Adding data without content type?


I come from a pure PHP development background and I was wondering if anyone can advise me how something I take for granted when coding can be done in drupal?

I want to create a dataset... item name, price, date purchased.

In PHP I would write a page that send the data inputted by my form directly to the DB and a page would only be created when I called an SQL query and returned results.

user settings for own module - is there a "drupal way"

Hi Guys !

Is there a drupal way for taking user settings per module ? for example i want to save
count of items per page or something other spezific settings per user. These settings should accessible by the users.

A little link or so would be great !

site organization

I want to organize my site by topic with pages for each topic displaying forum, blog, event, story, weblink that have to do with that topic.

Need to add virtual styler to my fashion site

Hi there,

Anyone have reference like virtual dressing room? I'm working on a fashion web shop and the client wants to enhance user functionality.

Any help will be appreciated.. :)


One Million Drupal Sites

It’s official! According to the project usage stats, Drupal has more than a million sites (1,005,489 as of February 15) live and in production on the web.

This number under-reports reality, because the project usage stats don’t count *all* Drupal sites on the web. For more information on how project usage stats are counted, visit the usage statistics page.

Blog on Drupal. Is it Good or Bad?

Hi All,

I want to setup a new blog on Drupal is that a Good idea to start a Blog on Google or I am going to make a mistake.

Please suggest

as I am having my blog now on wordpress for


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