This section explains how to help by finding issues to work on, creating and submitting patches.

Finding issues to work on

Most issues are solved by developers that have a need to have them solved, because they are affected by the issue or they are the maintainer and help to keep their module up to date.
Some developers also pick an issue of their liking and start developing and submitting a patch. The following links are collections of such issues to work on:

Novices can start by picking issues that are tagged for novices. You must be logged into in order to view this list:[]=Open&issue_tags=Novice


Patches are pieces of code that solve an existing issue. In fact, patches describe the changes between a before and after state of either a module or core. By applying the patch the issue should no longer exist.

Drupal sites directory server

Please note, drupal module has been removed from Core as of Drupal 6. It will instead be available as the contrib "site_network" module.

The Drupal module uses the XML-RPC network communication protocol to connect your site with a directory server.

Enabling the Drupal module will:

Watchdog: Drupal core module [D4, & D5] - System monitoring and logging for administrators [predecessor to D7+ core module Database Logging (dblog)]

[Deprecated] Delete this page

Note that starting with Drupal 6.x, Watchdog has been replaced by the dblog and syslog modules. Dblog is similar to watchdog; Syslog allows Drupal's logging to be integrated with the server's syslog facility.


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