CiviCRM Drupal bridge refactor

After discussing with @dlobo in #civicrm Drupal channel, I start completely rewrite the civicrm Drupal bridge (the Drupal modules in civicrm)

The goals are:

  1. Write more "drupalist" code.
  2. Using the issue queue for faster bugfixing.
  3. Split functionality when we are in civicrm section (*) or in normal drupal pages.
  4. The civicrm is really great, but I understand Drupal developers, why they doesn't like it. I want to create drupallike civicrm by using civi_api.
  5. Remove dependency of sites/all/modules directory, first try to put into sites/all/libraries, then using libraries api.
  6. Write drupal tests


  1. Download the civicrm from CiviCRM home page to sites/all/modules directory.
  2. Delete the drupal directory from sites/all/modules/civicrm
  3. Download this module as a usual drupal module, and enable it.
  4. Install CiviCRM.


All of this project is completely a plan. Let see, how is this work. There should be some licencing problem, but as I plan, the original code will be full rewritten.

Media Preprocessor

Provides a universal preprocessor handler for all media on a Drupal site.

More descriptions, use cases, usefulness to come.

Currently intended to be a handler for Sassy

Bean: Twitter Pull

This module provides a Bean ( plugin for the great Twitter Pull module (

It enables you to create as many twitter pull blocks as you would like and set the configurations for each of these blocks individually.

Please have a look at the Twitter Pull module description in order to determine if this level of integration is sufficient for your needs.

whami Source Adapter

Use case
In the context of nodes with geo-information – for example using maps - there is pretty often the requirement to display further geo-related information in the same area as the geo-information of the node itself. ´whami source-adapter´delivers a generic method fulfilling this requirement together with two source adapters, one for Panoramio, one for Wikipedia. This module was part of the development of and can easily be extented with further source adapters.

First you must have nodes with geo-information in your Drupal Database. Specifically nodes of a configurable content type that have the geodata in a cck field of type geo.

The modules provide blocks named "whami Source Adapter: [Source Name]" i.e. "whami Source Adapter: Panoramio" or "whami Source Adapter: Wikipedia". Set your content type and cck geo field name in the block configuration and put the block in a region on the page.

‘whami source-adapter’ delivers two configurable display blocks for Wikipedia/Panoramio-content which is locally close to the geo-information of the node.
There are general dependencies (CCK- and Geo-module) as well as specific dependencies for each source adapter.

Panoramio source adapter

Commerce Datatrans



This project provides a Datatrans integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system. Currently supports security level 0,1 and 2 for redirected payment with full logging for testing and debugging.
Datatrans is an international specialist for Internet-based payments, based in Switzerland. As a leading Swiss payment service provider (PSP) Datatrans operates independently from financial institutions.


This project includes a base module that allows those that have a contract with datatrans to setup and execute direct e-commerce payments.

  • Payment page


You will need the following modules:


Activate module, make sure a payment method has been created in Drupal Commerce (Store > Configuration > Payment methods) and setup your custom Datatrans API keys.

Known problems

No known problems.

Links to Documentation

No additional documentation yet.


This project is sponsored, maintained and developed by MD Systems.

Similar projects

    RightMove integration

    This module provides import/export option to with Fields API and Views 3.

    Currently under development. Please open an issue for feature requests.
    برای طراحی وب سایت می‌تونید از سایت ساز کاموا استفاده کنید

    فروشگاه ساز کاموا سرویسی هست که میتوانید بدون نیاز به استخدام طراح، فروشگاه خود را بسازید


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