Micropayment Field


  1. Provides a field type to store micropayment provider information.
  2. Provides a field widget so a user with access to modify the entity can add provider configuration.
  3. Provides a field formatter so that a user may pay through a provider to a person.

Election Livestats

The Election Livestats module extends the Election module to provide live voting statistics in ongoing elections delivered via websockets from a Node.js server.


The module allows to create a light social buttons integration, without the embedded iframe or external javascript code and show the counters from the following service:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

The module use the javascript API from the services to get the number of share. For the Google Plus service is used an internal call with POST parameter.

Easy Social Email

Send this page by email

A tiny extension for Easy Social module to send the current node by email.

Meeting Overview

Show an overview of meeting reservations.


This is a chat module for general use, is based on a node express server that use socket.io like backend for the realtime comunication, you can download the backend server from here https://github.com/jmsv23/node-chat-server.


  • General chat for all users with the proper permission
  • Links translation
  • Emoji support http://emoji.codes/
  • XSS protection.

Install instructions:


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