Vimeo Video Gallery

This module is a provides list of vimeo videos form given vimeo user account, group, channel and album. From admin you can configure the vimeo username, album, group or channel form which you want to display and see the video list.

Dirble API

Dirble API

If you’re a music lover, you already know that turning on the tunes can help calm your nerves, make stress disappear, pump up your energy level during work, bring back old memories, as well as prompt countless other emotions too varied to list. Creates a +ve vibe, makes you think more. And oh yes there are many more alternatives to find great music sources rather than this module but give it a try :).

S3 File Sync

Module Purpose

  • Uploads any file to AWS S3
  • Generates image renditions and uploads them to AWS S3
  • Uploads files synchronously or asynchronously


Akamai Cloudlets

Integrates the Akamai Cloudlets API into Drupal. See for more information about the Cloudlets available in the API.

This module is mostly meant for developers, as a sort of toolkit - it provides an admin page to enter API keys, and some utility functions and classes for talking with the API, but on its own it does nothing.

Funnelback Accessibility auditor

Integrate to Drupal the Funnelback Accessibility Auditor web service.
The Funnelback Accessibility Auditor tool examines files for accessibility issues. Currently it can check HTML and PDF documents.

In this module we integrate the auditor tool to the file upload widget in Drupal to allow live checking of the accessibility of a file.


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