Commerce order number

Commerce order number is a module for
Drupal Commerce, that provides an
extensible framework for generating ID independent order numbers.

By default, Commerce sets the ID of the order entity as order number as well,
which leads to gaps (unfinished carts) and not always ascending order numbers.
This can cause problems, if orders are exported to external accounting systems,
when sequential order numbers are presumed.

DFP Native

Provide a context reaction for integration with DFP Native Ad Slots.

Depends on

simple ad blocks

We are started porting simpleads module to D8.

Quickbooks XML

Perform input and output data interchange functionality for Drupal and Quickbooks.

The Quickbooks XML module:

  • queues outgoing messages and sends them to Quickbooks via the Quickbooks Webconnector module
  • receives incoming messages and correlates the data to an appropriate book identifier
  • provides hooks to allow automatic inspection of incoming QBXML messages
  • provides hooks to allow automatic importing of incoming QBXML data
  • defines a default data importer that automatically imports data using Feeds
  • defines the QBXML theme hook to theme outgoing messages appropriately for QBXML
  • provides hook_suggestion functionality to allow other modules to extend the QBXML theme via defined qbxml.tpl.php files
  • implements iterative importing of large Quickbooks datasets


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