Barcode Scanner Integration

This module provides a means of integrating common barcode scanners with Drupal via a Form API form. The module provides a hook, hook_barcode_callback, which allows users to define custom functions specific to their project.

How it works

Many barcode scanners work as a keyboard. That is, the scanner outputs a string of characters corresponding to the scanned barcode. These output strings can be captured and parsed in a simple form, and

Bootstrap Calendar

Boostrap Calendar Drupal

A Full view calendar based on Twitter Bootstrap.
Uses the Bootstrap Calendar widged from @serhioromano.
This module requieres bootstrap framework installed, either on a bootstrap theme or just the library.


Bundle Resource

Bundle Resource is a simple module that provides separate Services resource entry for each node and taxonomy bundles defined in the system. The module is extendible, so it's easy to provide bundle resources for other entities using hook_bundle_resources().




The WhistleChat is a mobile interactive platform for digital campus, devoloped by RuiJie Networks in China. The whistle module provides an interface to the WhistleChat API within Drupal.

The module provides a UI for setting interface parameters:LightApp server, LightApp ID, LightApp token and LightApp Secret. It also implements some hook calls for processing the following request:

RedHen MailChimp

The perfect marriage of your favorite open source CRM and the best email service provider. Current features include the ability to track contact engagement based on email events. More to come soon!



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