SDK Connector for the Exact Target Fuel SDK.

More documentation to come

Twitter Backlog

Import a user's backlog of Twitter status messages, prior to the 20 messages imported by the Twitter module by default.


The 7.x-1.x branch of Twitter Backlog is intended to work with the 7.x-5.x branch of the Twitter module. The 7.x-2.x branch of the Twitter Backlog module is intended to work with the 7.x-6.x branch of the Twitter module.



Handle your Wunderlist tasks in Drupal.

Social Feeds


Social Feeds module provides the user to fetch the data from their respective Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles and then display them accordingly as per their requirement using the Drupal block system.

This module is easy and simple to install and use if the project page description or the README.txt file is followed correctly.

Xing connect

Xing Connect is used for LOGIN/REGISTRATION for Drupal Sites

What does this module do?
* Allow users to register with Xing, their usename, email, profile pic can be synced to their Drupal account.
* Allow users to login with Xing.

How it works:
User can click on the "login with XING" link on the user login page/ User login block


BNM currency rates from bnm.org

Install as a simple drupal 7 module.
it will create table for currencies and for rates
You'll find a block named bnm currency rates
On first attempt to display currencies, this will pull xml data
bnm.org offers xml data in 3 langs: en, ru, md. md means moldovan, it is same as romanian,
so in multilanguage site feel free to use either md or ro (drupal's moldavian lang offers 'mo' instead of 'md'
module takes care of it.


No special requirements.


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