CAS Destination Workbench


You are using CAS and Workbench and you want you users to arrive at "My Workbench" the way it works for site accounts. This module fixes that.

Hubspot forms

This is a very simple module that allows you to create Hubspot form blocks on your Drupal sites. The module also comes with a new field type so each entity could have it's own form.

No need to copy embed code from Hubspot and paste it into your website.

Enable it, provide an API key and you're ready to use the module.


Webform ClickDimensions

This module has support for many addons that allows them to integrate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM ClickDimensions system.
A webform can be configured in order to visitors send data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with form.
The module allows configurations needed by Click Dimensions, such as URL to Form Post action.
Submissions from a webform are saved in Click Dimensions system database.


Mason Grid: Paz

Provides Mason integration to create a perfect gapless grid of elements.
This is not Masonry, or Isotope or Gridalicious. Mason fills in those ugly gaps, and creates a perfectly filled space.

The module provides a Views style plugin to return results as a Mason grid.


Commerce Paytabs

Currently this module is under development and would be released soon.


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