Commerce Discount Quantity

This module adds a new product discount condition called "Commerce Discount Quantity" to Commerce Discounts. It was copied from Commerce Discounts Extra with the "product" removed so I could check on product quantity only.


  • Product quantity is:
    • Equal to: X
    • Greater than: X
    • Less than: X


Commerce Order Force Delete

This module provides an emergency "forced" delete option for Drupal Commerce orders. There are a couple different ways that a order can get corrupted and then be undeleteable by the normal delete functionality. This provides a 'Force Delete' command on the order admin page (normally at: admin/commerce/orders) which will work for any order even if it is very corrupted. However it is doing it through forced SQL queries which means it isn't as 'Drupalish' or clean.


Commerce Calc Discount VAT

This module recalculates VAT amounts of each Drupal Commerce Line-items that has product discount attached as a component.

Calculation triggers on rules event "Calculating the sell price of a product".

Default rule (Calculate VAT on discount) is generated with weight 5 so that this event updates currently calculated prices.

Idea is to subtract the VAT amount with same ratio as the line item price.
New component is being added to line-item price as a positive value, so that the order total calculation is not being messed up.

Commerce Custom Continue

In Commerce you cannot change the labels on the cart checkout wizard for individual steps. If you don't like the 'Continue to next step' label, you must change it for all steps.

Why do I want to change the 'Continue to next step' button?

Contextual words such as “Continue” are ambiguous and tend to confuse customers.

Depending on the customer’s state of mind, a button labelled “Continue” in a shopping cart could mean one of two things:



Commerce Region / Language chooser

This module will allow users to easily change store country and language.


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