Youtube Gallery

Youtube Gallery configuration page

This module allows retrieving youtube channel videos on the website.

It will helpful module for those who want to integrate own youtube channel videos to the website in less time.

This module very useful for News Channel, Educational, Entertainment, Social, etc. because they upload videos to youtube on daily basis. You can easily integrate youtube with the website.

No need to upload videos to the server, directly upload videos to youtube channel and retrieve to the website with the using of this module.


Video Embed

This module provides handler for Video Embed Field.

Users can add Panopto videos to their site by pasting the video's URL into a video embed field.
In the settings users can set width and height and also autoplay option of the video.
This module also can get thumbnail image from the Panopto Public API for using it as a teaser image.

Microsoft dynamics CRM oauth2

Allow stablish a connection between drupal and microsoft dynamics crm, giving credentials to make requests to crm.

Panels Extra Styles D8



Porting of to Drupal 8 version
Based on (waiting for approve, module is fully worked, but required of implementing this patch)


Enable the module to find additional region and pane styles in Panels. Below is a list of those currently included. Please share and contribute your styles! :)

Netforum module for Drupal 8


This module is a Drupal 8 port of the D7 netforum module. This D8 module retains the main entry point, netforum_connect_xweb().

New Features and Changes

The Drupal 7 version of the netforum module introduced request caching for a limited set of requests. This version of the module has settings for whether to cache and for how long to cache on a per-request basis.


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