Image catcher



Image catcher is a lightweight service allowing you to create images files from external URL or base64 source.

Nice FileMime

Nice FileMime module allows you to configure a nice, human friendly MIME type description.

Nice FileMime Service

Provides a service to return Nice FileMime description for a given mime type.

Nice FileMime Field Formatter

Nice FileMime Field Formatter to use in your views to automatically convert mimetype to their "Nice" counterparts.

Nice FileMime Facet Processor

Nice FileMime Facet Processor to use in your facets to automatically convert mimetype to their "Nice" counterparts.

Field Switch File System

Field Switch File System

Field Switch File System - switch files from public to private and vice versa.


  • Enable the module admin/modules or drush en field_switch_file_system.
  • Using the module.

Using the module

IntelligenceBank DAM

Screenshot of the api login

The IntelligenceBank DAM Connector for Drupal lets you quickly and easily access your IntelligenceBank DAM assets directly from within Drupal. Assets can then be inserted into your content, either as their own copy or as a direct link to the original.


This module is a wrapper around the CloudConvert API. CloudConvert supports the conversion between more than 200 different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. Check the supported formats for more details.

We created this wrapper so when can created thumbnails for all sort of file formats for example mp4, pdfs, vector formats etc.

Automatic Image Moderation

The module uses the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API to moderate images and prevent to show images with racist or adult content.
This module should be used on all sites where users are allowed to upload images (fe. in Community solutions)

About the API:


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