Create new events and allows users to register for these events free and paid and get paid by PayPal payment gateway.

Module features:

- PayPal payment options
- Create Paid and Free events
- Status options - Active, Pending, Cancelled, Waiting
- Create Private / Public events
- Event Copy
- CAPTCHA security images
- Upcoming Events Block
- Export events CSV

Qm Blood Donors

This modules shows the profiles of Golden and Silver blood donors.


A set of Drupal modules to manage orienteering events, venues, and club membership.

Meetup Events

The Meetup Events module provides a way to automatically sync events created in your drupal site to meetup.com. This assumes your definitive data about your events lives in drupal, but you'd like to have the events also listed in meetup to get more publicity.



This is a simple module that has a "enter giveaway" button for users to enter a giveaway or contest. The enter giveaway button changes to a "sign in" button if the user is not already signed in.

Once the user hits the button they are redirected to a "Thank you for signing up" page that is unique to them and can't be used by anyone else.

Their entries are recorded in the database and available for exporting via a "export" button viewable by administrators.

Commerce Registration


Provides Drupal Commerce with the ability to sell registrations via the Entity Registrations module.


Entity Registration
Drupal Commerce


This module, along with Entity Registrations, is still in beta. That means there can be substantial code changes, although the schema is relatively stable. However, this does not completely remove the possibility of any major changes that will affect interaction between the two modules. Check the issue queue for any possibly existing problems.

Set Up

Use Drupal Commerce as usual.

If you don't already have a product display set up, create one with a product reference field.

Add a Registration field to the commerce product type you want.

Create a product and set the Registration type (or create one if you haven't already), add a new product display with that reference, and add the settings to the DB as above.



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