Hebrew Calendar

Example of monthly calendar

This Hebrew Calendar module is based on the widely used "Calendar" module which is commonly used to create monthly calendars. This module displays Hebrew dates, Jewish holidays, candle-lighting times, havdalah times, weekly Torah reading/parasha, rosh hodesh, and related Jewish calendar information.

RNG Contact

Provides a non-user contact suitable for usage with RNG v1.3 (unreleased)

See the quick start guide for setup instructions and basic configuration.


EventCreator is a module written for Drupal 8.1.x. EventCreator is a way of joining together many aspects of an event management system, including users, and assets.

Attendance Record

Coming soon.
See issue tracker for development details/discussion.

E Greetings

A module that sends electronic wishes and greeting cards (e-cards) to a e-mail address or group of address on a scheduled date / time or now. Supports from Drupal 8.x Onwards

Add To Calendar


Add to Calendar Module integrates 'Add to Calendar' button provided by addtocalendar.com which supports iCalender, Google Calendar, Outlook, Outlook Online and Yahoo Calendar. It's basically a thirdparty field formatter setting available for datetime field formatters.


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