Integration CouchDB

A CouchDB backend implementation for the Integration module.


The goal of this module is to implement VisiStat tracking abilities in Drupal, through a more robust and elegant manner than hardcoding the tracker into templates.

OneSignal Integration

OneSignal logo

This module integrates with OneSignal, which is a free multi-platform push notification service for mobile apps.

This module wraps the PHP library written by @norkunas providing a simple user interface to setup the basic configurations to initialize the OneSignal class.

NOTE: This is not an end user module. This is for developers.



This module provides integration your website to GoBookings.
This module requires an administrator account on

This is a module for integration with in a view.

This way the 360° gallery can be placed almost anywhere through the delivered views style plugin.


Code Snippet GeSHi

The module provides integration of the Code Snippet GeSHi addon with CKEditor.



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