Commerce Yandex.Metrics

Commerce Yandex Mertics
Яндекс Метрика отчет "Параметры интернет-магазинов" для Drupal Commerce

This module provides e-commerce statistics tracking through Yandex Metrics service.


To install and configure


This module has been deprecated in favour of the Twitter Block module.

Apache log4php integration


NOTE: If you'd like to log via Redis, check out my custom version of log4php on Github.


This module is designed to centralize the logging functionality of Drupal into a single module replacement for watchdog, reducing the overall burden of maintaining Drupal modules simply to support multiple watchdog backends. Apache log4php is a common-purpose library that allows messages to be logged to a wide variety of backends and provides much more granular control than Drupal's built-in capabilities.

Apache log4php™ is a versatile logging framework for PHP.

Feature highlights:

  • Configuration through XML, properties or PHP files
  • Various logging destinations, including:
    • Console (stdout, stderr)
    • Files (including daily and rolling files)
    • Email
    • Databases
    • Sockets
    • Syslog
  • Several built-in log message formats, including:
    • HTML
    • XML
    • User defined pattern


This module provides simple integration with the Apache log4php library.


Yelp Reviews Plus

This module provides a block which displays Yelp reviews about a specific business with the option of displaying review excerpts. The block template is customizable via Drupal templates.

It is also possible to attach Yelp reviews to nodes with configurable node types and permissions and to add different Yelp business ids' to nodes, and the reviews will be displayed based on the customizable template.


This module provides access to Delivra's SOAP API. This module will allow other modules in Drupal to perform functions on your email list such as CRUD on users, list management, etc. It also provides a very simple status page that will show you some general reports from Delivra obtained live from their web service.

Delivra has made a change to their service since this module was started. They now allow all accounts to use their SOAP 1.1 based API. That opens the doors to a much more featured Drupal module.

Being it's a 1.1 SOAP interface there is some work to parse the responses in a more modern fashion as you can with SOAP 1.2. Also note your PHP installation must have the soap client installed or else this module will fail and cause a PHP error.

Delivra is an enterprise grade Email Service Provider (ESP) that compares to companies like iContact and Silverpop. If you have only ever used companies such as Constant Contact, AWeber, or Mailchimp this is far different than those services. More capability but at a higher cost of course.

Delivra maintains a very good set of API documentation on their site. You will need this to make calls to Delivra using this module.

Commerce PayFast

PayFast integration for Drupal Commerce. The integration uses PayFast Website Payments in combination with PayFast ITN's.

The module is still under active development and should be used with caution in any production environment.


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