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Lory is a touch enabled minimalistic slider written in vanilla JavaScript.

CKEditor BiDi Buttons

Integrates the CKEditor BiDi plugin with CKEditor for Drupal 8. This plugin provides the bi directional text flow buttons, RTL and LTR .

The CKEditor BiDi plugin makes it possible to change the text direction for an HTML block-level content element like paragraph, table or list. This ability is essential for authoring content in languages that are written Right to Left like those with Arabic and , Hebrew writing systems.

Twitter Ads API

Basic module to provide access to the twitter ads api and do some get requests.

PKI Registration Authority

This module allows your site to act as registration authority (RA) as part of a public key infrastructure (PKI).

Once registered, users will be able to generate certificates they can use as credentials. For example, such certificates can be used to log into sites running Certificate Login without usernames or passwords.

Projects stats

Projects stats

Are you a module or theme developer? Have you created several modules or theme and you want to see them all in one place? Probably not. But if you, for some reason need to display a number of downloads for a list of modules and/or themes then you should try out this module. Projects stats provides a block, which displays a table with project names and downloads count for selected modules and/or themes.

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