A simple module that includes a settings page and one block that will connect to the Facebook API 2.x (tested with 2.0-2.7) and give you a themed feed of the posts on a specific page. This is meant to show a page feed and not a group or individual's feed. Though, those feeds would be relatively easy to add (patches welcome!)

Facebook page interaction

A module that provides Facebook page implementation.

Marking this as obsolete as the dev release of https://www.drupal.org/project/fb_likebox includes most of what this module does.

Display role

'Roles' field with 'Picture' and 'Member for' fields on admin/people/accounts/display form

Easily show users' assigned role or roles on their profile pages by using this module.

It makes a list of user roles available for site administrators to choose to show as one of the display fields available on user profiles.

Enable the module and go to People » Account settings » Manage display and drag "Roles" to where you would like it to display relative to the order of other items, like "Picture" and "Member for", available on this form that, as it explains, "lets administrators configure how fields should be displayed when rendering a user profile page."


Slack chat

Slack chat module allows your visitors to send instant messages from your website to your Slack account. Your visitors can use an embedded chat widget on your site to chat with you, and you will receive their messages and respond to them in Slack.


Group Block Contents

This is a submodule for Group (https://www.drupal.org/project/group) and extends the "Group Content" entity to create/add block contents from a group.


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