multiupload

This module extends the filedepot module with multiple upload support. Files can be uploaded with the plupload module which supports drag and drop.

This module is sponsored by Onsweb


Organize Files

Module Configuration


This module provides the functionality of moving files related to a content type from one directory to another directory with the possibility of adding 301 redirects from old destination to the new one. The module will keep the mapping of files with the node in-tact.

Why I came up with the idea of this module?



Deduplicate module saves disk space on a server by deduplicating files upon saved to Drupal.

OSS File System (ossfs)

Aliyun Open Storage Service

OSS File System (ossfs) provides an additional file system to your drupal site, which stores files in Aliyun's Open Storage Service (OSS). You can set your site to use OSS File System as the default, or use it only for individual fields. This functionality is designed for sites which are load-balanced across multiple servers, as the mechanism used by Drupal's default file systems is not viable under such a configuration.

Inspired by S3 File System(s3fs), see s3fs for more information.


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