jQuery smoothState.js

Provides an API for integrating jQuery smoothState.js with Drupal via the Libraries API.

"smoothState.js lets you add transitions to eliminate the hard cuts and white flashes of page loads that deface the beauty of the user experience."

Note: this module has no UI or admin section available. It's only usable in code, programmatically loading the third-party JS library.


Integrates Drupal with the ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange.

Requires Coin Tools.


Shortcode Skype

Shortode Skype

This Shortcode macro provides Skype button.

What is a Skype button?

Add a Skype button to your websites and let people get in touch with just the click of a button. Whether they're on a computer or mobile, they will get through with a voice call or an instant message.


* Shortcode contrib project
* configure your input format to allow enter shortcode_skype macro


Copyscape check

The copyscape module integrates Copyscape API service and checks the originality of content.


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