Signup Counts

This module adds Views field/sort/filter definitions for signup counts on

This module was originally created by @reubidium.


Week Calendar with Appointment Slots

Drupal wrapper for the wonderful jQuery Week Calendar written by Rob Monie with appointment slots as an additional feature and Google Calendar as an obvious inspiration.

Facebook Events

This module allows to display RSVP of facebook event in drupal node.

Original Idea : handsofaten @

This module is ported to Drupal 7 and it can be used with Drupal for facebook or FBConnect module which is available.



"Legal holidays" is a module that interacts with the date- and calendar-module to provide information of legal holidays all over the world to the calendars. Currently there will be the following countries:

- Germany (all states)
- Austria (all states)
- Switzerland (all states)

As the module will be designed to be "pluggable", it should be easy to add new countries with their corresponding holidays.

maestro for drupal

The purpose of this project is to enhance and improve the already useful and well developed Maestro Module ( Specifically the goal is to use drupal coding standards and best practices and allow maestro workflows to be exported into code and overridden by the database, much the same way that views and features can be.

QM Event

This is a Schedule Management Software.

User will be able to add and manage schedules and events. Share them and comment them.

Each schedule can be private or public. There can be a group schedule. Group admin may add users to group and maintain the group.

This is still totally in brain. Hope we can make them soon.


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