CiviCRM status message

Display CiviCRM status messages on non-CiviCRM Drupal pages for authenticated users.

Example use case
If you have a CiviCRM Profile that redirects to a Drupal page on submit, the success message normally wouldn't appear until the next time the user lands on a CiviCRM page. This module extracts all messages from CiviCRM's session, and displays them on Drupal pages as well.

X Wechat - 微信模块X战警版

Coming soon...Don't Use! Under active development!



Developed by M and Drupal Hunter


CacheWarmer Connect

CacheWarmer Connect is a module to integrate your site with the service. After enabling the module a cache clear will trigger to immediately warm your Drupal site’s cache.


Stripe API

stripe logo

This module provides a simple abstraction of the Stripe PHP SDK. It does not (and will not) provide any additional functionality. This module is designed to be required by other contrib/custom modules.

You must download the Stripe PHP library from GitHub.

Download the library in /libraries/stripe/ such that init.php is at /libraries/stripe/init.php.




amoCRM is a web service for your sales management. Thousands of businesses use amoCRM to manage their leads and pipeline. Just add your leads to amoCRM, and the system will ensure that no lead is ever forgotten.

This module allows you to handle actions from amoCRM.
It has Rules module integration.
Also you can use our module API in your modules.

The module was developed by company DrupalJedi.


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