Notifications Ribbon

An absolute positioned to top notification ribbon for your visitors.
No need to worry about hassle of adjusting width and height of css ribbons.
this plugin ribbon can wrap around any divs.
Just write few lines code and get any divs wrapped with ribbon.
Works in all major browsers.

Eventbrite Attendees Block

block configuration for eventbrite attendees block module

A simple module that adds a new block to the system for showing a list of attendees to an Eventbrite event.

Scheduled Message Module

This module creates a schedule of messages related to a specific entity type/bundle, and sends them on the appropriate day.

The initial use case is to send a series of reminders of a membership expiration. This module provides the ability to add multiple scheduled messages to an entity type, and send them as a membership nears and passes expiration.

For the initial use case, Scheduled Messages are implemented as a plugin that may be attached to an entity type and bundle. All entities created from that bundle inherit the message schedule.

Monthly Event Listing

A very simplified version of a calendar modules - creates a month-based listing of nodes with a predefined date field.

Includes a month pager and default styling to gray out events that are passed.

Simple ICS

* Introduction
This is a simple module which allows create simple twig urls which will create an ICS calendar file based on a node and two start and end date fields.

* Requirements
This module requires the module which is part of the composer.json file included

* Recommended modules

* Installation
Typical Drupal install

* Configuration


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