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Login and Register Via Mobile Number (It's working)

This module needs NET-CORE SMS Integration for OTP. NETCORE

Api.AI Webhook

This module integrates your Drupal website with Api.AI Webooks, letting your Api.AI agents talk with you website, respond to Intents request and filling slots.

The integration is still basic. The module handles the request and triggers a Symfony Event which modules can subscribe to in order to add their logic.

Get Tweets

This module provides import tweets through Twitter API by Cron for Drupal 8.

Registration with Twitter:

Before you start the installation process you must register on Twitter and create your own application.
You will get "Consumer Key", "Consumer Secret".

Donation Button Block

This is a module for accepting donations via Paypal.

Donation settings form:
Go to "admin/config/user-interface/donation-button-form" and set your values.

This module provide a "donation button block". so you can assign this block where you want on site.


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