Drownload is the Drupal download module for use by other modules when you want to download large files to a local temporary files with the minimum use of memory.

Nginx securelink

Nginx secure link

Integrates with nginx_securelink extension.

This module is not ready for production yet. Unless you want to test and help develop this module, Please wait until I announce a stable release.

However, this module works perfectly. But I haven't written its documentations. This module also needs a little cleanup. That's why you should wait for a stable release.

It works, but for experienced admins.

This module is developed and sponsored by Tolooco Group(گروه آموزشی طلوع).



Filesync synchronizes operations on files across all webheads in a cluster.

This is useful for setups where the webheads doesn't share the files directory via NFS neither use any distributed filesystem like GlusterFS.

If you don't understand what we're speaking here, see using a load balancer or reverse proxy for a brief introduction.


Filesync notifies the other webheads to keep files in sync on the following events:


Box Connector

This module provides the functionality to interact with the BOX API

Maintained By
Niraj Meegama
Sajith Athukorala
Mohammed Imran

RESTful web services support for files and images

RESTful web services support for files and images (restws_file)

This module provides support for creating and updating fields of type file and
image. It accepts (multiple) image/file data as base64_encoded strings in the
JSON payload.


Requires RESTful web services (restws).
No additional steps needed, just enable the module in Drupal.



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