EVENTS Forum & Events in are Totally two different Areas.

Posting here in the Events Forum:can only be seen in here(this "node” only),and does NOT Translate to the other node.

There are couple of links you need to know as the structure of this site. which will be daunting to new commers(n00bs)like ourselves.

    Has (4) Four Categories or Group type: structured as
  • Geographical 。
    within each Group type is a Group Representing a Location.
    and within that Location once you JOINed that Group; They have their event, isolated to the rest of the Groups.
    There is NO Sub-Group Structure here; So a CITY Group is NOT joined with a COUNTRY Group.
    They are treated as separate entity groups within the Group type.
  • Working groups 。
  • Distribution 。
  • Event planning 。
    Where you create a Group; and the Event is For ALL over the world to Register to attend.
    And get help in Organizing a Group.

    You Can not create a Group in this Group type and try to MOVE OR MERGE it with other Group type or Groups.

So IF you have to post an event. You have to also post in the Location that it's being held in (G.D.O.)。

Radio buttons and the Quick Search Box

I'm working on a website that has two radio buttons attached to the quick search box, telling it to search through the website or through a catalogue. Currently the radio button is defaulted to website and I would like it changed to always default to catalogue.

I can't seem to figure out how to change this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How do I stop recieving forum updates?

I haven't used Drupal in many years, yet I continue to get forum post updates that have no link to unsubscribe, and no clear, obvious way even when I log in and go to that forums post. When I go to "Notifications" it doesn't show me as being set up for any, yet I've received hundreds of emails.

Yes, I've Googled it. The only post I found was this:

...which is unresolved.

I just want to not receive any more emails from How do I make this possible?


How to check your approved translations.

Hello friends,

I am contributing drupal by doing marathi translation of few drupal keywords.

Can anybody please tell me how to check whether the translation made by you is approved or not? And within how many days does it get approved?

Download,modify and upload a theme

Hello all,

I am Nikhil Chavan and I am a student at Australian National University. As a part of my masters program I have decided to develop a new theme /modify and existing theme and upload it on Drupal site.
Regarding this procedure I would like to know whether there is any special permission needed from a Theme owner or I can freely download, modify theme and upload it as a new one.
I can assure that the modification will be worth appreciation and will be my own honest efforts.
I would like to know feedbacks and procedures to follow regarding this process.


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