Message History

The Message History module adds "new" markers to messages created by the Message module.

API.AI Client

API.AI is a natural language understanding platform that makes it easy for developers (and non-developers) to design and integrate intelligent and sophisticated conversational user interfaces into mobile apps, web applications, devices, and bots.

This Drupal module project is intent to creating a Drupal client for API.AI endpoints so that Drupal developers can easily create a sophisticated conversational user interfaces.

Replicate Bonus

This module provides a couple of additional functions on top of the replicate/replicate_ui modules.

  • Redirecting the user back to the node-edit form of the replica.
  • Automatically set the replicated module to unpublished state.

Recursive Clone


This is an entity cloning module for Drupal 7.

It uses RESTful endpoints to allow cloning of content between different instances of a site. Or even any two sites, as long as the entities being cloned share the same structure. Of course content can also be cloned on the same site with the same mechanism.

As the name suggests this clones recursively. It was designed to handle referenced entities like Fieldable Panels Panes but later shifted focus to Paragraphs Items.

Currently supports:

Bulk Update Fields

VBO (views bulk operations) was included with core... sort of. This module attempts to bring back bulk field modifications in drupal 8. Dates don't work yet.. patches and bug reports welcomed!

A module for those who need to bulk update fields in nodes or other entities.

Similar Projects
None known

Latest release of Drupal 8.x.

Pro and Con Comments

Module description

Enables "pro" and "con" Comments on content, which makes it easy to compare different comments and views on a subject. A good example is a debate on a poll.

Comments are displayed in two columns, one for "Pro" and one for "Con", under the content body. If the Fivestar module is installed, comments can be rated and will "float" up when rated high.

Requirements / Dependencies

This module requires the Views module.
Views: Procon creates a view for listing all arguments on a node.


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