Google Site Search

Google Site Search

Google Site Search uses the Google API to search one or more sites. A Search engine unique ID (from Google) is required to use this module.

The difference in this module, compared to other such as Google CSE, is that search results are completely customized and will not appear in an iframe, but directly in the site's HTML code. This requires "Site Search Edition" (paid version of Google's Custom Search).


Mediasite Content Module for Drupal connects your Drupal site with Mediasite’s External Data Access Service (EDAS) API. The module connects your Mediasite account with Drupal allowing token injection with nodes for embedded online video. It also provides Mediasite thumbnail image retrieval which, when clicked, replaces the thumbnail image with the Mediasite iFrame. Mediasite Content Module for Drupal is compatible with Mediasite 5.5 and 6.

NOTE: This plugin is no longer supported with ongoing updates to the Mediasite Product.

Entity Resource

This module provides a generic entity resource to be manipulated through the Services API.

Lightirc irc module

The lightirc IRC module allows users to participate in IRC chats via a web page
in the community. This module is based on the mibbit_irc module.
Currently it doesn't support locally hosted lightirc versions or changing servers without editing the module's code.


About Webform2vTiger module

Webform2vTiger extends the Drupal Webform 3.x module with the ability to capture webform results as a new lead in vtiger CRM.



1. Install webform2vtiger as you install a drupal module:
- Copy the webform2vtiger directory to the Drupal modules directory for your site.
- Login as an administrator. Enable the module in the "administer" -> "build" -> "modules".

2. Get vtiger CRM application unique key (we will need it in a later step):
it is found in variable $application_unique_key in vtiger configuration file
[vtiger base]/

3. Decide which user of vtiger CRM will be used to submit new leads and get this user's username and access key. You will need them in module configuration screen.

4. Set up in vtiger CRM leads any needed custom fields and set the required fields as mandatory. Do this before configuring webform2vtiger module, as it will be pulling this information from vtiger CRM automatically.

5. Configure your vtiger CRM settings in the
"administer" -> "site configuration" -> "Webform to vtiger CRM"

FreeGeoIP GeoIP

This module provides lightweight GeoIP services using the free GeoIP service that allows theme display changes based on a visitor's country, as inferred from their IP.

A tentative roadmap includes integration with the GeoIP API module (once that module is migrated to D7 and provided it can be extended to support alternate engines), integration with contexts (in-module at first, then through the GeoIP API context module integration), and additional administration options.


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