Auto Recommend Content Tags (Thru Apache Stanbol)

Drupal 8 + Apache Stanbol + Socket.IO = Auto Recommend Content Tags!

This module utilizes Apache Stanbol to suggest tags, or search keywords while an editor is typing or creating new content.
It hooks with Apache Stanbol via a web socket to provide real-time tags recommendations when adding/editing content.


tawk_to drupal 8 port

- Account on service

What Is This?
------------- widget cutomization, using this module you can select widget which will be used on every page on your site

### How To Use The
These are the steps you need to take in order to use this software. Order is

A11y Dialog


The A11y Dialog module implements the A11y Dialog JavScript Library.

“Dialog windows are especially problematic for screen reader users.
Often times the user is able to “escape” the window and interact with
other parts of the page when they should not be able to. This is
partially due to the way screen reader software interacts with the


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