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Module provides integration with russian links exchange systems Sape, TrustLink, LinkFeed

Данный модуль помогает быстро и без ошибок интегрировать друпал сайт с биржами ссылок.

Модуль поддерживает мультисайтинг и корректно работает с кешированием страниц.

Версия 1.1 поддерживает Sape, Trustlink, Linkfeed



Final Update

This module is now deprecated, as the Userping project has (sadly) come to an end. :(


Userping is a real-time analytics platform designed to give you the power to quickly see who is on your site and see where they're coming from. This module adds the Userping tracking code and optional badge to your site.


SoundCloud field

SoundCloud field module 7.x-1.x provides a field for inserting a SoundCloud track or set
SoundCloud field module 6.x-1.x provides a CCK field

- configurable player
- 3 player types: Flash player / HTML5 player / (new) Visual player


Emma Block

Please Note: When upgrading from v1 to v2 of this module you will need to uninstall v1 before upgrading. This has to do with schema changes by Emma that result in changes to the database. The old data used to identify mailing lists to the API has changed, so all the old data is no longer relevant.

Also of note is that 2.2 will be the final version made for Drupal 5 and 2.5 will be the final version made for Drupal 6. I have started looking at a Drupal 8 conversion, but it looks like that will take some time, but I it is on my radar.

I have upgraded the Drupal 5 version - so there are now versions for Drupal 5, 6 and 7. The only difference in the Drupal 5 module is it does not have the stand alone mailing list registration page.

Emma Block is a module that provides mailing list registration via a content block and account registration. The block contains all of the fields needed for a user to register themselves for a single or multiple mailing list with one submission. The same holds true for account registration with the exception that first name and last name cannot be provided upon registration.


Salsa Rules

Salsa Rules for Drupal 6.x

The purpose of this project is to provide integration with the Democracy in Action Salsa platform in a generic and extensible fashion using the Rules framework. It exposes actions to create and manage Supporters, Groups, Events and Petitions as well as adding Supporters to Groups, allowing Supporters to RSVP to an Event, and Sign Petitions.



notifo logo


This module creates a Drupal action for the Notifo ( service.




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