YAML Form Constant Contact

This module allows for simple submissions to Constant Contact. The method used
does not require an API key as described here: http://techblog.constantcontact.com/api/release-updates/announcing-a-new...

Twilio OTP

twilio otp

At the time of user register, entered mobile number on user register form have to verify using OTP facility before registration.
After enter mobile number user have to click on Send OTP button to get the OTP on entered mobile number and finally enter that OTP on the user register form inside OTP field.



Zendesk Tickets

Import Zendesk ticket forms to Drupal and submit to Zendesk.
This requires a Zendesk Enterprise account.

Drupal Lasso Integration

Integration with Drupal 7 Webform 4.x and Lasso CRM Register API.

Can also be found on: https://github.com/Huskyninja/Lasso-Drupal-Integration


  • Drupal 7.x
  • Webform 4.x
  • cURL

Quick Start

Google Login

I have remove the test to redo from scratch all of them.

I you want add a patch please create a PR in Githab

This module let you to login with your google account and/or create a user with your google account. This is a really small module, if you want something biggest you should check Social API module.

Live Chat Slack

Slack integration for your website

Finally your visitors will be able to chat with you in private. For each visitor a Slack channel is created. Your visitors use the block provided by this module while you answer from within Slack.


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