Registration Date

Registration configuration screen.
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Provides integration between Registration and Date modules.

Date iCal

Date iCal is your one-stop shop for iCal support in Drupal. It provides a plugin for Views to enable exporting your site's calendar as an iCal feed, and a plugin for Feeds to enable importing external iCal feeds into your site's calendar.

Enterprise Events


Enterprise Events is an App for managing events on your site. It is a part of the Open Enterprise distribution but can be installed on any Drupal 7 site.


  • event content type with date field
  • view listing page and block of events that can be filtered by categories
  • categories block view
  • enhanced admin view for better content administration


  1. Install the module and dependencies. There are three ways to install using Drupal 7:
    • Do a traditional install by downloading all the modules from and follow instructions
    • One click install via the LevelTen Apps Server. You must install the apps connector modules first.*
    • Start your site with the Open Enterprise Drupal distribution. The apps server connectors are included - along with a lot of other great stuff.*

    * Using the apps server greatly streamlines the process.

  2. Once installed, a Events item will appear on the main menu. Visit the page and click "+ Add event" to get started.


Date Popup Restrictions

About this module

This module allow to add day select restrictions in the date_popup widget from
the date moduel that could be displayed as custom form widget, in a entity
with date field or as a exposed filter in a view. The approach to restrict the
selectable days is done used a view display that is used as a data source of
dates that we are interested to allow selectable in our widget. Other days not
returned by this view will be unselectable.

Date part-of-day

Small module that provides a date token extension, partofday, a somewhat arbitrary indication of the part of the day (early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night or midnight).

FullCalendar Create

A new extension for FullCalendar. This module allows you to click directly on the calendar to create new events. Currently only supports nodes, generic entities will be supported after #1437902: Allow custom $form_state to be used with entity_form().


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