Get Lat Long by Address in xls

This is developer use module, Where we can import xls with Addresses and get respective Latitude and Longitude as a downloadable output.

Localist Calendar for Drupal

The most powerful way to highlight events on your Drupal website.

Entity reminders

This project's goal is to aggregate all the functionality of several Drupal reminder projects.

Main tenets of reminder API:

  • Reminder API only handles the storage configuration, notification, and repeat/unsubscribe functionality
  • Integrations only provide a reminder criteria, and eligible users

With Reminder API you can build reminders similar to the ones that many other modules provide like:

Birthday Reminder

Website Block

This module allow site administrator to add people's birthday. On site it will show birthday of people and send mail to people who's birthday on that day.

This is module is for Drupal 8.1 version.

appointment slots

Appointments module generates two content types:

  1. Appointment Facility (office)
  2. Appointment

each office could be moderated by one or more user with role ' Facility Manager'
Facility manager tasks:

  • Edit facility attributes like: name, description, .. etc
  • Manage his calendar blocks, open days blocked days
  • Capacity for each block of the day, like: 8:00AM has 4 seats
  • so much more ..

Push Notifications Web

Push Notifications module for Drupal is simple Rules based plugin to send Push Notifications. Allow to send Push Notifications to authorized and anonymous users to your site users desktop and mobile device, if even they are out of site. Notifications looks like, that Facebook send and providing by Google Cloud Message API. Perfectly works with both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Installs and setup like anyelse Wordpress plugin – acivate and print settings – that is all.


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