Sitename By Path

Admin page of Sitename By Path module

Allows site admins to change sitename and frontpage url based on path.

Commerce Abandoned Carts

Drupal Commerce Abandoned Carts

This module will automatically send a email messages to users who have abandoned their Drupal Commerce carts.

On each cron run the module finds Drupal Commerce carts that have been abandoned (using configurable settings) and that the user has gone to the point in the checkout process to have entered their email address. Then the module will send an email message to the user(s) to remind them that they have a cart, or ask if they had an issue during checkout.

Email messages are fully customizable. Message limits and other options are configurable in the module settings.

File System Switch

File System Switch enables you to switch file fields between private and public.

Ubercart PayUMoney

Ubercart PayUMoney is a drupal 8 module which provides the payment method to pay with Ubercart drupal 8.

IUCN Importer

Allows Drupal users to check animal scientific names and conservation statuses against the IUCN API and provides a seamless way to update their data to be in sync with IUCN.


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