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Drush Delete All

This module provides the drush command to delete all the dummy contents through drush Command.

Currently it will work with the command,
drush delete-all article

How to use?

  1. Download and enable as like any other module
  2. Through terminal Go to 'Project root folder' and run the command drush cc drush
  3. Then run drush delete-all machine-name-of-content-type



It has always bugged me that there isn't a way to use the Acquia acapi drush commands without first going to the website, and manually downloading, and installing a tarball.

This is just a mirror of the, so that you can get rolling with Acquia without the browser.
Forgive the ugly installation. If this ever becomes a full project it can be drastically simplified, in the meantime...

To install:

Advanced Update

Advanced Update - Drupal console command


The Advanced Update module provide a simple way to apply updates and migrations without using the update module of Drupal.


Problems of using the core update module in a Drupal project:


Drush Update

Drush Update admin form to select modules to update.

This module is simply because we're lazy. Sometimes you have to update not just a few modules, but a LOT of modules. While "drush up" will give you everything, you can't just update a selection of modules unless you want to type them all in manually, and that's no fun.

Drush Update gives you a list of modules that have pending updates for you to check off, and then gives you the command to copy/paste into the console. Pretty simple, right?

Remove Unapproved Comments

Remove Unapproved Comments

This is a Drush script for removing massive quantities of unapproved comments that have usually got into a site by spambot due to unprotected comment forms. The script backs up 4 comment tables, deletes unapproved records from field_data_comment_body, field_revision_comment_body, and comment tables, then rebuilds the node_comment_statistics table. It removes all currently unapproved comments from the Drupal database. It works only for Drupal 7 with a MySQL database. It tests for D7 and MySQL before proceeding.


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