Google Drive Uploader

This module provides a field to upload files directly to Google Drive and a formatter to display Download/View in drive link. It uses the Gauth for authentication and implements the "browser upload method" so the file never hits the Drupal file system. It saves storage and no limitations of file size. I plan to provide other features of google drive in later versions of the module.


Stripe Managed Accounts

This module provides an integration with the Stripe Managed Accounts feature from Stripe Connect, so you can build a payment platform, allowing your users to have an affiliated Stripe account and receive payments using the Stripe APIs, under your platform control.

The module includes a submodule Stripe Managed Accounts User that easily integrates a Stripe Managed Account with a Drupal user.

API Services

About API Services

The API services module provides a framework for managing third-party API endpoints using configurable entities.

Developers can then create requests to these endpoints using an API provider implementation, and send the requests using an API client service.


Instagram Pull

The Instagram Feed Import fetches user feeds from Instagram with your Instagram API and stores it as nodes in the database!.

Posts may displayed as nodes with views, additionally there is a Filtering functionality by tags.


- Date
- Media
- Date_api


- An Instagram Developer account (you can make one here
- A CLIENT ID and a CLIENT SECRET from the Instagram API.


Allows Drupal Entities to be generated from yaml files. This is achieved through integration with Alice, an expressive fixtures generator.


  • Track installed fixture data
  • Easily define meaningful content
  • Entity reference support via yaml


While not dependent on Doctrine, Alice uses Docrtine's object manager. This allows fixtures to persist through processing. Sadly Drupal does not implement this part of Doctrine.


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