The DDNS module provides a built in way to update and manage dozens of built-in DDNS providers automatically using Drupal's cron.

Lightspeed eCom

This module integrates the Lightspeed eCom platform with your Drupal site.

This project contains the following modules:



This is a simple widget to display posts from VK

Microsoft CRM Connect

Microsoft CRM Connect module is created to connect Microsoft Dynamic CRM to manage CRM data.
This module provides the mechanism to add/update/delete CRM data.

This module is built around the NuSOAP - SOAP Toolkit for PHP using the Web Services provided by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It uses the adLDAP - LDAP Authentication with PHP for Active Directory if AD authentication is selected.

ePayco for Ubercart


This module integrates ePayco payment solution with Ubercart e-commerce module.

This module is being developed by micoworker.



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