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Aegir Hosting Let's Encrypt

This module replaces self-generated Aegir certificates with Let's Encrypt ones.

Initial version developed by @gboudrias for Advisor Websites. Improved by @omega8cc and @helmo.

The development and issue tracking of this module is done on GitHub:

A long term solution is developed in


Better DB Updates

Database updates screen

Better DB Updates aims to solve the common problem of merge conflicts when multiple developers work in separate branches and need to add database updates. It does this by allowing modules to implement hook_better_updates_db_directory() and return a subdirectory to be scanned for database updates contained in individual files.


Hosting DNS

Separation of the Hosting DNS part of Aegir Hosting as discussed in #2466989: Spin off DNS extension.

The 7.x-1.x version of this module is the (slightly altered) port of the module as it was in aegir 3.6.

The 7.x-3.x version of this module is still under heavy development and not yet ready for use.


Development Modules

This module enables or disables all development modules at once. It comes with a pre-defined list of development modules and provides hooks to add more modules and to alter the list of determined development modules.

It is not a module in itself and therefore can't be enabled, it is simply a Drush command that works on every D6, D7 and D8 site without being enabled on the site as a module.

Simply install with drush dl dev_modules


drush fac

Fork of wbressers/2329243, with permission.

  • drush fac
  • drush fac [feature]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type] [component id]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type] [component id] [component type] [component id]

Scrambler commerce

Scrambler commerce provides the ability to scramble when using Drupal commerce modules (fields).


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