Changes the names of page requests that get sent to New Relic so that you can see which panels are actually slow.





This module serves as an integration mechanism between Form.IO ( and Drupal CMS.

Many more exciting things to come!



SuperFaktura is an easy to use online app, that allows you to create great looking online invoices, proformas, price estimates, orders, delivery and credit notes. You can invoice in foreign currencies and languages. Accept payments online, organize your stock management, send electronic invoices online, or in paper form via hybrid post.

This module integrates Superfaktura API to Drupal Commerce, so you can issue invoices vie this service.

The development of this module is sponsored by Superfaktura.


Box API Sitewide

This is an API module to make it easy to integrate the service into your site. Other modules allow individual Drupal users to authorize their own account. This one supports the use case of a single, administrative account, which is used by your module in all its operations.

It was built for the use case of synchronizing files from a specific account to Drupal nodes.


Your module should have a dependency on this one.

* visit /admin/config/media/box_api_sitewide to configure your api credentials.


wss_base stands for WebService Search Base. This module provides some PHP classes and their corresponding interface definitions, which can be used to ease implementation of webservice integrations inside other Drupal modules.

In fact wss_base doesn't make sense as stand-alone module, but it can help developing further modules with a unified way for accessing (requesting and response parsing) foreign webservices.

Rackspace webmail integration

This module integrates with rackspace webmail and provides a single sign-on for users.

It uses nusoap for Rackspace Webmail API integration.

It will create email account on rackspace webmail when new user register on Drupal site.

if any user register with Drupal username: firstname.lastname
Rackspace webmail Inbox user will be: firstname.lastname@YOURSITENAME.COM


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