Photos are uploading to FTP but not going live

Please see below for an example:

Just below the thumbnails should be a 600px JPG. The files are uploading to the FTP fine and the associations to the URL are fine as well. The JPG is not showing however, from either the posted gallery or directly from the URL. I've never really seen anything like this before.


How to set non Drupal 404 and 403 pages for Drupal?

Under Site Information we can provide custom 404 and 403 pages to Drupal, but these need to be created inside Drupal, and non Drupal pages are rejected. (such as myerror/404.html).

Contrib modules like custom error and static 404 also work inside Drupal. Any ideas on how to set an external page as 404 or 403?

Drupalcafe - Wordpress vs Drupal

Drupal versus Wordpress is the theme for the Drupalcafé of July 11th, 2013. The market share of the open source content management system Wordpress is and remains much larger than Drupal market share and continues to grow. What drives so many to choose Wordpress and what drives others to choose Drupal? Is one better than the other? And which CMS is best for which need? We'll look forward to a nice discussion on this topic. Will you join us?

Drupalcafé is an open meeting forum, for- and by web enthusiasts. Drupalcafé features presentations, open discussions and inspiring demonstrations. Whilst enjoying a drink, we present and discuss relevant developments with regard to Drupal open source software, but also adjacent topics. Drupalcafé is a monthly event, freely accessible and visited by ICT managers, software developers and people who are interested in open source CMS software.

Liliana Gaete and Ide Braaksma of One Shoe each have experience with Drupal and Wordpress development and implementations. They will present each highlight the various aspects of the CMS systems. Afterwards, there will be room for Q&A and discussion.

Interested in visiting this Drupalcafe. You can register for free at

The program is;
- 17.00 doors open 

Text options in blocks


I am wondering why, when I attempt to add in bullets to my text in a new block, those bullets do not show up on my site. When I switch to numbers, those work, but since I would prefer numbers to bullets, that does not matter.

Thank you in advance for your help.

DrupalExtensions - search for Drupal modules and nice Drupal themes search

Cheers, community!

I've tried to implement Drupal themes search as I imagine that and as I want it to be.
(+ modules search (I like, but they seems to be stopped to support that).

Please check this out and suggest what to improve:


EVENTS Forum & Events in are Totally two different Areas.

Posting here in the Events Forum:can only be seen in here(this "node” only),and does NOT Translate to the other node.

There are couple of links you need to know as the structure of this site. which will be daunting to new commers(n00bs)like ourselves.

    Has (4) Four Categories or Group type: structured as
  • Geographical 。
    within each Group type is a Group Representing a Location.
    and within that Location once you JOINed that Group; They have their event, isolated to the rest of the Groups.
    There is NO Sub-Group Structure here; So a CITY Group is NOT joined with a COUNTRY Group.
    They are treated as separate entity groups within the Group type.
  • Working groups 。
  • Distribution 。
  • Event planning 。
    Where you create a Group; and the Event is For ALL over the world to Register to attend.
    And get help in Organizing a Group.
    You Can not create a Group in this Group type and try to MOVE OR MERGE it with other Group type or Groups.

So IF you have to post an event. You have to also post in the Location that it's being held in (G.D.O.)。


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