Selective Tweets

Selective Tweets live feed

Selective Tweets makes it possible to add Twitter timelines and Twitter tweets to a Drupal website. When enabled, a new block type is available which displays Twitter feeds with a certain filter applied to it. The tweets are either rendered as embedded tweets or as raw HTML, which lets you style them as wished.


Docusign Connect

The Docusign Connect module allows a Drupal site to act as an endpoint for Docusign's Connect functionality. The module allows incoming Docusign submissions to be received, processed and sent to plugins, which handle the document submissions further. Considerable configurability allows for different behavior based on document metadata.

Live Helper Chat integration

Live Helper Chat module makes it easy to integrate an existing Live Helper Chat server to your site.

The module allows you to choose which pages the widget is shown on, which users it is shown to and define all the widget options.

Live Helper Chat is an open source live-support chat service made with PHP. It also supports the operators using various client software, including XMPP and a custom client.

The module is based on the Zopim module.


Gocardless Direct Debits

Integrates Drupal 7 with Gocardless, direct debit payment system

DROWL A/B-Testing Global (for Google Analytics Experiments)

DROWL A/B-Testing Global Settings

Module to execute global (in most cases design / theme) A/B-Testings using Google Analytics Experiments.
This module does not execute actions itself but provides a hook (see drowl_abtesting_global.api.php) to execute them
based on the currently active variation.


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