Ubercart Global Payments Webpay (Paymuzo)

This module provides integration between Global Payments Webpay (GP Webpay) also known as Paymuzo paymnet gateway and ubercart.

After installing module by instructions in INSTALL.txt go to payment
configuration page

Store Administration > Configuration > Payment Settings > Payment Methods

There is "Global Payments webpay" checkbox which has to be enabled. Next step is
to configure GP credentials.

You will need:


Session Proxy

Session proxy is not a module: it is a replacement for Drupal core session handling API.

It acts as a proxy between fixed core procedural API towards a fully object oriented, more flexible and easier to extend session management API.

Basically, it strongly encapsulate the original API, separating user management against raw session storage: by using it you are able to implement any session storage engine (memcache, redis, ... ) without handling cookies and by users yourself.


Blizzard API


The Blizzard API module provides an interface for other modules to interact with Battle.net APIs and allows users to login using their Battle.net accounts.

Developers may use this module to quickly access game data from World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and StarCraft 2. For users that login using a Battle.net account, they may also access protected account information, if permitted, such as StarCraft 2 profiles and World of Warcraft characters. Source code is fully documented and additional code examples are provided in the included *.api.php files.



Add possibility to log into a syslog-ng server

CiviMember PLUS Roles Sync

#NOD8CX: I have no plans to have a full D8 release within even a year of when Drupal 8 is released unless someone else volunteers to co-maintain that branch. This is not meant as criticism of the enormous effort others have but into D8, but an attempt to honestly inform anyone using this module of my plans. If you use this module and want to see it upgraded, open an issue asking how you can get involved and make that happen.


Weather forecast

Shows weather forecast.

On local computer installation may lasts longer, because module loads xml file with weather forecast.


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