File Accept

Adds an accept attribute to all file upload fields that have allowed extensions set. When provided with this information, browsers will only allow files of that type to be uploaded via dialogs, instead of offering all files.




Cloudinary Copy

Cloudinary Copy is a simple module to copy your publicly stored media files to a preconfigured Cloudinary account.


Multi File Node Uploads

This module will allow upload of multiple file nodes, initially allowing one set of generic meta data per node per file. Any available content type can be created as long as it contains a file field.

Eventually this will be extended to allow meta information per node.


Download Count D8 Port

Tracks file downloads for Drupal private core file fields.


This sandbox project integrates file entities and group by creating new group permissions that mimic the global file entity permissions. Only integrates with private files.

Dependent on the group changes patch from comment #29.



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