Serve plain file

Serve plain files


This module provides a way to serve configurable plain text files.

The main idea is to provide a way to configure static files in the backend,
like facebook domain ownership, google site verification or ads.txt, which may
be added or changed regularly by SEOs.

Wistia Integration


Integrates the Wistia video service inside Drupal. This module intends to integrate Wistia service
such a way that user doesn't require to go to Wistia website for management of Video projects, Uploads, media management, Video stats etc.

Following functionalities are supported by the module
Wistia field, Uploader, configurations

Following features are planned in the future.
Wistia Project management
Wistia Media management
Project stats, Media stats


ClamAV Queue

Use case

This module is intended for the very specific case where a site is using all of these modules:

  • clamav
  • file_entity
  • plupload
  • multiform

(Note: All these modules are listed as dependencies for this reason.)

PDF Thumbnail

PDF Thumbnail is used to create a PDF thumbnail of PDF uploaded. Thumbnail will be the first page of PDF file which is uploaded.


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