Date Popup Restrictions

About this module

This module allow to add day select restrictions in the date_popup widget from
the date moduel that could be displayed as custom form widget, in a entity
with date field or as a exposed filter in a view. The approach to restrict the
selectable days is done used a view display that is used as a data source of
dates that we are interested to allow selectable in our widget. Other days not
returned by this view will be unselectable.

Date part-of-day

Small module that provides a date token extension, partofday, a somewhat arbitrary indication of the part of the day (early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night or midnight).


FullCalendar Create

A new extension for FullCalendar. This module allows you to click directly on the calendar to create new events. Currently only supports nodes, generic entities will be supported after #1437902: Allow custom $form_state to be used with entity_form().


Campaign countdown

Provides a flexible countdown block to your site.

Set the date for the timer to end then just add the block to your desired region.

Configuration options

  • End time
  • Remaing time prefix
  • Remaing time suffix
  • Expiry message

There will also be theme hooks to change the output html to your liking.

Similar to the Countdown project however there isnt much option in terms of HTML output.


Using this module, administrator can integrate Drupal with LimeSurvey,an open source powerful feature packed survey tool, which gives the capability of importing users from Drupal to LimeSurvey and registered users of Drupal site can see the public active surveys in there dashboard and take them as well! Furthermore, grant some users the ability to create survey or manage templates(if you wish!) on the basis of Roles or on per user basis! This module will be very useful for those who need a nice website/blog with the power of survey management.

Registration Migrate


Migrates data from Signup 6.x to Entity Registration 7.x.

See README.txt for additional information.


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