Picture Block

This module is a fork of the Image Block module with adaptions made to account for the use of the Picture element.

The admin user is presented with two separate image upload fields for desktop and mobile usage and an additional field to allow for the setting of a pixel width to activate a min-width media query.

Simple OCR

Optical character recognition


Placeholder for D8 integration with OneHub, module coming sometime early 2018

IMCE Copy Link

IMCE Copy Link Screenshot

IMCE Copy Link adds a Copy Link button to the IMCE file manager tabs. Clicking it copies the currently selected file URL to the clipboard. The URL can then be pasted into any Drupal text field or an external program.
When no file is selected, the current directory URL is copied.
Without this module, this operation can only be performed using a rather lengthy workaround involving the imce_wysiwyg module.


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