Quickbooks Webconnector

Manage Quickbooks Webconnector endpoints / username / password combinations, generate QWC configuration files, appropriate WSDL file for the QBWC SOAP protocol, implement the QBWC SOAP server protocol, and provide Drupal hooks to send and receive Quickbooks XML (QBXML) queries and responses.

Commerce Jivosite

Module provides integration with online chat service Jivosite's javascript API.
It exposes basic customer information to your agent's app:

  • User's name (for logged in customers)
  • Cart order total amount
  • Cart order ID and admin area order edit link

You can expose more info by implementing specific -alter hook in your custom module.

You should have Jivosite script already added to you site for this module to work properly.



The GreatSchools API is a REST-based web service.

You need this module if you need simple and "Drupal way" access to GreatSchools.

Right now module allows you to do requests for these endopoints:

Add To Calendar


Add to Calendar Module integrates 'Add to Calendar' button provided by addtocalendar.com which supports iCalender, Google Calendar, Outlook, Outlook Online and Yahoo Calendar. It's basically a thirdparty field formatter setting available for datetime field formatters.

Runkeeper API

This module implements the Runkeeper API for use in a Drupal 8 website.

This module is still under development. If you want to help to develop/maintain this module, don't hesitate to contact me.


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