The Drupal shell. See

Install Contrib Module

Developper tools to facilate installation of Drupal module : download and install module (external or internal) with their dependencies from an entering module machine name

IDE Helper

Developer helper Drush commands.

Entity Update

Entity Update Module

Entity Update Module allow update entities schema even entities has data.

- Use this module only as development helper, Do not use in production sites.
- The entity update may damage your database, therefor update the database
before any action.
- If you use this module, you are conscience what you are doing.
You are the responsible of your work.

Data and Content Fixtures

Drupal 8 Data Fixtures module

The fixtures module allows you to easily create dummy content.


  • drush


  • Install and enable the module
  • Implement a Generator interface (see Basic concepts for more info)
  • run drush fixtures-load inside a working drupal installation

Road Map


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