Sucuri CloudProxy Integration

Utilize the Sucuri Cloud Proxy API to clear your Cloud Proxy cache from within your Drupal administration panel.


MSG91 SMS integration module provides easy integration of msg91 to be used in India

Eloqua App Cloud

Provides developer tools for using Drupal as a development framework for building Eloqua App Cloud applications.


Provides functionality for adding icon packages to Drupal and exposing them for use via CSS, HTML classes, and programmatically.

Adding IcoMoon packages

Visit and build an icon package. You can utilize either font packages or image packages. Download the zip file provided by IcoMoon.

Go to `/admin/structure/micon` and follow these steps:



Official Drupal 7 module for Surveypal.

This module allows you to integrate Surveypal to your site. This means you can show your Surveypal surveys on your Drupal website using your personal API key.


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