Form mode field extra

This module will help in adding custom classes and field wrapper prefix and suffix in form mode
You can use a different setup for different form mode.

How to use
1. Go to "Manage Form Display" of a node type
3. Click on settings of any field
4. Enter prefix and suffix wrapper elements or Enter CSS Class
5. Click "Update" button
6. Remember to click "Save" button after making necessary changes.

1. Title override for every form mode

SocialMedia Autopost

This module will allow users to automatically post to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest when node creation.

ClickDimensions WebForm

ClickDimensions logo

This module has support for many addons that allows them to integrate
to Microsoft Dynamics CRM ClickDimensions system.
A webform can be configured in order to visitors send data
to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with form.
The module allows configurations needed by Click Dimensions,
such as URL to Form Post action.
Submissions from a webform are saved in Click Dimensions system database.

Sendwithus integration

This modules integrates Sendwithus with Drupal 8.

See for more information.

Mailjet Api Statistics

This module provides integration with the Mailjet email service.

The Mailjet Api Statistics offers resources to extract information for every message you send. You can also filter through the message statistics to view specific metrics for your messages.

Why this module ?
Module helps with sending messages via mailjet and getting theirs statistics


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