Field PgwSlideshow

A screenshot of a dark-colored PgwSlideshow with no maximum height, visible controls, active touch controls, and a visible list, which manually slides between images.


This module aims to let you use Pagawa's PgwSlideshow to display images in an imagefield.

Why another image slideshow? Why not use the The Field Slideshow module? It turns out that Field Slideshow doesn't do a great job of adapting to the width of the browser window (it's not very "responsive" in the "responsive design" sense). I needed a field slideshow that could do that.

Jira REST Rules

The module provides an integration between Jira (via the jira_rest module) and rules.

In the current limited form the module provides a rules action for creating simple, basic issues in Jira.

You must configure the jira_rest module with username and password at admin/config/services/jira_rest.

In the rules action you can configure:


Minimalist GMap

Simple Google Field Formatter


This module allows files uploaded to be processed by Cometdocs to convert into other formats.

An example use case would be a PDF of a spreadsheet. A more useful format for that spreadsheet might be an XLS which plenty of other tools can convert to a CSV for data import. In this use case, the PDF would be sent to Cometdocs for conversion to XLS, and Cometdocs would send back a URL for the converted document.


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