Drupalcafe - From waterfall to scrum: a 1-year retrospective.

Drupalcafe dives into the world of projectmanagement.
From waterfall to scrum: a 1-year retrospective. Have you been thinking about working agile? Want to know what to expect when you dive into the world of scrum? After a year of converting a classic waterfall organization to a true scrum team, it is time to take a look back. Learn about getting the best out of yourself - and providing optimal solutions for your clients! This presentation will focus on the implications for team members, management and clients. Bring your pitchforks and tough questions!

Drupalcafe duikt in de wereld van projectmanagement.
Van waterval naar scrum: een 1-jaar-retrospective. Denk je er wel eens aan om agile te gaan werken? Wil je weten wat je kunt verwachten als je de wereld van scrum induikt? Na een jaar van een klassieke waterval-organisatie ombouwen naar een scrum team is het tijd om terug te blikken. Leer hoe je het beste uit jezelf en je collega's haalt en de beste oplossing biedt voor je klanten! Deze presentatie behandelt de implicaties voor teamleden, management en klanten. Neem je hooivork en lastige vragen mee!

Interested in visiting this meetup: please signup here: http://www.meetup.com/drupalnetherlands/

Start: 04 april 2013 (17:00)
End: 04 april 2013 (20:00)

One Shoe

Installing the PHP Web Services Extensions

The SOAP and XML-RPC extensions are packaged with the PHP 5 installation. The SOAP extension and the XML-RPC extension are not enabled by default in a PHP installation. To enable the SOAP and XML-RPC extensions add the following extension directives in the php.ini configuration file.


Restart the Apache 2 server to activate the SOAP and XML-RPC extensions. The SOAP extension supports subsets of the SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, and WSDL 1.1 specifications.

Question about photo

Hello everyone!
I have a question for you!
Is there a module for that the photos post in the photo galleries, classified ads, forum etc ... appear on the main wall of the site ?
Thank you for answer !

User Request form

Hi everybody, I am new to drupal; i want your help for making a form in drupal 7 with the following tasks:
1. user1 brows the intranet website, after filling the form and submitting it, admin1 approves the pendding request
2. after the request is approved by admin1, administrator is going to notify by a message.

your contribution in this issue is highly appreciated.

Photo Sharing Sites

Hi,can anyone help me with the information regarding Photo Sharing Sites.
Thanks in advance.

List of States in Nigeria for forms

FCT, Abuja | FCT, Abuja
Anambra | Anambra
Enugu | Enugu
Akwa Ibom | Akwa Ibom
Adamawa | Adamawa
Abia | Abia
Bauchi | Bauchi
Bayelsa | Bayelsa
Benue | Benue
Borno | Borno
Cross River | Cross River
Delta | Delta
Ebonyi | Ebonyi
Edo | Edo
Ekiti | Ekiti
Gombe | Gombe
Imo | Imo
Jigawa | Jigawa
Kaduna | Kaduna
Kano | Kano
Katsina | Kastina
Kebbi | Kebbi
Kogi | Kogi


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