Push Notifications (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of Push Notifications.

Patches applied are:

Group: Group Roles

This module is extension of group module which allows to have group specific roles.

Simple Feedback


This module provides a block with the text "Was this article helpful? Yes | No". If a user clicks yes, a +1 is recorded. If the user clicks no, a -1 is recorded, and clicking either yes or no will give the user some feedback text via AJAX.

I found a need for something simple like this, but I only found conversations that ended in "it's pretty simple, just create it yourself." Well, this aims to appeal to those that are just looking for a simple thumbs up or thumbs down on the helpfulness of a node.



is an advanced Downloads module for your Drupal 8.x site.

With this powerful module, you can easily set a downloads section on your
and offer unlimited amount of files to your users.


  • supports subcategories
  • integrated permissions system
  • a complete notifications system

Group Forum

Private forums for groups. Works with the Group module to provide private forums.



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