Filedepot Dropbox

The Filedepot Dropbox module expands on the features of the Filedepot Module by providing additional functionality in connection with Dropbox using Oauth2. Furthermore this module can be used in conjunction with organic groups.

Files can be synchronized with any Dropbox folder Path. You can upload files straight to Dropbox bypassing the local area, or enable complete synchronization with files on both Dropbox and the local area. Synchronization can be on page load or through a cron on even run manually if desired.

Google Drive Field

This module is used to upload files to google drive directly. It provides a field type Gdrive in the field UI.

This module bypasses the local storage and upload the file directly to a configured google drive account and displays the file link on node detail page.


Import CSV Data

Screen For Defining Fields for Table as well as CSV Columns.

Basic CSV Data import facility is provided by this module.

Module Import CSV Data also provides a standard default block with form to filter to display the Imported Records.

Default standard permissions are set and handled.

Option to define the fields is provided so it gives a easy import as and how its required.

Configuration for Fields defining and file upload to schedule for cron is provided under New tab created in admin with title 'Import Data'.

Fine Image Upload

This module add a new widget ('Fine image upload') to the image field. It makes standard image upload field more user-friendly and simple to use by showing only necessary settings and adding more convenient image preview feature, along with details of uploaded images.

You simply should install the module and switch image field widget to Fine Image Upload.
This can be done at "Manage form display" tab of one of yours Content types.


This module adds an alternative to the standard core-provided *bar* (with pecl uploadprogress) upload progress widget with new XHR2 upload monitoring support in browsers via xhr.upload.progress.

Note: This is an API module and is targeted towards module developers.


Files Viewer

File viewer module shall help you view popular document files online, without downloading them.

This module uses Google Docs and Office live url to render documents.

Currently it supports following extension.

.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf


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