Views Faceted Search

A views plugin that allows for client-side "faceted" searching.

This means that you can select an option (i.e. 'Female'), and the results will be shortened to those who are female. it also restricts the other options as you search. You can then select another option (i.e. 'Donated over $100) and then the results will be shortened to those who are Female and who have donated over $100. This effectively allows for negotiation with your system, giving you the most optimal results while you search.


REVE Chat - Live Chat Software

REVE Chat is a cloud based live chat platform that enables businesses with online presence to proactively engage with website visitors.


Studies show that 56% of shoppers prefer Live Chat over other communication methods.
As a live chat solution, REVE Chat facilitates online engagement to provide better customer service and boost sales conversions. It allows you to fully customize the chat experience to suit your brand, monitor website visitors, live chat with your Facebook fans, offer proactive chat invitations and many more.

On Screen Facebook LikePage

On Screen Facebook LikePage

OnScreenFacebook isFacebook likebox pouup widget for drupal. This allows your blog to displays FaceBook Likebox Popup Widget on screen with close button on entry to your Website/Page. This is configurable widget with option to set number of days,to display widget for user after every n number of days.This widget uses Lightbox jquery script for popup.


This module is for beginners to learn how to contribute. The module is riddled with bad practices and minor errors.
Contributors can submit patches and I will either push them or reject them as this module is to learn how to contribute. You can also be a maintainer and commit code.

COD Nearby

A content type and matching Views page for listing things to do near the main event.



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