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Userpoints Badges

Integrates Userpoints with the User Badges module.

This has been split off from User Points Contributed modules as that module is no longer actively maintained.


Contact Block

The Contact Block module provides contact forms in a block. It uses the contact forms that can be created using the Drupal 8 core Contact module.


Booking and Availability Management API

The BAT API provides generalized API (REST) access to Booking and Availability Data.

If you are a Rooms 7-x-1.x user you will want the 7-x-1.x version while if you are a Rooms 7-x-2.x or BAT user you will want the 2.x version.


Membership Entity Expiration Notice

This module provides rules integration and logging for Membership Entity so users can be notified about expiring memberships.


The Membership Entity Expiration Notice module provides a rules event to send
out notifications to user with expiring memberships and a custom table for logs.


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