Fullcube Connector

This module provides integration with Fullcube. The Fullcube membership management platform enables member-based businesses with tools to acquire more members at optimized CPA’s, establish a credit card-on-file relationship with their members, engage and retain members through messaging automation, and deliver member benefits to a native mobile app and existing websites.

This package contains 4 modules:

1. **Fullcube API** (fullcube_api)
API connector to fullcube platform.


This is a sandbox module for embedding lyrics from the Musixmatch website.

RonDino Subscriber Rewards

RonDino Rewards setting form

The RonDino Subscriber Rewards module is a Drupal compliant open source module that seamlessly links Drupal with RonDino subscriber Rewards system to eliminate the headache of integrating "RonDino subscriber Rewards system" with drupal site.

The Rewards module supports "business rules" that are implemented by the RonDino Rewards, providing for the validation of each users email address, as part of the decision to approve their Subscriber Rewards.

Commerce QB Enterprise

A D8 port of the Quickbooks Webconnect Module, work will be done here until maintainership status is gained or the project is closed as abandoned.

CSSGram - Recreating Instagram Filters

CSSGram Filters 1

CSSGram is a simple module to apply CSS filters on image field type using field formatters for recreating Instagram filters with CSS filters and blend modes.

CSSGram Module uses CSSGram library for adding filter effects via CSS to the image fields. Basically, module extends Field Formatter Settings to add image filter for that particular field.

To configure image filters for a field, visit Manage Display settings and use format column to specify the filter to be used for that image.

SimpleSAML Runtime Config

This module helps save time for developers who tweak SimpleSAMLphp configurations and metadata often. It allows defining some of the configuration in the Drupal database, from where it is exported to a file. A helper script is included to make it easy to use the contents of this file from your SimpleSAMLphp config/metadata files.

It lets you dynamically configure the following fields:


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