Hebrew Calendar

Example of monthly calendar

This Hebrew Calendar module is based on the widely used "Calendar" module which is commonly used to create monthly calendars. This module displays Hebrew dates, Jewish holidays, candle-lighting times, havdalah times, weekly Torah reading/parasha, rosh hodesh, and related Jewish calendar information.

Bot Builder

Drupal bot builder

Building interactive dialogues for facebook bot messenger.

Drupal Bot Builder is bridge between Drupal and Facebook for site-builders

Provide ability for site owners send content to visitors through facebook messenger.


This project integrates Drupal with QuickWeb system maintained as Westpac Australia hosted payment gateway.

This project implements functionality of https://quickstream.westpac.com.au/docs/quickweb/QuickWeb.html

The project integrates the "Secure token handoff" method to send data to Westpac and redirect to the hosted QuickWeb payment page as the next step.

For now the project is in active development and is not production ready.

Shareaholic Simple

This is simple module for Drupal 8 for basic integration with Shareaholic (https://shareaholic.com/) and output in node.
Will be glad for review


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