Avanser admin config form

Integrate with Avanser call tracking functionality.

Avanser is an Australian company providing a technology to track calls made from a website. This module outputs the tracking code required to track these calls.

Commerce TransFirst

This module adds support for TransFirst as a payment method for Drupal Commerce.



There are Submodules in this module:


Youtube Demo


Collect feedback within pages and content

Simply install the Pulse feedback widgets into your site. You can customise the look, feel and functionality of the widgets depending on the content and context of what you are asking feedback for.

Stanbol Enhancer

Provides pluggable integration to the Apache Stanbol's Enhancer plugin. All entities text fields could be sent for processing to the Stanbol Enhancer and the retrieved information could be saved to the previously selected fields on the entities.

The module provides support to dynamically process and map the retrieved information from the Stanbol Enhancer, check the stanbol_enhancer.api.php .


Leaflet Heatmap

Create heatmaps with the help of the Leaflet and the heatmap.js libraries.


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