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Devel (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of Devel. Patches applied are:

Revision disintegrate

Delete entity (node) revisions, but keep "important" ones.

In heavy editorial environments, revision enabled entities may end up having many very similar revisions. Over time, as the database grows, the value of these revisions diminish. This module will delete these 'lesser valued' revisions by comparing revisions from a set of parameters:

Useful Drush Commands

This module provides various Drush commands which can be used by developers and site builders to fasten up the development process.

Currently, it provides following Drush commands

useful-developer-install(idev) : Install all the important development modules such as Devel, Admin Toolbar etc.

useful-developer-uninstall(udev) : Uninstall development modules such as Devel, Admin Toolbar etc and make website production ready.


Grav Export

Grav is a modern, open source flat-file CMS. This drush module exports content from Drupal to be used in GravCMS.

Available commands:
grav_export_nodes (graven)
grav_export_users (graveu)
grav_export_roles (graver)
grav_export_content_types (gravect)

The file contains detailed instructions about each command.

Social Contact Info

Block preview

Social Contact information provides an option to display contact and social information in a block anywhere in your site.

We have given the contact fields like (e.g. Address, E-mail, Phone, Mobile, and Fax) and social links fields like (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, and Instagram).

Also, We have given an option to add custom contact title to the contact information section and social media links too.


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