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VotingAPI Queue

This module provides a queue implementation for updating voted entites. The votingapi default cron solution might break if it needs to handle too many new results at once. The configuration hooks into the default votingapi settings page. Choose manual on "tally results" settings. Additional settings for batch size and cron execution are available.


Voting API

Available Drush commands

(options available, see drush help for more information)

Migrate Devel

--migrate-debug demonstration

Utilities to help out developers when creating migrations.

Adds a new '--migrate-debug' to the the `migrate mi` drush command that prints out each row as it's being migrated. Also provides a '--migrate-debug-pre' which does the same thing to the source row before the migration is run on the row.

This works with migrate_tools and migrate_run

Migrate report

Migrate report is a tiny module that generates a reports based on the last migration run. Many times the migration and content managers are requesting a list of errors, warnings and notices raised during migration. Migrate is logging such information in the {migrate_message_*} tables but there's no aggregated view on all errors and inconsistencies.

Drush Patch Upload

Upload patches to via drush command.

LDAPcontrol UserSync

User data synchronization from Drupal Systems to LDAP Server.


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