Animated Socialbar

This is small module to implement sliding social page links in your site.
Yes, we are enhancing the module implementing new feature

We are trying to implement in below demo drupal module.

WeChat Lite

WeChat Lite provides integration with WeChat Accounts, which are supported by Tencent company. With this module, visitors could:

  • Connect Drupal application with WeChat Accounts.
  • Login Drupal application from WeChat automatically.

Commerce KBC Paypage

Kbc logo


Provides Drupal Commerce with direct KBC Paypage integration.

Sponsored by:



Intuit QuickBooks Integration

Integrate Drupal users with QuickBooks API.
This supports multi user connection to QuickBooks API.


Apple News Manager

Manage your content on Apple News.

This module allows you to send, update and delete articles sent to Apple News.

Still working out the specifics of theming.


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