Simple Podcast

Simple Podcast

Simple Podcast is just that - a simple module for quickly setting up one or more podcasts within your Drupal site, and immediately having an iTunes compatible xml podcast feed, no coding or extensive configuration required.

Alternatives to this Module

While we think this module is the simplest solution, there are other ways to achieve the same end goal:


From the website:

What if technology could help improve conversations online?

Discussing things you care about can be difficult. The threat of abuse and harassment online means that many people stop expressing themselves and give up on seeking different opinions.

Social Feed Aggregator

A Drupal 8 module that allows Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to be pulled into a Social Post content type, on a scheduled basis.


The Mailcamp module provides integration with the email service Mailcamp. It currently allows you to create a block with a signup form to sign up for mailing lists.


Enter your Mailcamp API credentials in the settings form.
Place a new block in the block layout and select the 'Mailcamp signup' block.
Select which mailinglists the user should be subscribed to after filling out the signup form. If you have fields defined in your mailinglist, you have the option to show these on the signup form as well.


DebugMe is a visual feedback, issue tracking & project management solution which saves time and frustration for everyone during a website project. This module allows you to quickly and easily add DebugMe to your Drupal site. The module allows you grant access to DebugMe roles and even turn it off for selected pages. DebugMe is free for 2 projects and 2 users.


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