API.AI Client

API.AI is a natural language understanding platform that makes it easy for developers (and non-developers) to design and integrate intelligent and sophisticated conversational user interfaces into mobile apps, web applications, devices, and bots.

This Drupal module project is intent to creating a Drupal client for API.AI endpoints so that Drupal developers can easily create a sophisticated conversational user interfaces.

Persistent URL Parameters

Suppose you are generating campaign urls for different media e.g. facebook, twitter etc. Now when user clicks on one of the campaign url shared on facebook/twitter it landed on your site with the query parameters. Now when that user roams around on your site you would like to have that query parameters to be persistent on the urls throughout his/her page visits. This module would give you the flexibility to retain query parameters during user's page visits. Also it will provide the validation check based on predefined parameter set configured from the back-end to validate desired urls.

Webform Config Ease

Module for batch processing of configuration settings of webform components.
Currently this module only supports below functionalities --

1. This module will encrypt/decrypt all fields except fieldset, file, markup and pagebreak in every webform on the site.

This module will add more common functionalities across all the webforms in a site to make the configuration management easier for the site admin.


Intercom's click to chat button

Integrate Intercom with your Drupal website. The Intercom module provides an easy method
to set-up the live chat functionality for the Intercom service and provides the Intercom PHP-SDK as a Drupal service for integrating modules.


Currently the simplest and only supported way to install this module is using composer.

composer require drupal/intercom

Views WaterFall Display


This adds a new display style to views called "WaterFall". Similar to how you
select "HTML List" or "Unformatted List" as display styles.

This module apply waterFall js from

Rate Field

rate field

This module lets you add a field to any entity type and when that field is rendered, it shows a widget with the thumbs up / thumbs down functionality. Also every vote is an entity which allows the votes to have views integration.


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