what if I neglected to do a timely security update?

I wonder if my drupal site has been compromised. After I log in, I am unable to navigate to any panel on the dashboard. If hackers already have hacked my site, what can I do?

Load error after DB change


when I click on the menu options of my web, tabs are opened in the browser with pages of publicity. I checked the files and I did not find any modified file. I suspect that it has code injected into the drupal database. I have modified one record of the table menu_links and after this I restore de original values in the record. After this the web throw an error during de load ("The site has encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."). The web head is displayed but it stop when it has to display the menu.

how do I do security updates if I get a 500 page error?

how do I do security updates if I get a 500 page error?

How can I create a Christmas tree Drupal installation?

From the documentation I've read, and which I may have misunderstood, there is a core Drupal installation which you can reach by following your nose, and there are distributions that bundle the core together with added software to make a starting-point forum / CRM / blog / ... site.

Two questions:

Trouble Running Update Script - Getting Errors

Hello, first off - I'm sorry but I'm a complete noob when it comes to Drupal. Slowly learning but need some advise from this awesome knowledge base. I'm trying to run the update script but am receiving these errors:

Unresolved dependency drupal:system (Missing)
Metatag requires this module.

Unresolved dependency ctools:ctools (Missing)
Metatag requires this module.

Unresolved dependency token:token (Missing)
Metatag requires this module.

Unresolved dependency drupal:block (Missing)
MultiBlock requires this module.

MiniOrange - Now Locked out of Site Backend

Hi Guys

Getting this error when using MiniOrange 2 Factor Auth Plugin (http://miniorange.com/) every time I try and login with any user account.

Is anyone able to help me get back in or somehow disabled the plugin or pay them whatever I need to to get it working again, I'm completely locked out and cant even make basic changes to the site.

Error msg is:-


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