Facilitate generation of schema definitions of Drupal 8 data models.

A schema is a declarative definition of an entity's makeup. A way of describing the different pieces that make up the entity, much like an interface defines a class and exactly like an XML DTD describes an XML document. This project uses Drupal's new Typed Data system to faciliate the creation of schemas for your site.

This is especially powerful in conjunction with the Drupal REST system, as your content model schemata can help with testing, client code generation, documentation generation, and more, especially in conjunction with external tools that process schemas.

Downloads integration for Drupal 8.



Simple D8 module that shows your FB Page feed on your site.

Image Widget Selector

Image Widget Selector

This repository is meant to provide Image Widget Selector for Drupal 8 also developed Ckeditor Plugin that will be used as a helper for this .

This module of ckeditor will create a select icon link in ckeditor and it is admin configrable.

To use this module is dependent on ckeditor.

What is the purpose of this module

Veeam Connector

Connect and speak to Veeam Enterprise Manager RESTful API


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