Chrome Push Notification

This is the module using that we can enable the module the push notification for the chrome browser and a anonymous user will be able to get the notification which will be send to all user by admin user.

Registration types

How to use:

Batch Content Manager

Enable content operation per content type

Conf Alert

As you know, you can override variable values at runtime by adding them to the global $conf array via settings.php.

However, there is no notification in admin/config forms UI to signify that a variable has been set via settings.php. Site admins may get confused as to why any changes to the field value don't show on submitting & reloading the form.

This module adds such a notification - disabling the field in any admin forms and adding a message to the field description.

Block Save and Edit

This is a simple module that adds a button on block to save and redirect on the same block. There is another module but it doesn't have a version 7 release yet.

To use it, just enable the module.


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