Jira REST Rules

The module provides an integration between Jira (via the jira_rest module) and rules.

In the current limited form the module provides a rules action for creating simple, basic issues in Jira.

You must configure the jira_rest module with username and password at admin/config/services/jira_rest.

In the rules action you can configure:


Minimalist GMap

Simple Google Field Formatter


This module allows files uploaded to be processed by Cometdocs to convert into other formats.

An example use case would be a PDF of a spreadsheet. A more useful format for that spreadsheet might be an XLS which plenty of other tools can convert to a CSV for data import. In this use case, the PDF would be sent to Cometdocs for conversion to XLS, and Cometdocs would send back a URL for the converted document.

Lucky Orange

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Manual Reviews


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