OpenMLS is a real estate registrar module for third-party organizations interested in becoming Accredited OpenMLS Registrars (AOR). This module is the community edition for potential AORs to download, test, and integrate within their own website before applying for accreditation. All AORs must be accredited before connecting to the primary OpenMLS Registry and then for providing their registrar services to the public.

OpenMLS will provide the following minimal and generic registrar functionality:

FairCoin address field

FairCoin logo

This module creates a new faircoin address field type, that is available to attach to any entity. When user introduces the address, the module validates it. When the field is displayed, it presents a qr-code if address text is clicked.

Sport Team Management

Allows to manage team, club and match.

The following content types will be available :


This module allows the administrator to add several streams onto a list and display information in a block.
Displayed information are the Username, which is also linked and it's current viewer count.
In case the channel is not live, 'offline' will appear instead of the number of current viewers.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Selective Tweets

Selective Tweets live feed

Selective Tweets makes it possible to add Twitter timelines and Twitter tweets to a Drupal website. When enabled, a new block type is available which displays Twitter feeds with a certain filter applied to it. The tweets are either rendered as embedded tweets or as raw HTML, which lets you style them as wished.


OG Content Administration

Group Administration menu


This module just exposes the group content administration to the users reproducing the Drupal core content management section.

From the Group Administration section you can now enjoy two new menu items:

  • Add content
  • Manage content

This module already supports usage of Entityreference prepopulate (cool module).



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