OG File

This module defines Organic Group permissions for File entities.

For each file bundle, the following OG permissions are available:

  • View file
  • Edit file
  • Delete file


* Organic Groups 7.x-2.x
* File Entity 7.x-2.x


Import xls

I am starting a creating a new module which help any one import own xls data into node content.


The goal of this project is to parse a views_json url and create a file that can be sent to an ftp server. This will be developed for D6 since services is not available. This gets around CORS and provides a way to distribute your view on a cron schedule in a usable format.

Nice ImageField Widget


Nice ImageField Widget module has following dependencies:

Drupal Core Modules

  • Image

Contributed Modules

External Libraries

AmazonS3 Sync

Sync existing files to cloud.

Migrator for AmazonS3 module.


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