** D8 version **

Fraction Slider is a jQuery plugin which adds a fully customization element slider to your website. Fraction Slider is HTML5 multi-layer and parallax slideshow. Works fine with views fields.

Verticrawl Search Engine

This module is a search engine working with Verticrawl's SaaS solution.

Verticrawl replace default
search from Drupal's core with a semantic full text search engine.
Verticrawl's Solution let you choose how your search engine
respond depending of typed text and crawled content like html, pdf, docs.

Other features like screenshot and image integration avalaible.

More information about this module coming soon...

Commerce eCollect

eCollect® is a payment gateway provided by Avisor Technologies ( for Colombia and Rep. Dominicana. With this module, you can integrate your store with it, based on rules that define payment parameters. Useful to change those parameters depending on your needs!

Warning: If payment parameters are wrong, you will be redirected to the frontpage after submitting checkout form.

Tracking Inject

This is a Drupal 8 module.

Adds the ability for injecting tracking scripts into website pages.

Tracking scripts are typically provided by an advertising agency, research firm, analytics firm, or other provider to track the page views or other user activity on your site.

Tracking scripts often need to be targeted to one web page, some web pages or all web pages on a website and tracking scripts are typically used to track email campaign response, special event advertising and marketing campaigns or split-run web page content testing.

NuCivic Connector

This module connects your website with NuCivic's and signs you up to receive email updates from NuCivic including news about software updates and other information to help you develop and maintain your website.

When this module is enabled, the email addresses listed on your website's "Available updates" page (admin/reports/updates/settings) will be automatically signed up to receive notifications from NuCivic.



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