Referenced Entity Field Condition

Provides a condition plugin that follows the context nodes entity reference fields and matches a specific field on a referenced entity, e.g. a field of a referenced taxonomy term, but any reference works and could be quite useful!


Guestbook module provides a site guestbooks. Guestbook owners can delete and comment the guestbook entries.

Display Suite Switch View Mode Condition

This module provides nothing more than a condition plugin that checks the value of the Display Suite Switch View Mode field (ds_switch). It allows to select a set of view modes to match against the value of ds_switch on nodes. (For other entity types it would be required to specify the context mapping somehow, no idea how to do it right now.)

Final Field

A simple module that adds the option to make any field only editable once on entity creation and have it disabled later on.

Possible future improvement, for example: allow to enable fields as long as they have no value, even on persistent entities. Create the option to hide the field instead of disabling.

Image Properties

This module aims to provide advanced properties on images that can be computed automatically. Properties are stored in a field which is composed of plugins defining individual properties and declaring a method to compute the value from an image or from other already computed properties (luminosity can be computed from average color, saved MEM and CPU). The source image is taken from an image field within the same entity, which can be selected on the field config form.

Initially the following properties are provided:


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