Intercom's click to chat button

Integrate Intercom with your Drupal website. The Intercom module provides an easy method
to set-up the live chat functionality for the Intercom service and provides the Intercom PHP-SDK as a Drupal service for integrating modules.


Currently the simplest and only supported way to install this module is using composer.

composer require drupal/intercom

Commerce Purchase Order Manager (commerce_pom)

About Commerce POM

Essentially, the Commerce Purchase Order Manager is a feature that allows a seller to create a list of products, along with their quantities, that they can send to vendors or suppliers as a request for purchase. As the product lists are compiled, the module also understands the different quantity types that some products are packaged in, for example, some products might be ordered in cases or lots, where a single case might, in actuality, be 12 of the item. Commerce POM automatically calculates the number and sends the supplier the correct quantity.

Commerce Discount "Up to Order Products Subtotal"

discount offer "up to subtotal"

This Drupal Commerce module creates a new type of Order Discount Offer: Fixed Amount Up to Products Subtotal.

The Fixed Amount offer provided by the Commerce Discount module applies to the entire order total, and thus will be applied to non-product line items as well, such as Sales Tax and Shipping. As a result the customer may get free shipping on the low subtotal orders, which may not be what the merchant wanted.

This module calculates the Products Subtotal before applying the discount, effectively excluding non-product items and making sure they will be paid for.


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