The FlipClock.js module integrates the FlipClock.js plugin with Drupal. FlipClock.js is an extendible API to create any kind of clock or counter. It can be used as a

  • Clock
  • Timer
  • Countdown

The module integrates with:

  • Blocks, by exposing a new block type "Clock"
  • Date fields, by exposing a new formatter "FlipClock"


See the README file for detailed installation instructions.

Twitter Simple API

Provides integration with the J7mbo/twitter-api-php library.

Provides a simple Tweets by user block to demonstrate how to interact with the API.

sms-fly.ua SMS

sms-fly.ua logotype

This module provides integration between the SMS-Fly SMS Gateway and the SMS framework project.


SMS framework module
A sms-fly.ua account. This service is a paid service.

Drupal Commerce TaxJar

The Drupal Commerce Connector for TaxJar is a Drupal compliant open source module that seamlessly links Drupal Commerce with TaxJar to calculate the correct sales tax amount, eliminate the headache of sales tax compliance and to reduce the risk of business audits.

Coorrency - Currency Converter

Coorrency provides your website the ability to convert currencies with super updated rates.

Based on Yahoo Finances responses, Coorrency brings (via ajax or not) the rate conversion ultra fast.

This module provides:

  • A page to be accessed directly from the browser, calculating the conversion. /coorrency/convert/from/to
  • A block that can be placed anywhere


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