Tableau WDC

Tableau 9.1 includes the new Web Data Connector feature, which lets you build connections to almost any data accessible over HTTP including internal web services, JSON data, and REST APIs.

Guardian news

This is a drupal-7 module which retrieves data from the Guardian newspaper api.
Check the api at

The information fetched by guardian are opotionally rendered in a block using angular.js.

Pictaculous API

Pictaculous by MailChimp

This module is designed to simply provide integration with the Pictaculous web service for use inside of other modules. It also generates a number of palettes in the dashboard after uploading an image, letting you view them without leaving the site.


Google Wallet Objects

Provides some integration with the Google Wallet Objects API.

Provides an admin interface to input credentials. Provides hooks and form elements for displaying "Add to Google Wallet" buttons.

Requires Libraries and the google-api-php library from GitHub.

Example usage to generate a button:

Moodle Course Connect

This module is used to show courses from moodle.

Payment Gateways

One module to manage multiple payment gateways . Manage your multiple payment gateways through rules , provide options for payment methods based on the rules.

Payment Gateways supported :

1. EBS
2. Billdesk
3. PayU


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