YoWindow Weather Widget integration module.


mEducator module add a new content type to provide support for metadata description of any other type of content. It is based on meducator schema, developed under mEducator project. More information can be found at http://www.meducator.net.


This module integrates with Google+, the recently launched social network built on the concept of social circles. There is no public API for Google+ yet, but you can sign up to be notified as it is released. Without an API, we are limited in what we can do, so the module currently just provides the following points of integration:

  • Google+ profile reference field: provides a simple profile reference field with a custom textfield widget that stores the numeric value of a Google+ profile ID as found in the profile URL. The default display formatter displays a link to the referenced profile with options to use a translatable or customize link title and set the target window. This can easily be added to the user fields to link Drupal user profile pages to their related Google+ profile pages.

I'm up for ideas on how to develop this further, so don't be shy about posting ideas in the issue queue. I also look forward to having a full API to play with. : )


Hosting notifications

This is a simple module for the Aegir project that integrates with the Notifications framework. This allows you to receive notifications about task execution in various formats, Email, Twitter, iPhone etc.

At a basic level this module can let you know now immediately when tasks fail, for example if you run a migration task and it doesn't complete successfully, then you could receive a message on your iPhone.


iCal Aggregator

iCal Aggregator module extends Core module Aggregator to support iCal formatted data.


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