Blue Masters theme beginners issues

I am a beginner here with Drupal and so far have enjoyed my experience. I would like some help though. Version 7.19.

I have the blue masters theme and I am unable to find the images that are utilised in this theme to change them? The slide show images? there are three and they do not appear in my normal galleries?

I am unable to remove the social media icons or update the html code to make them relevant?
I went to Appearances/settings and was unable to find the appropriate setting to deselect?
When I edit the attributes in the admin module they do not stick?

Page Not Displaying issue

Hi all… very new to this after taking over a website for a charity.

I have a message appearing on the home page,

'The requested page could not be found.' appearing at the bottom

Where can i change whats displayed there, or add content or find out whats not displaying??

Can someone point me where to go!!

Drupal create custom content type(with sub pages or tabs)

I am very new to drupal. I am creating cars website using drupal.

Need to create cars model content type.

Please look example site

Cars have many models and it each model has many features page like

User Permissions for accessing content

HI There,

Which permission do I need to grant a user so they can see "Content management" and view a list of content so they can edit?

My user has access to create rotator articles and to edit it, but whenever they save/publish it there is no way to access it again and edit it.


Wesley daniel chain : error on drupal installation

Hello Everyone ,

I get an error in the installation of drupal
"PHP 'register globals' On ('1')
Register_globals is enabled. Drupal requires this directive to be disabled. Your site may indeed be at risk if register_globals is enabled. You will find instructions on how to change the configuration settings in the PHP manual. "
please what should i do ?

And thank you in advance for your time and your help

Wesley daniel chain

Bitcoins/Litecoin plugin for Drupal Ubercart

This plugin allows you to accept Bitcoins and Litecoins with your Drupal Ubercart plugin using payment processing system.


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