UIkit CKEditor Widgets

UIkit CKEditor Widgets provides various CKEditor plugins and widgets of UIkit components for the UIkit base theme.

Firebase Push Notification


Firebase implements a service to send push notification to Android or iOS devices.
It uses Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging to deliver the notification.

Price Spider

This module provides a basic integration with the Price Spider service. Currently this module only provides support for the page-embedded generic Where-to-Buy (WTB) experience.

Module installation

It is recommended that you use composer to install this module.
composer require drupal/pricespider

Webform SugarCRM Integration

SugarCRM configuration page

This project provides integration with SugarCRM for Webform submissions. Module provides easy to use webform component mapping interface and SugarCRM configuration page. Each form component can be mapped to any field from all modules in respective SugarCRM system. On submission new record will be set in mapped CRM modules.


As it is not possible for now to cover all options for SugarCRM specific module requirement, this module provides option to use the CRM integration class and extend with additional methods which can cover the specific requirements.

JSON API Defaults

Modules is under development!

The JSON API module provides zero configuration out of the box. Use JSON API Extras and Defaults to customize your API. JSON API Defaults provides default includes and filters (or any parameter) for resources. Use this module if you want your api client just use simple resource without any url parameters and still deliver all related objects.


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