This module allows to integrate usabilitytools widget.

Analytics tell you where people leave your website, UsabilityTools tells you why.
Watch video playbacks of how users experience your website or web app on mobile, tablet and desktop.

With the help of this module we can control tracking user session include/exclude by user role, specific user. Also we can control tracking per url basis.



Nearby Place Search: This module integrates with the Google Places and Google Map.

Shows a list of places of a certain type and configurable from the back-end settings within the specified radius for specified location.

* Copy the 'nearbyplace' module directory in to your Drupal 'sites/all/modules' directory as usual.

In path (admin/config/content/place-types) configure the search settings for places.

Browse to (/near-by-place) and you will be able to search local places by selecting place types.


Configuration screenshot

This module allows importing external list of terms (taxonomies) into a Drupal taxonomy. The initial scope of the project is to import terms from an external RDF file, but the module supports a pluggable system allowing to integrate other structure easily.

How to use this module:

1. Enable the module using drush or UI
2. Visit the taxonomy screen (/admin/structure/taxonomy) and edit one of the taxonomies
3. There is a new section called "SYNCHRONISE WITH EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE", enable and configure the plugin (external URL and field mappings)
4. Save


Module for Drupal 8. I used D8 stuff (like guzzle) as much as I could.

The Twitter Feed module displays a configurable list of tweets in a block. It does so using the Twitter REST API
and the jQuery Timeago plugin to display dates in a friendly, relative format (eg. 4 hours ago).

No assumptions about CSS.
Responses are cached.
No extra dependencies. Just install and go.
Output is fully themeable.


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