Aegir Subscriptions

This module acts as a plug-in manager to allow recurring subscription providers to manage sites hosted in an Aegir ecosystem. The goal is to support services like Stripe Subscriptions and Commerce (perhaps via Commerce License Hosting).

Commerce ECPay

Provides integration between Drupal Commerce and ECPay’s payment solutions.
ECPay offers two API modes, on-site and off-site. This module aims to provide the on-site integration, i.e. executing payments without having to redirect the user to external URLs. The entire checkout and payment process is completed within your Drupal site.
Currently supported payment methods:

Commerce Mangopay

Commerce Mangopay integrates Mangopay with Drupal Commerce 2.x payment

PHPVideoToolkit Library

API module to include the phpvideotoolkit library.

CKEditor Find/Replace

This module provides the find and replace functionality for CKEditor on Drupal 8.


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