Minimalist GMap

Simple Google Field Formatter


This module allows files uploaded to be processed by Cometdocs to convert into other formats.

An example use case would be a PDF of a spreadsheet. A more useful format for that spreadsheet might be an XLS which plenty of other tools can convert to a CSV for data import. In this use case, the PDF would be sent to Cometdocs for conversion to XLS, and Cometdocs would send back a URL for the converted document.

Lucky Orange

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  • Watch recordings of real visitors to your website, and see why they did not convert.
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Manual Reviews

Quickbooks Online API

Simple integration with the Quickbooks Online API (not intended for Desktop versions). Quickbooks Online is a leading business accounting solution. Using this module requires a Quickbooks Online account of your own. Quickbooks Online is a product of Intuit.


Fellowship One SSO

This module enables users to access a Drupal site using their Fellowship One login, upon login a corresponding user is automatically created on the Drupal site and is set up as an 'authenticated user'. Module creates Single Sign On between Drupal and Fellowship One, once user logs into Drupal they are also logged into Fellowship One.


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