Content Taxonomy Tree

This module generates a tree structure of the vocabulary terms and display the node count (i.e number of nodes that have the term attached) against each term.


The Convio API module implements the Convio Open APIs to integrate Convio's back-end services with Drupal.

This module provide an API to easily use with Drupal.

Module features:

  • Single Sign-on Session
  • Address Book API integration
  • Constituent Management API integration

Slack Invite

Slack is amazing. But if you've used Slack and want to grow the number of people that use it, the only way to easily register for a team is to have a custom email domain or to be an admin and invite users manually. This module allows you to send invites to existing and new users.


Task Pledge

View with Task Pledge field

Add pledge tracking per user to a set of tasks. A user can pledge to do a task or mark a task as completed, or just skip that task. The pledging status is stored per user for each task.

The tasks are displayed in a view. To add pledge status, add the "Task Pledge" field to the view. When the view is displayed, a set of radio buttons will be shown in each row. The user can change the settings and click Save.

This module could be generalized into storing arbitrary per-user data per node.

Share Selection


This module allows to share the selected text in social networks like Twitter, Google plus and Linkedin.

It has an API so that developers can to add their custom share selection links.

No facebook support due to Platform Policy 2.3




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