WordPress XML for Feeds



The WordPress XML for Feeds module exposes WordPress-specific data in WXR files (that's "WordPress eXtended RSS") to the Feeds module. It also includes the WordPress Importer module (a features-package), which imports WXR files using Feeds and the WordPress XML parser.

The purpose of the WordPress XML for Feeds (wp_feeds) and WordPress Importer (wp_feeds_wxr_importer) modules is to offer a comparable feature-set to the WordPress Import (wordpress_import) module (not to be confused with WordPress Importer (wp_feeds_wxr_importer) module), but in a way that is far more flexible, and that integrates with Feeds, CCK, FileField and other popular Drupal APIs so that data can be manipulated to fit arbitrary data models.

See also WordPress Migrate module, which I have not tried out. A comparison would be nice.



Slideshare field

This project provides a filefileld extension that supports the upload of files to slideshare.net and presents the content in different formats.

This module is sponsored by IQSS for OpenScholar

Dependencies: slideshareapi



Geckoboard screenshot

Geckoboard is a module to show stats on your www.geckoboard.com dashboard.
It shows the amount of posts, users and comments posted to your website, grouped by the last day, last week and last month.

How to use:
When installing this module, a random API is set. You can edit it at admin/settings/geckoboard.



Feeds: Slideshare

Slideshare parser for the Feeds module. It uses SimpleXML for parsing so it doesn't require additional libraries, but I plan to add support for SimplePie parser in the future.


Olark Chat

The Olark module provides some simple integration between the Olark live chat service and Drupal. The module also provides a Context reaction to allow you to add the code using more complex Context-based rules, such as adding the code at specific paths, for specific roles, or other criteria. For instance, you could only show the Olark chat on the home page to anonymous users.


Feeds OAI-PMH Fetcher and Parser

Open Archives Logo

This is a Drupal module that fetches and parses OAI_DC (Dublin core) metadata records from OAI-PMH services, as defined by http://www.openarchives.org/. It depends on the Feeds module.


  • Harvests from OAI-PMH repositories, respecting resumptionTokens, compression (but no deleted record support yet).
  • Can map OAI_DC metadata into Feeds targets (CCK, taxonomy, etc.) (other metadata schemas can be supported by this or other modules in the future, today you can roll your own using existing modules)
  • Can harvest from the entire repository or a single set. Available sets are loaded in via AHAH when creating the importer.
  • You can set up multiple harvesting rules/mapping per set and/or repository as you desire.
  • Record storage handled by Feeds: nodes (CCK support), raw database, etc. Extensible with other modules.
  • Cron scheduling handled by Feeds: as often as every cron run up to a month between harvests.


You need the Feeds module and its dependencies (Ctools, etc.) This module has been tested on Feeds 6.x-1.x-beta10.
Recommended additional modules: CCK, Link (to hold the resource URLs)




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