Auto user role

Index screen

This module helps site administrators to quickly assign roles to new users after creation.
The modules allow the creation of rules to assign roles to users based on user fields values.
Multiple roles apply to the same user.

Block In Page Not Found

Block in page not found

What's "Block In Page Not Found" ?

This module provide the ability to place a block in 404 page or page not found.

How to use this module ?

After the installation, You should go to /admin/structure/block and then to configure an enabled block , you will have the ability to check on "Show in page not found".

Please provide feedback and ideas to improve it !

Eazy Miss

Eazy miss is underconstruction, come back later ;)

D8 Entity Editor Advanced Link (Linkit)

Linkit field

Adds linkit support for link field in the entity embed dialog.


8.x-1.x only works with linkit 8.x-4.x which is maintenance only.

Adminic Tools

Adminic Tools

Alternative Toolbar theme with site building improvement.
Compatible with Admin Menu.
Best for use with Adminic Theme.


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