CommWeb Payment Configuration

Provides aCommWeb VPC Payment Integration interface (3-Party). It's a helper for drupal admins and site builders to add CommonWealth payment feature and payment page to their websites.

This module provides a payment method for the CommWeb Virtual Payment Client Integration and gateway provided by CommonWealth Bank, Australia.


Please see current README.txt.


Commerce Global Payments

(I intend to) integrate Global Payments payment service with the Commerce module.

Information to be updated here as development progresses.

Commerce gift

Product with gifts

Provides ability to present gifts with products.

Will be filled later.


Betaout - All-in-one Ecommerce Marketing Software

Betaout helps you understand your customers like never before; personalize every marketing message across different channels and effortlessly create amazing on-site engagement apps with precise targeting and that too without any help from your technical team.

Betaout empowers ecommerce marketers to:


Provides integration with the Mixpanel real-time analytics service.

Unlike Google Analytics, Mixpanel isn't for tracking aggregate data about page views. Instead, you send specific events to Mixpanel when users perform certain actions. This allows you to examine how users interact with your site in real-time and connects all events to the individual user who performed them (so you can contact them).

Mixpanel is great for finding ways to improve usability, studying how existing features are actually used and is especially good for startups who are trying to refine their MVP

Commerce Desjardins

This module provides a gateway between the payment solution Monético, also called Cybermut, and Drupal Commerce module.
It works for Desjardins cooperative financial group:

Installation and configuration:

- Download module from
- Uncompress it into your module directory
- Enable the module
- Go to Store -> Configuration -> Payment ... And edit the rules with your own datas. You can choose if payment gateway need to be enable for test or production website.
- Enable the rules if it doesn't.


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