Mica Drupal 7 Client

Mica is a powerful software application used to create web portals for epidemiological study consortia.

Using Mica, consortia can build personalized web sites for publishing their research activities and their membership. Mica includes many domain-specific features such as study catalogs, data dictionary browsers, on-line data access request forms, and others. Moreover, Mica includes a powerful data search engine that allows authenticated researchers to perform distributed queries on the content of each individual study data collection hosted by the OBiBa Opal database software.

Media AV Portal

Media AV Portal adds European Audiovisual Services as a supported media provider.


It extends the Media module.


Optionally display a language bar switcher. this feature is already offered by the viewer so the code related to this has been removed.


Views in CiviCRM Contact Page


The Views in CiviCRM Contact Page module enables creation of customizable contact summary panes and tabs with integrated Views displays. Add some versatility to your contact pages today and see what you can come up with.

QPX Express Webforms

ita software by google

This module integrates the Google QPX Express API with Drupal and Webform.

What is QPX Express?

QPX Express is a new, simplified airfare search API that offers basic shopping capabilities. It allows easy access to air travel search via a single, standardized API. The QPX Express self-service, pay-as-you-go model provides business flexibility and offers new opportunities for innovation.

Handsontable Field


This modules allows users to create Excel-like spreadsheets using the Handsontable plugin, found on http://handsontable.com.

interactjs Library

This is a module that is geared toward adding the interactjs library via the libraries module. Interactjs is a JavaScript library that helps with drag and drop interactivessource available on github. Please post any bugs related to interact.js on github.

Checkout interactjs's official website for information and examples.



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