本模块旨在把 Drupal 与微信企业号集成在一起。



Inbound SMS

Makes inbound SMS from Nexmo available in Drupal.


Mask Money

A very simple module that will allow you to mask certain input fields which require a currency formatting.

It uses the Jquery-maskMoney plugin, created by Diego Plentz.

Velaro Chat

Velaro live chat

Velaro lets you monitor and chat with your website visitors as they browse your site in real time.

Periscope On Air Button

Periscope lets you embed profiles anywhere on the web.

The Periscope On Air Button displays the user's live status and username. The special thing about the widget is that it comes to life when you're LIVE!

Clicking the button will open a new window displaying the user's profile page. If the user is LIVE when the profile page loads, their broadcast will automatically start playing.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Make your Drupal site ready for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Implementation details at on Github. Great overview in this Nieman Lab blog post.

Right now, this module adds the AMP javascript library. In the future, we want to serve AMP pages right from the same CMS that is serving traditional bloated pages :)



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