Using this module, administrator can integrate Drupal with LimeSurvey,an open source powerful feature packed survey tool, which gives the capability of importing users from Drupal to LimeSurvey and registered users of Drupal site can see the public active surveys in there dashboard and take them as well! Furthermore, grant some users the ability to create survey or manage templates(if you wish!) on the basis of Roles or on per user basis! This module will be very useful for those who need a nice website/blog with the power of survey management.

Registration Migrate


Migrates data from Signup 6.x to Entity Registration 7.x.

See README.txt for additional information.

Webform Easy Templates

This module makes it easy for content editors to create webforms to go along with other posts, as part of a single workflow. Consider this a (vastly simplified) usability layer on top of Webform module. An example module is included for creating RSVP forms for Events.

Signup Registration migration

UPDATE June 23, 2013:

Progress on this module halted due to a confusion on who handles the migration ticket at #1412254: Migration plan from signup to entity registration?.

UPDATE AS OF Feb 3, 2012:

  • When the module is installed, it will automatically create an registration bundle named signup_registration. This is for an easier migration process.
  • It currently creates a field named signup_registration_name to go with it. I have not yet decided what should happen to the phone number. It is fairly easy to implement, however.
  • The registration bundle field is attached to all prior nodes that had signup enabled on them. I haven't started to look at setting up any other information regarding this.
  • The module will use the migrate module for migrating over prior nodes and signups. Most of the node settings migrate over. However, there are a few things that need to get sorted out such as how to get the prior node date in as the closing date. I'm not sure how field names change between D6 and D7 (cck to core fields) so moving over the dates may be a bit of a challenge. But aside from that, all other data is migrating over fairly nicely.

Node registration

Allows (authenticated and/or anonymous) users to register for events. Events are nodes with certain node types. You can enable registration for any node type and add fields and manage display per type and per node.

N.B. If you can't register or don't see the link/form, you can add ?debug=1 to the URL and the reason will be saved into the watchdog table. It might be a date, a permission, a status etc. The watchdog message will tell.

Since it's built on Entities and Fields, it works perfectly together with Views, Tokens, Rules, VBO etc.

Requires PHP >= 5.3.

Set up

  1. Download & enable + dependencies
  2. Choose node types to enable (admin/structure/types/manage/TYPE/edit)
  3. Add fields to new registration type (admin/structure/node_registration/manage/TYPE/fields)
  4. Tweak registration type settings (admin/structure/node_registration/manage/TYPE/settings)
  5. Party


Most permissions are intelligent: a combination of
checkboxes (People > Permissions), registration type
settings and node registration settings (node/2/registration/settings).


For registration types and nodes:



    Create new events and allows users to register for these events free and paid and get paid by PayPal payment gateway.

    Module features:

    - PayPal payment options
    - Create Paid and Free events
    - Status options - Active, Pending, Cancelled, Waiting
    - Create Private / Public events
    - Event Copy
    - CAPTCHA security images
    - Upcoming Events Block
    - Export events CSV


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