Simple social icons

Module provides simple configurable social icons as blocks. Icons can be configurable with size, radius, colors and padding.

Currently this module provides 2 types of custom blocks which gives :

  1. Share icons
  2. Follow us icons / User Social links

Icons available for :

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google +
  5. Pinterest
  6. Email
  7. ... will added soon

How to integrate Simple Social Icons


Gist Embed


This is a very simple project that provides a Link field formatter to embed Github Gists.



Rocket.Chat is the ultimate Free Open Source Solution for team communications. It is packed with killer features: from group messages and video calls, screen and file sharing, all the way to helpdesk live-chat. It provides webapp interface, cross-platform desktop client, iOS and Android mobile apps.


A Twitter curation module that helps you to fetch tweets from Twitter, filter it based on different conditions and optionally retweet to Twitter.

Follow Fontawesome

Extend Follow module to allow to user Font Awesome icons for Follow social links.
Add Github networks.

This module needs to remove other styles for follow, if you need use them disable this module.

This module remove support for some networks that have no icon in Font Awesome


Test module Sanboxed

This is my first sanbox test


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