Dun & Bradstreet API

This module provides a basic API interface for Drupal modules to use the Dun & Bradstreet API Endpoint. This is not an official module and is only intended as a useful supplementary for programming your own functions.


1) You need a DNB secret, obtained from the Direct+ API program: https://docs.dnb.com/direct/plus/en-US/index

dBug for Drupal


Implementation of dBug for Drupal.


  • PHP version of ColdFusion’s cfdump.
  • Outputs colored and structured tabular variable information.
  • Variable types supported are: Arrays, Classes/Objects, Database and XML Resources.
  • Ability to force certain types of output. Example: You can force an object variable to be outputted as an array type variable.
  • Stylesheet can be easily edited.
  • Table cells can be expanded and collapsed.

The main modification is to return a render array instead of echo.

Contact Poster

This module tries to implement a decoupled approach to submit form data to external applications.

It provides a mapping configuration screen per form where mappings are stored along with the endpoint url to where data is to be posted to.


  1. Finish development of core functionality (mappings, submit handlers etc)
  2. Develop sub modules for integrations with some providers
  3. Provide an example module to allow for integration with custom third party systems

React & Share

Enables sitebuilder to add React & Share as a block.

Media Privacy

The Media Privacy module prevents media providers like YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud from placing a cookie as soon as a page containing embedded media is loaded, even if the user did not watch the video.

In order to play the media the user has to confirm, that she wants to start streaming the video or sound. Upon confirmation the media object gets rendered and the cookie by the provider is stored in the browser.

The module extends the functionality of media and its complemantary modules as media_youtube, media_vimeo and media_soundcloud.


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