Support wechat integration. Only support Drupal 8.
swechat - Smart Wechat!

Detect Device

Drupal 8 module for detect devices and add cache context per device.

This is a lightweight mobile detection based on the [Mobile_Detect.php](http://mobiledetect.net/) library.

PHP examples

### Check type device
``` php
$deviceDetector = \Drupal::service('detect.device');


Apache Kafka


This module provides a Drupal 8 Queue API adapter.


It is based on the php-rdkafka PHP extension for PHP 5.6 and 7.0, which is itself based on the librdkafka library.

It has been developed and tested against Apache Kafka 0.10, and should work on 0.9 too.

Third Light

The Third Light module allows a Drupal site to integrate with the Third Light Digital Asset Management system. This allows content editors to embed images from the Third Light service into items of content.

Note: In order to use this module you will need an active Third Light subscription with associated user accounts.

The module consists of three parts:

Remove Drupal Orphaned users (LDAP)

This module processes all users and checks if the user still exist in the remote LDAP server.
This module also works with multiple Ldap-servers (This doesnt work in the core ldap module).
Optionally removes the orphaned user at another Drupal installation (same host, using drush)


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