Follow Fontawesome

Extend Follow module to allow to user Font Awesome icons for Follow social links.
Add Github networks.

This module needs to remove other styles for follow, if you need use them disable this module.

This module remove support for some networks that have no icon in Font Awesome


Test module Sanboxed

This is my first sanbox test

Coco Forum

This module is part of a set of opinionated but loosely-coupled modules and features that might be useful when creating custom install profiles. For more info about the other modules in this set, visit the Coco Config project page.

Disclaimer: this is very much a work in progress and (probably) not very useful yet.



This module provides integration with the BurnZone Commenting System.

BurnZone is a hosted comments and forum solution with a wide array of features including:


The thermometer module provides a block to allow you to create a simple thermometer widget, useful for fundraising goals, without relying on an external third-party service, etc. It also uses CSS and Javascript, and not any Flash, etc.

Enable the module. Go to the blocks page and configure the "Thermometer" block. Place it where you want to see it!

The output is themeable, but beware that the JavaScript depends on the markup to a certain extent.



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