mgEveMatTracts is a contract pricing tool for Eve Online.

mgEveMatTracts allows a user to quote a contract quickly using current market prices supplied from via the mgEveItemPrices module, and allows the person receiving the contract to quickly validate the contract.

Contract pricing forms are setup via Eve Market groups.
Currently these market groups are configured:

  • Salvage
  • Minerals
  • Fuel Blocks

The module is configured by the site administrator to retrieve prices from using certain criteria, and then can optionally apply a multiplier (discount or increase) to those prices. For example.. The the price can be the median Jita buy price over the last seven days with a 10% discount.

This allows contracts to be priced very quickly without having to constantly update corp/alliance prices or manually calculate totals.

Read on for the full process


mgEveItemPrices is a market tool for Eve Online that will retrieve and cache item prices from for other modules to use in calculations (such as mgEveMatTracts).

Prices are cached based on the the query options specified (item, hours back, system, and region).
The module allows you to configure the cache expiration timer, and default values to use.

Eve-Central.Com API Information:


Provides an interface to the Eve Online static data dump database for other modules so that they don't require separate database configuration information.

Currently very much an alpha module with minimal security checking of the SQL used by the other modules.
Needs to be updated to safely construct the queries.

Requires that the Eve Online static data dump be installed to a database and the database be added to the Drupal settings.php file.

Information about the Eve Online static data dump can be found here:


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Webdrop Apps

Will provide an Apps connector to the Webdrop Apps Server (coming soon!).

Update: This isn't happening. Sorry for grabbing the namespace!


Update of feedmine using rest API


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