Passaparola2.0 is a module to allow single citizens to recommend other citizens as good and reliable providers of services. Authorization from this person is granted outside the box (that's sociotechnical folks!), this is just a community-private board where to refer members of the same community to other people good in what they do (also community outsiders). It has been conceived for informal services (like babysitting, errand running, housework doing, home schooling and the like) but people can of course use it also to advice their peers about good places and honest professionals.

d8 Contribution

List all the contributions to d8 of your organization.

Registration Stats


The module gives you statistic of user registrations.


Weather Informations

This module help to get information about the weather across the world.User can put the city and get the temperature information etc.

Prediction IO

A module to integrate with Prediction.IO which is a well known open source Machine Learning Server and a recommendation engine. The purpose of this module is a to build a scalable solution to get user recommendations within the data model of your website. The module will have the following features
1. Collect user ratings and statistics
2. Predict and Recommend other nodes/entities in your website that the user might like

Social Sharrre

Implements Sharrre Social Media Plugin

Sharrre, a plugin for sharing buttons : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, Delicious
by: Julien Hany -


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