Comments Entity

Drupal core comment module is great for commenting on nodes.

This module provides fieldable comments for any entity even comments itself. Entity Comments integrates with views and rules.


Simply enable the module and go to "admin/structure/comments_entity" and enable Entity Comments on any entity.


Private Message Block

Provides generic blocks for privatemsg module.

Included blocks:

  • Write new message
  • All messages
  • Sent Messages


  • Enable module
  • Add block to a page
  • "Write new message" has additional block customization


Ask me! Site messenger

Live chat with website visitors, "quick phrases", file sharing, link exchange, offline request form, visitors geolocation, consultation rating and active chat monitoring, reports and history.

Facebook Long-Lived Token

Converts short-lived user token into long-lived for Drupal for Facebook module. Expands user sessions for two months.

- Install "Drupal for Facebook" and "Facebook Long-Lived Token" modules as usual.
- Add login block.
- Configuration is not required for this module.


Context Hide Field

This is a simple add-on for the context module which includes a new context reaction option called "Hide a Field(s)". If selected it will proceed to hide a selected node field (or multiple fields) when viewing a full node.

Spot.IM Comments

Spot.IM Drupal 7 Module

Based on Meredith-Spot-IM-Drupal-7

Spot.IM Module includes Newsfeed and Conversation components

This module integrates Spot.IM functionality.

There is a custom administrative interface which allows for the following:


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