PayPal Recurring Donation Integration


Module allows you to easily integrate PayPal Donations in to Drupal website. Module creates a route which is accessible under /donate. This is a page where donations happen. It is a simple form which allows user to select the donating amount or input his own amount (both settings are configurable). Welcome text, thank you text and cancel text are customizable under the settings page of the module.

Krux ControlTag

This module is designed to add Krux Control Tags ( to the site.


Provides enhanced files integration for JSON API.


Intercom's click to chat button

Integrate Intercom with your Drupal website. The Intercom module provides an easy method
to set-up the live chat functionality for the Intercom service and provides the Intercom PHP-SDK as a Drupal service for integrating modules.


Currently the simplest and only supported way to install this module is using composer.

composer require drupal/intercom

APPrise Mobile API

APPrise Mobile is an app development platform that allows any organization to
have its own proprietary branded app on the public app stores or as part of a
MDM or enterprise solution.

This module provides an interface to the API for APPrise Mobile Clients.


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