Apache Solr module - are the schema.xml files required?

Hi there - am pretty new to Drupal and trying to use the Apache Solr module to connect to a University's solr instance (which houses a digital repository). I added the module and ran the "test connection" ... it worked! Green light and it got the index. (I also can query the solr index using the web browser or curl successfully).

Theme Design

theme design

Taxonomy Paths?

It has been years since I used Drupal and am a bit rusty when it comes to the correct path for taxonomy items. I have a vocabulary called "news" and a term called "local". When I put "News" in the menu and click on it, I get an "unknown page" error. Does this mean I have the taxonomy path set incorrectly, or just that Drupal wants some content attached to the taxonomy?

Trying to make a page like...

Hi all.

I am trying to make a page to look like this: http://www.honka.de/blockhaus

Can you tell me what did they use to represent houses in the middle? Some sort of gallery?

Thanks for your help.


Improved site search for Drupal sites

I'm developer of http://indexisto.com,
We provide reach site search functionality for Drupal based sites. Our search box is very easy to install, just enter your url, check the search results and insert the script.
You get hosted full text search server, ready to use AJAX search box (get results while typing) and a lot of options for categorization, facets, sortings.

Titles like "Site builder" and "Themer" - roles or job titles?

Bear with me if you don't understand role playing games, but you can have "roles" which are different from "character classes".

  • Defender
  • Leader
  • Controller
  • Striker

You could have different character classes in each role; your striker might be a stabby-stabby rogue; or a magic blasting warlock.


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