Dynamic CRM

sandbox project for dynamic CRM

Entity Bulk Delete UI

This module will provide an interface to bulk delete all drupal entities.

Based on the suggestions provided by Roy Segall. A very special thanks to him!!

It is currently under development.


You need to run your updb hooks.

You don't want to do the full cache clear that update.php or drush update-db does.

You need...drush lightupdb.

Node Stats


The module gives you statistic of node usage.


Recommended modules


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Blocks per menu

Blocks per menu extends the block visibility interface in Drupal 7 and allows the user to control block visibility based on the menu links.


when the module is enabled, a new vertical tab is added to the block configure admin settings as shown in the snapshot.

If only a parent menu is selected and no child menu item is selected, then the restriction is applied to all the child menu links.

An alternative to this module may be to use Context module.



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