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This module provides integration with Localize.js.

Localize is a 1-line of code solution for translating websites. Localize automatically detects the content on your website, loads it in to your dashboard, and provides an easy workflow for getting your content translated and deployed.

Localize automates the entire localization and translation process, decreasing development time from months to days.

Source: https://localizejs.com


comScore Analytics

This module allow you to integrate comScore's Web API in your Drupal projects. Currently this module only support Drupal 8.


This module provide a Druapl service which can be injected into your controller for accessing different comScore's Web API. Following is an example of how to do this.

  protected $comscoreService;

   * Class constructor.
  public function __construct($comscoreService) {
    $this->comscoreService = $comscoreService;

Notify Slack

Send Drupal notify message(drupal_set_message) to Slack

This module is designed for web-developer/ops. Using Incoming WebHooks to send messages to slack for notifying. It's very easy to set notifier in follow steps:

Google Javascript API

Google JavaScript client library makes it easier for you to write JavaScript that works with Google services (Calendar, Analytics, etc.) through their APIs.


This module integrates the Mapplic interactive map/floorplan plugin into Drupal.

It can be used for multi storey buildings, airports, shopping malls, department stores, resorts, hospitals, harbors, campings or festivals, ski tracks, sport stadiums, cruise ships or anything you can think of, your imagination is the limit. It's also perfectly suitable for touchscreen kiosk maps.




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