Tin Can API Package Player

This module provides a "TinCan package" entity type. Tin Can API compatible packages such as those produced by Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, and Adobe Captivate can be played in the Tin Can Package entity view.

Can connect to the Drupal native Tin Can Learning Record Store, or Learning Locker


PHPWord library

PHPWord module integrates the PHPWord library with Drupal.


PHPOffice-Common module integrates the PHPOffice-Common library with Drupal 7.

PHPOffice Common is a library written in pure PHP that provides a set of components for PHPOffice librairies.


In order for this module to work, you must download the PHPOffice-Common library.

Multiple Recaptcha on One Single Page

Select a Captcha Type for a form

This module will add a challenge type into the dropdown that allows an admin to select a captcha for one of the defined forms.

If all forms on a page use this challenge type, the reCaptcha will show up for all of them.

Millennium Services

Integration with Millennium Booking Software for Salons/Spas (https://www.millenniumsi.com/)

Provides a "Millennium Services" block display all services offered through the configured Millennium Booking API endpoint.

* Custom caching and cache-length
* Per-page settings (display Millenium Services by Class ID on Specific pages)

Relies upon the Millennium API, tested with Platinum version.

Any feature requests welcome.

Drip Marketing Automation

This module integrates Drip (drip.co) with Drupal. Drip is marketing automation software.

All you need to do is enable the module and add your Drip ID in the configuration page.


More features and a roadmap will be added soon.


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