PTV Timetable API

The PTV Timetable API has been created to give the public direct access to
Public Transport Victoria's public transport timetable data. The API allows you
to query locations for scheduled timetable, line and stop data for all
metropolitan and regional train, tram and bus services in Victoria
(including NightRider). It also includes real-time data for metropolitan tram
and bus services (where this data is made available to PTV), as well as
disruption information, and access to myki ticket outlet data.

jQuery oEmbed All

Integrates jQuery oEmbed All, which allows you to automatically embed Tweets, Facebook posts, and other oEmbed content anywhere on a site simply by posting a link.

Configuration consists of one step- setting the selector to which to apply jQuery oEmbed All. This allows you to whitelist or blacklist certain types of content (for instance, only applying jQuery oEmbed All to links in articles that do not have a 'no-embed' class).


Pingdom API

Pingdom API provides a set of functions to interact with the Pingdom API.

Cloudinary Integration

The module provides a library and stream wrapper of Cloudinary service.

It can help user easily to use Cloudinary image transformation in Drupal, and it can convert all drupal default image effects into Cloudinary transformations.


This module include several sub-modules, some modules can be used alone as other modules.


Provides image transformations of Cloudinary, implements hook_image_effect_info().

Provides image style feature with Cloudinary image transformations.



Retrieves stock prices from Google.


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