Paypal Method (Adaptive, Installment ) UberCart

Paypal Adaptive Method Module in Drupal UberCart

Module for Paypal Method (Adaptive, Installment) for Drupal UberCart

paypal_method is a drupal module to provide adaptive and installment paypal payment gateway.

Paypal Adaptive Method

When you can use this module?

Example: 1.

Entity-based mapping framework

Data model for eMapping and display implementation in some 3rd party map rendering engine.


Entity based mapping infrastructure. Leverages the Entity API CRUD to assemble maps, but provides only text-rendering capability out of the box. Supports plugin architecture for any rendering engine to supply rendered map layer classes, and has a table for storage of the configurations for these rendered displays. Will define an API for access to Maps and initial development is focusing on sub-modules for plugin integration with various rendering libraries such as Leaflet, Mapserver and d3.


Commerce Flo2Cash Gateway

Payment method configuration form

Provides a Commerce payment method for the Flo2Cash Web Payment service.


Configure the payment settings with your Flo2Cash account ID.

Make sure that the Off-site payment redirect checkout pane is enabled.

In your Flo2Cash Merchant console the web payment Return Option must be set to Post in Return URL for Commerce to verify that the payments are succeeding.



The YMLP module creates a subscription block for your YMLP newsletter.
If you have multiple groups in one YMLP account, a dropdown will be provided to the user.

Quora - Related Questions / Posts

Quora Module provides related questions/posts of QUORA websites in drupal as Block or Ctools Plugin. Quora Questions/Posts to be displayed is fetched on the basis of tags provided by one of the fields of the content type. This field acting as the interconnection between your Drupal website and Quora Website is configurable.

This module uses

Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE) api

to fetch



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