Copernica Connector

This module provides integration into Copernica, an award winning marketing platform trusted by over 1000 brands. It deploys personalised campaigns which are triggered when site visitors complete actions or fall into criteria you set. These campaigns can be delivered across multiple channels (email, mobile SMS, fax, PDF) and may exists as a series of messages delivered over time.

FullCalendar Event Ajax Manipulation

git clone fullcalendar_event_ajax_manipulation

Not supported anynore and further development continued on

The module FullCalendar allow drag and drop for event with Ajax update.

Webform Signup


The Webform 3.x module allows you to assign webforms to any Drupal content type that you want to have signups.
This module allows you to create an (unpublished) webform node as a signup form template
That webform's form components will be made available to each node of the content type you indicated as needing to have signup functionality.

You'll be able to select multiple content types that serve as "events" and can have a webform serve as signup form.

Google Calendar

Allows pasting google calendar code into a CCK textfield and displaying google calendar there. Implementation is EXTREMELY basic, and with as yet limited functional options.

DrupalCamp Colorado Yeti

This module will make your site awesome by adding the DrupalCamp Colorado Yeti!


Date Tweaks

This module extends the Date module to provide enhanced UI functionality. Specifically, this module does the following:

  1. Adds in Baron Schwartz's date-time javascript functionality
  2. Maintains the date's duration - so when the start date changes, the end date also changes
  3. Adds in Willington Vega's dropdown time picker. By default, this timepicker replaces the standard timepicker
  4. Adds an "All Day" button which toggles the time field. When checked, the start and end time is set to 00:00



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