Shopping API integration into Drupal. Shopping content types are turned into Drupal nodes. The module supports api categories, items, offers, products, attributes, sort by and search.

SMS simple gateway


The rationale for this module is that many (or most) SMS gateway services use basic HTTP GET or POST requests, the only difference being the names of the HTTP parameters. This module allows the user to specify the parameter names for sending and receiving messages, so that they dont have to write a gateway module.

This module integrates with the SMS framework module.


SMS Email Gateway

Email gateways

Many mobile carries provide the ability to send SMS messages to their subscribers through email.

A list of carriers that support this functionality can be found here:

This module integrates with the SMS framework module.




Clickatell provides bulk SMS services.

This module provides integration between the clickatell SMS service and the SMS frameworkproject.

Project History

This module was original created and distributed as part of the 1.x sms framework project. Since there are many other sms service provides supported by smsframework its seems appropriate to keep the individual third party gateways separate from the core SMS functionality/API's. So as of the 2.x branch clickatell is now its own project.


Remote Block

This is a proof-of-concept module demonstrating how it is possible to create Javascript for embedding any block from a Drupal site onto a third-party site. I think in theory this could be a more elegant technique and make for a simpler module than Web Widgets or Embed Widgets.

Currently this is used as part of the "My City" page on TechMission's, and the code reflects that origin. Anyone who wants to make it generic, and add an admin interface is welcome to become a co-maintainer.

e-Library Search

The purpose of this module is to provide libraries with an easy tool for adding customizable blocks to their Drupal site that allows for searching of records in a SirsiDynix e-Library catalog.



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