Field Group Modal Bootstrap

This module provides a modal Bootstrap window from field group elements.



Reserve is the D8 port of Room Reservations. Whereas that module was specifically for reservations for Rooms (it included a node bundle called "Rooms"), Reserve intends to allow booking of any fieldable Content Type (node, user, term, etc). Rather than provide a room bundle, it has a custom field (Reserve Category) which can be added to any bundle to allow it to be reservable. It also provides a booking calendar for each reservable bundle. Examples: rooms, cameras, tutors.

Timed node page

Timed node page module provides plugin types for displaying certain content on a page based on timing. For example if you have a content type for homepages with this plugin you can create a page (controller) that will always show the newest published one. It also supports time ranges so that content can have end dates as-well.

Simply put: the module enables you to display the 'current' content of type X on one page. This module is intended for developers.

Summit Meeting List

Meeting Attendees List

Summit Meeting List Module Provide list of all the Attendees who are going for the Meeting .its simple interface makes its easy for the user to notify them with event and allow the administrator to know the list of attendees for the announced event.

How to Install
1) Download and Enable Module
2) Dependent Module are date-time and views.
3) Access for now is with url i-e project/summit
4) Enter the Email Address
5) And Done

Toolbar Menu Clean

Toolbar Menu Clean

Clean up Toolbar Menu

This module used with Toolbar Menu allow you can disable Administration and Shortcuts Toolbar menu.

It help you can create menu per client's role, help the client don't mess with the default current Drupal Administration menu.

How does it work?

Follow instruction of to create new menu for roles you need with Toolbar Menu


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