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Provides integration with the Mailgun PHP library.



Based on the HTML canvas element and the jqscribble JS library, this module provides the functionality to add canvas pages to your site. Visitors with the corresponding permission can then draw on the canvas' (scribble blackboards) of those sites. The idea is to provide a module that turns your website into a more or less public canvas, such that visitors can draw pictures together and save their changes.


Google Analytics YouTube

Tracking YouTube Player Events with Google Analytics.


Include the scripts in the body section of the HTML document, just before the tag. You’ll need to be running on a web server instead of opening the file directly in your browser. Flash and JS security restrictions will prevent the API from working when run locally.


Provides integration between Drupal and the Teamleader through its public API.

The module family is unfinished, currently the following Teamleader API-s has implementation:

Aramex API

Project Name: Aramex API Integration

Description: this module works as a bridge between Aramex and Drupal. Using this module, users will be able to create shipments, schedule pickups and track shipments directly from drupal website.
Also this module has other test modules for clarification.
This module is intended for website developers and not for the end users. Developers have to write their own code to utilize the functions included in this module.

Version: 7.x

Google Analytics Vimeo


A Google Analytics plugin for measuring Vimeo Player Events. The plugin supports Universal Analytics, Classic Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.


Enable Google Analytics Vimeo module and configure the various Vimeo player events you need to track.


Track all Vimeo player events.


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