Site was up for years but now getting "Call to undefined function node_get_types()"

Hello, I hope someone can help me with this...

I am running Drupal 4.7.3 on a godaddy shared server. My site is very static and I haven't changed it in years. Recently I needed to make a change and attempted to log in as the Administrator. I was able to log in but couldn't access any pages. After a number of attempts to access my site as Administrator things went from bad to worse and my site is completely down. Anyone who navigates to my site will receive the error below:

Malware advertisement on a view of my drupal websites

The Drupal websites concerning the advertisement have version 7.33 installed. Can it be that the websites are hacked? Running ADware programs will not find the advertisement malware.

How do you maintain multiple Drupal Pages?

How do you maintain core updates for a lot of pages?
It takes a lot of time to update5-6 Pages every time and the number is growing- i don't want to spend days just for the core updates...

My system is OS X but i could make a Win VM if necessary.

Bespoke Digital Media: How to install drupal ?


I am going to start working on Drupal . Kindly help me how to install Drupal ? Kindly provide me a tutor for Drupal.


Rai Ji

Having issues with SSL

Hi everyone, I am trying to switch from wordpress to drupal for my site

Pick N Pull

but my host Siteground keeps telling me that I will have issues with the ssl, aparently the current ssl is blocking the import/export of the wordpress site to the new drupal install

have any of you ever had issues with an SSL blocking anything or maybe I got a support person who doesn't know crap?

I get error MySQL: "Warning: MySQL server has gone away" and then it stops


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