Multi Type Image Slider

The Multitype Slider entity type is a simple custom entity type that allow management to add slider with many slider type option in the content. This module are used to created a different type of slider.

Available Slider Option

Full Width Slider',
Image Slider
Simple Fade Slideshow
Image Gallery
Image Gallery With Vertical Thumbnail
Scrolling Logo Thumbnail Slider
Thumbnail Navigator With Arrows
Vertical Slider
Nearby Image Partial Visible Slider
Carousel Slider
Banner Slider
Banner Rotator

Unoconv Service

Provides wrapper service to convert documents using Unoconv library.

Azure Storage Blob File System

This module create a Drupal 'file system' that integrates with Microsoft Azure Storage Blob containers.

This module is under active development.

Field Formatter File Size

Front-end File

Field Formatter File Size is a field formatter to display the file size.

Extra Logos


Simple functionality using page url patterns to set a different logos on the drupal pages.
Wildcards can be used.
Supports multiple pages as well as overriding of the pages for the logos.


You can have only one logo for the same page with the same pattern for example node/5. But you can have many with wildcards like "" or node/*. The more specific match is being used only, so node/5 will override node/*.


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