Drupal database update error

When trying to update the databse I have been getting this error.

I did recently move the site from a mamp server to a ampps server. Tried a number of ways such as trying to refresh the cache in devel, but not worked

Exception: Invalid or missing cache bin specified: datasources in DrupalDatabaseCache->clear() (line 521 of

Peter Humberd Portland - Combination of drupal

Hi guys

My name is Peter Humberd from U.S Portland .

I heard about Symfony2 that it is an excellent framework. But can anyone suggest me that when we include drupal version 8 into symfony2 than is it working or not?

No image with Node export

Hello to all,

when I am using Node Export to export nodes all the process with drush is fine either with export setting as JSON or DSV, but the import goes without any image. All the images are under the coded form and not as URL :


Drupal NID's are all odd numbers?

I have just created about 10 nodes each with no content and I have noticed that their NID are all odd.

The NID's I created are all odd and when I go to an even node, via node/246, Drupal displays a page not found.

This seam to be about the time i updated to 7.39 but would have to check this.

Bleeding Edge starterkit for Omega 4/ Installing libSass


I am actually trying to set up an Omega 4 subtheme using libSass. (bleeding edge starterkit by fubhy)
It does look very promising, but I just can't seem to install the gulp environment.

SECURITY CONCERN: reference links: suitability for Drupal CMS of Apache+cPanel+suPHP on single user system (VPS or Dedicated)

First a clear statement; there is absolutely no doubt (based on both personal experience with a compromised pre-Drupal-7.32 site and on a review of literally 100s of discussions of this matter both on Drupal.org and wider WWW) that running suPHP (which forces the web server to run PHP script as cPanel/filesystem user) has serious security implications for all PHP-based CMS systems, including Drupal.


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