Upgrading COD


We strongly recommend that you test this upgrade procedure on a clone or copy of your COD website in a test server environment before you upgrade your production server.


At this time, you cannot directly upgrade COD 6.x 1.x or 7.x-1.x-Alpha websites to COD 1.x-Beta or newer.


Events is a distribution aimed to help in organizing various conferences, camps, clubs and events in general (hence the name, Events!). It could be used for various Drupal events like Cons and BarCamps but is not limited to Drupal or IT events, you may use it wherever you may find it usable.

Conference Organizing Distribution

What is COD?

COD is the Conference Organizing Distribution of Drupal and is primarily used for building websites to manage and run conferences, unconferences/barcamps and events. It provides features to manage events, attendees, sessions, schedule items, ticket purchases and more.

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