Replicating a WordPress Website in Drupal

Hey guys, sorry if it's off the topic. I have a blog in WordPress and I want to remake that in Drupal. Anyone here know how to do it ? I mean i just want to know where to start for this theme only in drupal. I really don't wanna dive into all drupal coding.

"blog it"

I have installed version 7.41 but I do not see the b for "blog it" (send feed to front page node) next to individual feeds. Please help. Thanks

WEBFORM custom validation - MySQL table query

I have installed WEBFORM module and have crdated a web form.

Now I need to apply custom form validation where one of my form field should match a value in a database table field.

I have came across few custom validation modules/tips but can not find answer to the above.

Any help or pointing me in right direction will be great.


how to not show video/header on blog nodes?

I'm setting up a website using the template "theme941". But running into a small problem that has been kept me busy for several weeks.

Basically, I'm fine with the video/header on the main page.
But, when I'm on a node of one of the blog's posts, I would like the video/header to be completely off and start with the stickup menu directly at the top

Where is the line or php file that needs to be changed? anyone can help?
thanks in advance

deleted page still appear

Hi I have deleted one of my webpage from website but it still appear on
website..can you please have look
url is already changed but content is same Borrowing Power Calculator..Please


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