Hide Node Title

This module hides the title for standard content types and content types using
display suite.

Instructions for Use

Pre-requisite, if using nested fieldsets group using htmlelement

1) Add the field "field_hide_title" as a checkbox to your content type and place with the title.
2) on the content check the field_hide_title to hide the title

Read Confirmation

The Read Confirmation module adds a field which can be added to any entity which allows to collect data if a specific user has seen this entity.

Confirmation can be either automatically when viewed or manually by pressing a button.

Common use cases:

  • Announcements in Intranets
  • Provide users a view where all unread articles are shown


Simple entity merge D8

Simple module that adds a tab for entities that lets you chose a another entity of the same type and merge all the references to this entity to that other entity.

Only takes care of entity_reference fields and it doesn't process entities in batch so is not advised for large number of references.

CKEditor iFrame

This module integrates the CKEditor iFrame Dialog for CKEditor. After installing, you will be able to add a button to the CKEditor toolbar that will allow a user to embed iframe content from YouTube or applications like Google Calendar.


This module requires the core CKEditor module and the CKEditor FakeObjects module.

Default Content Extras

Default Content Extra is a Drupal 8 only module that adds "extra", experimental
functionality to the Default Content for D8 module (but is not affiliated with the module other than it is a required dependency.)

Current features include:


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