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Drupal Reset D8

This project has been merged with Drupal Reset Module.

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Better update

This module provides developers a possibility to execute updates manually,without manipulations with schema version (but they're also possible).
Update calls support sandboxes and other "updb" features.

Moki Environment

Moki Environment provides some opinionated extensions to the Environment module that allow the site administrator to automatically configure certain system settings per environment by defining php files matching the environment name in the site's configuration directory.

String translation assist

The purpose of this project is to provide custom developed modules the means to get translations into the Drupal's Multilingual (Locale) system. It does this by providing a hook where modules can declare their custom strings and the translations in different languages.

The actual handling of translation is then achieved via a custom drush command that takes the strings and add them into locale with their translation.

Remote Drush


Remote drush (rdrush) offers drush functionality for drupal websites without SSH access.

Not server-side

Because rdrush doesn't use any actual drush functionality and doesn't need access to the database or code, it can be executed on the client side.


All commands and actions are executed via cURL requests. To make this work, rdrush needs the login credentials of an admin user in the remote drupal environment. It creates a user session and performs all drush-like commands via form requests and submits.

Aegir Site Audit

This module integrates the Site Audit extension with the Aegir Monitoring and Reporting systems. It allows all Site Audit checks to be run regularly against all sites hosted on a deployment of the Aegir Hosting System.


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