Push Notifications Web

Push Notifications module for Drupal is simple Rules based plugin to send Push Notifications. Allow to send Push Notifications to authorized and anonymous users to your site users desktop and mobile device, if even they are out of site. Notifications looks like, that Facebook send and providing by Google Cloud Message API. Perfectly works with both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Installs and setup like anyelse Wordpress plugin – acivate and print settings – that is all.

Reverse Pager

Displaying a pager in reverse way.


Integrate Drupal with xenforo.

The purpose of this module is to allow Drupal to be a 'master' site and 'xenforo' a slave site.
Users created on Drupal will be pushed automatically to xenforo.

Once the user logs in to Drupal, he will be able to login automatically to xenforo site.



A module to integrate gnusocial conversations as a content comments.



This module provides ability to react on any piece of content. Inspired by facebook reactions.

Technically the module will provide the field reaction field type, where this field can be added to any entity type(like Content type, Comment type etc).

Content reactions


You require to do a composer install after downloading the module.



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