The Beancount module provides a entities and taxonomies for bookkeeping, financial, and enterprise-management purposes.

It comes with feeds importers that activate automatically when using the Quickbooks Webconnector and Quickbooks XML modules to import data from Quickbooks.

StitchLabs API

This module provides API integration with an inventory and order tracking platform. Due to the complexity of this module and the difficulty to implement it, this is only recommended for people who know what they are doing. You will likely still need to dig into Stich's backend to get all of the mapping correct.

NOTE: currently it is necessary to have "Custom API" access to This type of access is only included in the Enterprise plan.

Elasticsearch Cache

The module provides the Drupal cache class that can be used instead of database cache.
That can be useful to store big permanent caches outside of Drupal database to keep the DB small.


This module provides an integration between the QBank DAM and the Drupal Content Management System.

Instagram Real Time Block

Instagram Real-Time Block

Display real-time media updates in a block.
The module uses a websocket to push updates to connected clients.
Notice that you need to run a websocket server for this to work.
The block will display random media from all users who has
accepted the application by clicking on the "Login" button at the top of the block.


This module requires that the following modules are enabled:

- Block



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