Eventbrite API Integration

This module is use to integrate Eventbrite API to get attendees for events.


Redmine-connector module gives a possibility to create custom reports from Redmine info. If you're looking for a way to easily aggregate time-logs, project spent time and workload in one place, Redmine-Connector will do it.

The module provides following features:
- An easy way to show Redmine-User spent time within a set period (week, month, all time).
- Show Redmine-Projects spent time within a set period (week, month, all time).
- Show a total number of tasks assigned per Redmine-User in order to avoid bottlenecks.

IntelligenceBank DAM

Screenshot of the api login

The IntelligenceBank DAM Connector for Drupal lets you quickly and easily access your IntelligenceBank DAM assets directly from within Drupal. Assets can then be inserted into your content, either as their own copy or as a direct link to the original.

Drupal OneLogin SAML

This page is no longer applicable and maintained. It is continued here


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