Libraries CDN API

Libraries CDN API is an API module to query CDN services to automatically provides libraries on your site.

It is bundled with two CDN plugins: CDNJS and jsDelivr.
Check the very simple API to understand how to query a CDN and how to create your own CDN plugins too.


Youtube channel subscribe

YouTube channel subscribe button using token. You can place token [youtube:button] anywhere in body.
You can easily place YouTube subscribe button without any code. Just need to add token to your body and also set channel name or channel id in admin configuration page.

forWhereiAm - Standard

Quick Overview

This module creates a widget for displaying all the latest announcements made on the forWhereiAm platform by your organisation (and any of its associated branches) for a given user's location. This module interacts with the forWhereiAm API and implements the server-side flow.



Sirv module

The Sirv module provides support within Drupal for the image services provided by Sirv, including dynamic images and Sirv Zoom. Support for Sirv Spin will be added soon.


This module requires Drupal 7.36 or later.

To use Sirv’s image services within Drupal, you will need either a free or paid Sirv account. For more information or to create an account, visit

Commerce Checkout.Com Payment Gateway

Checkout.Com ( Payment Gateway integration with Drupal.


Checkout Ltd is a Principal Member of major International Card Associations. connects your website or application to all major credit cards as well as an expansive range of local payments, all through one simple interface.


Unite Gallery

This module allows to use Unite Gallery plugin.


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