This module is moving poll functionality into entities. For now it should be mostly usable for developers, which may enjoy that a poll is an entity and choices are also entities (so they can have fields!). Poll types, widgets, results displays are abstracted, so you can make your own. I tried to make it in a way that should allow you to relatively easily implement any voting system you wish.


Disable Node View Full

Sometimes you need to use a node type for slideshow or little listing block on the homepage and you don't want users access a view full for this type of node because there is no design on it.

This module allow you to disable the view full for the node's type you choose and render a 404 page instead.

Just navigate to the content type settings form and look at the "Disable Node View Full" tab at the bottom.

Instance Field

Instance Field allows you to reuse different field definitions in a content type multiple times and in any order. This is helpful for generic pages that have different field definitions and wants to combine and mix different orders and instances.

Content Tracker

This module tracks all the nodes. It displays the user information who created,updated and deleted a node. The user information includes the IP address from which the modification done and the node information includes the node ID.

This module also tracks all the modules. It displays the user information who enabled and disabled a module. The user information includes the IP address from which the modification done and the module information includes the module name.


Autofill Forms

Automatically generating form field default value

Autofill forms module provide automatically generate defalut value for textfield, teaxarea(lorem ipsum text). checkboxs, radio buttons and select options

This module did not overwrite form field default value.

This module support which content type want to fill automatically generating default value and also textfield words length and textarea field words length.

Autofill forms module allow to configure which field want to generate autofill default value.


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