Concept Recommender Service (a.k.a Xowl Semantic Service)

Content enrichment using Xowl service

Ximdex Platform allow you to aggregate, edit, normalize, identify named entities, enrich content, transform, expand, retrieve, and publish data, from both structured and unstructured sources. You will be able to pull relevant information, share it, analyze it, and visualize it. See our demos at Ximdex Demo

Furthermore we have developed some clients for most popular cms platforms to consume our services. In this case for Drupal.

AmazonS3 Filter

Provides filter to change existing file links to amazon.


This module provides an integration with Symfony Expression Language component.


Commerce Chronopost


This module provides you with the Chronopost Shipping services for Drupal Commerce.


The following Chronopost shipping services are implemented :

  • Chrono Relais
  • Chrono 13
  • Chrono Express

See the Chronopost (french) website for more details about the services.

Rackspace CDN

Placeholder for Rackspace CDN module. This module will provide an interface to the Rackspace CDN REST API to allow purging of assets from the CDN network.

Rackspace CDN resources

Google Material Icons

This module provides integrations for Google Material Icons.


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