Social Sharrre

Implements Sharrre Social Media Plugin

Sharrre, a plugin for sharing buttons : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, Delicious
by: Julien Hany -


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With the module BiDiCo we want create a widespread shared library. Once installed the module, everyone can register to the website and share her/his books to other BiDiCo registered users. Other users see your books and ask you to borrow it, then the owner of the book and borrower can keep in touch directly on the site and agree to meet each other in order to exchange the book. Once the reader have finished the book borrower and follower agree to meet each other again and the owner can set the state of the book as available for another lending. At registration time users insert their address (the city they live is enough), so the borrower can choose the book she/he is looking for from the nearest owner.

Clipix "Save" Button

Add a Clipix "Save" Button to your site and get your visitors to save and come back to your content!


Retrieves stock prices from Google.

Commons i18n

Simple module to make easier support for an other language than english on Drupal Commons.


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