LDF Hubspot

Are you running the Hubspot Drupal contrib module and have found this error?

PHP Warning: Unknown: Input variables exceeded 1000. To increase the limit change max_input_vars in php.ini.

**Warning: This module is in early stages of development**

You have too many forms, or form fields!

Well, this may be the fix you need.
It is an addon module to the hubspot drupal contrib that handles each form,
field by field. Add and remove mappings to your hearts content.

Social media share

The social media share module allows the user to share current page to different social media platforms. It is rendered as block, you can place it anywhere of your site. It is flexible to share any page of the site whether it is node, term , panels, view pages so on.


social medias

This module gives you an opportunity to add social icons to your content and make it shareable.

Our module provides you with 11 social networks :
Twitter - Facebook - Google - Linkedin - Stumbleupon - Pinterest - Xing - Delicious - Reddit - Vk - Buffer.


A basic like button function for content.

Instafeed Js

This module integrates with the Instafeed.js which is a dead-simple way to add Instagram photos to your website. This module requires no JQuery, just plain javascript.

This module ship with the default block to display the instagram photos.


India Stack

IndiaStack is a complete set of API, made available under the Open API Policy, which enables development of payment-enabled Apps. It includes Aadhaar for Authentication (Aadhaar already covers over 940 million people and will quickly cover the population of the entire nation providing the world’s largest authentication system), e-KYC documents (safe deposit locker for issue, storage and use of documents), e-Sign (digital signature acceptable under the laws), unified payment interface (for financial transactions) and privacy-protected data sharing within the stack of API.



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