Node Bulk Operations

Automatically create and maintain multiple nodes from a template node.

This module will help to create and maintain a set of nodes corresponds to a set of users from a template node of a particular content type.
Whatever change made to the template node will also get reflected in the nodes created from the template node.

This module depends on trigger and userreference (cck) modules.

NodeStream Calendar

Feature that provides calendar functionality to Nodestream.


This module aims to implement a time-only field for CCK.


Liveblog is a live-blogging module that plays nicely with CDNs like Akamai. For the moment, users with the correct permissions can create and modify a 'liveblog' content type, and posts can be written and comments can be turned on for the general public. Future development is scheduled for the next few weeks/months and will include Twitter, youTube, and whatever else we can think of.

The liveblog includes an iframe which may, depending on configuration, be embedded into any external site or shared by other users. Future work will ideally include Facebook integration.


Events calendar feature

Events listing at /events once the feature has been enabled and some events have been created.

Here is an example of how to build a list of events with a calendar block that filters the listed events for a particular day in Drupal 7.


Resource Booking

Resource booking module provides a widget that can be included in any content type and enable resource booking. The module is developed for Drupal 7 as the Booking API and Events Booking module is not available on Drupal 7.
Main features:
1. Create multiple resource types
2. Attach resource booking to any content type
3. Consolidated booking status when resource booking field is reused
4. Integrated with Rules, Entity and Views



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