wechat user

Extends the wechat module to supply powerful function for wechat_user.


typeahead.js integration

Drupal typeahead.js intergation module.

Transmission Control

Thi idea is to have a module that allows you to control transmission-daemon from a drupal site.


This namespace will host a GraphQL implementation. This implementation will initially contain an adapter for FETCHing and POSTing entities.

For further information regarding GraphQL and Relay please refer to these blog posts:


Commerce Payment Settings Switcher

This module allows you to use variables to switch payment method settings.

How it works

You should use this module if you want to easily switch payment method settings between your test and production account.

Since those settings are stored in the database as a Rule, this module will check if a configuration is defined on your settings.php or settings.local.php and override the configuration.



Integration with https://glip.com/ chat system.

Uses the Glip API for 'integrations' to allow Drupal to post messages to a discussion thread of your choice.

Via watchdog:

Configured through your logging settings at /admin/config/development/logging , you can tell glip to only notify you of events of a certain severity or type.

Via Rules:

You can add a glip message as a rules action to be triggered and configured according to conditions of your choosing.


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