Group Forum

Private forums for groups. Works with the Group module to provide private forums.



git clone git://

Social profiles

This lightweight Drupal 8 module provides a block that displays links to social profiles (Facebook, Twitter...).

It's intended to be more for developers than general users, as it doesn't provide all the configuration setups you can find in other similar modules.
There's no CSS either, as it's left for the user to apply its own custom design.

benny ipsum

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Testaments / Testimonials with Ratings

Testaments Submission Form

Testimonials along with Ratings facility is provided by this module.

Module for testimonials also provides a standard block with form for developers. This form can be easily used to integrate in order to collect the Testimonials from the

A standard view with Testimonials listing is provided. One can use this to
either modify or create a new one with its referrence.

Default standard permissions are set and handeled.

Ratings facility is provided so that user can vote the stars. Ratings is
considered in 5 Star fashion.

Chatwing Live Group Chat - HTML5 + Chat Apps

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