Non-Profit Chapter Tools

This module provides a set of tools for creating and maintaining a website for small non-profit organizations.

eSports Leagues

This module intends to make an eSports League on a Drupal website. At this stage is on an early development.

If you want to look at this module in action please visit:

Contributors are welcome.

Exportable Scheduler

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The module allows site admins to schedule most ctools exportable objects to either be enabled or disabled.

Dates can be entered as plain text or by using the date popup module that comes with date.

Please make certain cron is running correctly otherwise exportable items will not be scheduled correctly.

GraphicMail - Email Marketing Solution

This GraphicMail Module allows our clients to easily integrate our newsletter subscription form into their Drupal-created websites, so their GraphicMail mailing list can be automatically updated. It makes it easier for you to manage your contact list and ensures that you are able to adhere to the industry best practices of opt-in email marketing.


This is an API module to consume the Cvent API. It has no functionality other than providing functions other modules can use.


See Cvent Signup for an example of a module using this API.


Inspiration from

Day Tripper G Map

Day Tripper G Map configures the Day Tripper module to work with the Google Map API and the Google Directions API.


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