PayUmoney for Ubercart

Integrating with Drupal 7.x

Step 1 Upload the files by going to Modules >> Install new modules. Browse the zip file provided to you and upload it. Then search for the “PayUMoney” and enable it but by clicking on “Save configuration”.

Step 2 Now goto Store>>Payment Methods. Select PayUMoney and click on “settings” against it. You can change the Payment Gateway mode here. You can either choose TEST or LIVE based on whether you are using Live Merchant Key or Salt or the demo Merchant Key and Salt.

Payplug D8

Une interface simple entre votre site Drupal 8 et le service Payplug.

Commerce Paystack

This module integrates Paystack into Drupal Commerce payment. It currently supports the standard and inline workflows from Paystack.

The module also support webhooks from Paystack

The initial development of this module was sponsored by Nosh n Nibble

Installation and configuration

Commerce ClicToPay

This project integrates ClicToPay, a Tunisian secure payment service provider, into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems.

Commerce Pay.JP

Pay.JP integration for the Drupal Commerce payment system.


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