This module defines a twitter field widget for CCK and handles posting the contents of the field that uses the widget to a Twitter account.

This module satisfies the need of those looking to post statuses to a single shared Twitter account as describe in #412118: Proposal for a New "Twitter Shared Accounts" Module by @Shai.


RenRen module integrates with the's API to let users log in using their RenRen account login.


Download the archive or clone the repository
Copy the renren/ folder in your modules folders (for example: sites/all/modules)
Go to the modules pages (/admin/build/modules), and enable the renren module
Apply for a renren API key
Fill in your public and private API keys on the settings page (/admin/settings/renren)
Users will see the renren button on the login form

Tweet Blender

Twitter search is great: you can pull out tweets from specific users, you can find tweets that contain a specific hashtag or keyword, or you can get tweets in a specific location.

But to pull out a good conversation you often need to blend together results of many searches.

That's where all current Twitter tools fall short and where Tweet Blender steps in.

You say:

Current LastFM song

A module who provides a block to show the current song of a account, you only need an API KEY from


This project is abandoned and will not be maintained.

This is a wrapper module for the jQTouch jQuery plugin. This module does nothing as is, it only provides a set of tools to easily work with the jQTouch plugin.

This module was partially sponsored by Human Bits


This module is in an early development stage. It is not intended to be used in productions sites. Use with caution.


Drupal 7 Module to Integrate with the Open Source Video Playout Server Melted

* Drupal 7
* Melted ->

Features Currently
* Block with play/stop/pause control
* Show the current playlist in a table
* A Block with the Current Status of Melted


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