Signup Reminders

Signup Reminders allows users to specify their own reminders X days, hours or minutes before or after a Signup date (granularity is configurable).

This module is in part a follow-up to #374086: Multiple reminder emails, but user-specified rather than admin-specified.



Extends the signup module to provide multiple signup options.

It is not complete at all in the sense that it does not integrate with all the features that signup provides (eg control through tabs, views integration, etc) and it hard-codes some settings.

Signup Pane

A flexible pane system for Signup.

Simple Date Repeat

Simple Date Repat UI in action

This module provides a simpler date repeat UI. It integrates seamlessly with the Date modules date_repeat widgets and simply overrides the UI. It provides a UI similar to Google Calendar.




Drupal Rooms is a booking and room management solution for hotels, vacation rentals and B&Bs.

It allows an accommodation owner to:

  • Create rooms and assign availability (or on hold states) via a calendar.
  • Manage pricing for rooms using calendars that allow to set pricing for entire seasons or just change it for specific dates.
  • Define optional add-ons for rooms.
  • Charge either per-night or per-person.
  • Handle children discounts.
  • Create bookings and keep customer records.
  • Make rooms available for booking with a availability search functionality and/or calendar - handling both immediate bookings and bookings following owner confirmation.
  • Search by Room Type.
  • Full integration with Commerce to manage payments, a range of different payment gateways, and a host of other e-commerce features.
  • Accept full or partial payments (deposits) using Commerce features.
  • Through Rooms Package you can define special offers for bookings (requires >= Rooms 1.3).
  • Through Rooms Availability Constraints an admin can define availability constraints such as the minimum period of a booking (requires >= Rooms 1.3).

Drupal Rooms is being developed as Drupal 7+ solution.


GML Course

With GML Courses module you can organize education courses workflow.


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