On page search module provide functionality to search on single page. It is
replacement of CTRL+F of browser. Some time user want to search on on page
then this module is very useful in mobile devices.



* Install as usual, see http://drupal.org/node/895232 for further information.

* You likely want to disable Toolbar module, since its output clashes with
Administration menu.


Claim on registration


Allows anonymous users to create content and then automatically claim it upon successful registration.

Inspired by

Create and register for Drupal 7.


This module allows you to set up HTTP authentication on your site. You can easily set username and password for HTTP Authentication. No server site configuration needed.


* Restricting crawler to crawl on your site while development.
* Restrict admin pages after being your site Live.
* Easy to activate or deactivate HTTP Auth without deactivating module.

key slapping slippard

Prevents new user accounts unless it's an Exygy.com email address.

This is really meant as a demonstration project. You probably shouldn't use it.

Header and Footer Scripts

This module allows you to add style and scripts in your site or , You don't need to open any file for this purpose.

You will be able to insert Google Analytics or other Web-analytics code, meta-informations, CSS and JS codes to
You will be able to insert html and/or JavaScript codes to footer of your site. Good place for Clicky Web Analytics, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media script.


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