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"Riddle is an engine module for creating/making an online riddle/question/
challenge based portal based on drupal framework so easily. Though you will have
to concern more challenges while putting your online event idea into work but
this module will solve most of your problem using drupal."

So what exactly it is:

  • Creates a 'riddle problem' content type. You can associate this content type with a problem level.If it is associated with level 0 then it would be invisible.
  • By invisible problem, it means, it has been created to be later associated with any level number.
  • You can configure maximum number of attempts for any problem. If user exceeds problem attempts one set to be out of the competition.
  • Module provides level and rank information on user profile page. A rank page is also provided in navigation menu with pager.
  • An answer box is there while viewing the content type 'riddle problem' and answer matching is based on strict string matching.If a user solves a level one's problem level is incremented.
  • On the configuration page of this module you can set the maximum number of problems and online/offline status of your 'riddle problems'.
  • Answers lie in the encrypted form with MD5 => message-digest algorithm to hide/protect the real answer ;-)


A tournament building module.

The purpose of this module is to abstract the functionality around building tournaments in a way that is fully customizable and extendable.

Cvent Signup

This module uses the Cvent API to register and mark users attended automatically for signup-enabled nodes when they are marked attended in Cvent.

Non-Profit Chapter Tools

This module provides a set of tools for creating and maintaining a website for small non-profit organizations.

eSports Leagues

This module intends to make an eSports League on a Drupal website. At this stage is on an early development.

If you want to look at this module in action please visit: www.esports.mx

Contributors are welcome.

Exportable Scheduler

Edit DFP ad box1 | d7.png

The module allows site admins to schedule most ctools exportable objects to either be enabled or disabled.

Dates can be entered as plain text or by using the date popup module that comes with date.

Please make certain cron is running correctly otherwise exportable items will not be scheduled correctly.


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