Evanced Aggregator

This projects implements a custom Aggregator parser to process an RSS feed from Evanced, a library event management system.

The parser currently divides the Evanced description into chunks and themes them before saving them as the feed item's description/body field.

E-MAILiT Share Buttons

Updates 9/29/2015. A supercharged update, bringing you the best mobile and desktop social sharing experience.

E-MAILiT provides a free, creative solution which allows publishers to utilize influential features straightforwardly into their sites by means of a completely customizable environment. The E-MAILiT service smartly combines a mixture of share buttons, media solutions, analytics, and much more, empowering publishers to build site hits, helping client engagement, enabling simple sharing and promoting of their content, by focusing on their sharers.

Cookie Law Consent

An integration with Cookie Consent 2, a lightweight JavaScript library built by Silktide under the MIT licence. 3.5Kb min js.

For reference, there are other similar modules and old sandboxes out there:



Provide a PDF generation link for printing the statistics to a PDF displayed on SimpleAds node Statistics page.

Module Dependencies:

Third Party Integration


PECE Biblio

Configure Biblio Zotero integration for PECE sites.


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