React Comments

React comments in action

React Comments acts as a drop in replacement for the Drupal core comment module front end. Upon installation comment fields will be replaced by an interactive React app that allows user actions (commenting/replying/editing etc) without requiring a full page refresh or navigation away from the current page.

Automatic Image Moderation

The module uses the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API to moderate images and prevent to show images with racist or adult content.
This module should be used on all sites where users are allowed to upload images (fe. in Community solutions)

About the API:

Noughts and Crosses

This is basically fun game module. In this module, two players can play tic tac toe interactively.
The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

Complete module is based jQuery, however, non-js feature is also available.

Features :
1. Two players(Humans) can play this game.
2. A block is provided so that it can be integrated in any part of site.
3. Instant results are provided.

Entity Digest

Welcome mail

This module allows you to send a welcome mail after x amount of time to new users.

This is often used if you are running a service and want to check in on how people are doing after a while, and if they have any questions or improvements.

This module is what sends out the welcome mails at, which is why it was developed initially.

Forms to Email

Allows you to send any form by email.

How to Config: Access: Configuration » Forms to E-mail





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