Chatwing Live Group Chat - HTML5 + Chat Apps

ChatWing is the ultimate free live chat service, instantly chat from any device. ChatWing is 100% cloud based live chat, talk on websites, via direct links like "" and inside this app. Instantly create new rooms, invite users, put any chat room directly on your website or blog and connect to the app. Also use ChatWing as a direct live chat messenger with friends, contacts or to meet new people.

Share Everywhere

share everywhere buttons


The Share Everywhere module was mainly created for those, who make custom websites and need the social buttons to fit into their design instead of the default buttons of social sites. These can be inserted as images or with your custom CSS code too. Included buttons: Facebook like and share, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp.

Drupal Diversity

Landing space for the drupal diversity working group.

Referenced Entity Field Condition

Provides a condition plugin that follows the context nodes entity reference fields and matches a specific field on a referenced entity, e.g. a field of a referenced taxonomy term, but any reference works and could be quite useful!


Guestbook module provides a site guestbooks. Guestbook owners can delete and comment the guestbook entries.


1. Copy the 'guestbooks' module directory in to your Drupal 'modules' directory and install it as usual.

2. Set the correct permissions under People > Permissions > Guestbooks

3. Simple View with listing guestbook entries has been made available to use.

4. For Version 7.x, Simple block for Guestbook Form has been made available to use.

That's it! You are all set to use the module.

Display Suite Switch View Mode Condition

This module provides nothing more than a condition plugin that checks the value of the Display Suite Switch View Mode field (ds_switch). It allows to select a set of view modes to match against the value of ds_switch on nodes. (For other entity types it would be required to specify the context mapping somehow, no idea how to do it right now.)


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