The Cronpub module is fundamentally created with one purpose; time-based publication and un-publication of content entities. It also manages the flags ‘sticky’ and ‘promote’ and custom plugins.

Counter Up

This module basically used to show stats in counter up form like from 1 to that particular.

Just put the numbers in a div/span and provide class="counter".


  <span class="counter">1,234,567.00</span>
  <span>$</span><span class="counter">1.99</span>
  <span class="counter">12345</span>

See DEMO here.

COD Mobile

The COD mobile module works with drupal's 'Conference Organizing Distribution' and will generate a json file with session and related data such as speakers, tracks, room etc. The json file will generate automatically on drupal cron run or you can generate it manually by accessing the link

The generated json file will be placed inside the public files folder of the Drupal installation eg:
This can be later used as a data provider for mobile applicatons.


Event Contracts

This module provides a method to manage the scheduling and contracting of artists for an event.

It requires the Features Module and the Entity Reference module.

It includes two sample views to view events and for managing contracts.


Screen shot of subsite node configuration options

Subsite lets you make any node or set of nodes look like a different website by overriding the theme, branding, main menu, and more. Perfect for event and campaign micro-sites etc, subsite has been designed to be used by editors as part of the editorial process. Configuration for each subsite is stored with the node in a field which means it supports content revisions and works with your usual content workflow.


RNG Conflict

RNG Conflict Logo

Prevent registrations for an RNG event when a registrant is registered for a similar event.

Please refer to README for installation and configuration information.



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