Node Preview

This module extends the default node preview page.
We can change the preview button label and the title of the preview page.
We can also hide the input form on preview page and the save button on input page.

The node preview page is used as the confirmation page to execute creating or updating node.

Rate DS

Added the code from to a module for use in Drush Make builds.




The Europass module collects field values from one or more entity bundles and uses the API provided as web-services exposed by the Europass Interoperability in order to allow users to download the formatted Europass Curriculum Vitae. The module allows users to download the Curriculum Vitae as .pdf, .doc or .odt but exposes an API that allows developers to provide additional output formats.




PerformX OpenAccess templages

This module registers a CKEditor plugin, PerformX OpenAccess, with the Wysiwyg module so that CKEditor users who may have access to the plugin.

PerformX OpenAccess adds three buttons to the CKEditor toolbar that provide:

Biblio DAI

This module adds a Digital Author Identifier (DAI) field to the contributor data within the Bibliography module.

The Digital Author Identifier is a unique national number for every author active within a Dutch university, university of applied sciences, or research institute.


Bibliography module.


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