Bitcoins/Litecoin plugin for Drupal Ubercart

This plugin allows you to accept Bitcoins and Litecoins with your Drupal Ubercart plugin using payment processing system.

Nodes with susdden no/missing content

My Drupal site ran just fine, until:

I uninstalled my twitter module. The module was set to only be showned certain places.
- tryed to reinstall, but all nodes are still blank. Still shows the Title, but that's it, like on: this node.

When I try to edit the blank node, this error presents itself:

Install PECL uploadprogress on WHM (cPanel)

Login to WHM

Home » Software » Module Installers

for "PHP Pecl," click "Manage"

Paste "uploadprogress" into the "Install a PHP Pecl" box, click "Install Now"


To verify, reload your 'Status Report' page:

D6 or D7: /admin/reports/status

Can you help me? Drupal Developer opportunity with amazing company in Arlington, Virginia

Arlington, VA

We are seeking a Senior PHP / Drupal Developer to provide technical leadership to a project team by taking responsibility for a specific component or track of the project architecture. Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

• Lead a small team of 3-5 individuals
• Construct conceptual and technical designs that include the use of Object-Oriented (OO) techniques
• Write Java and / or PHP code based on requirements defined in use cases
• Develop Object-Oriented (OO) code and/or provide maintenance and enhancements to existing code
• Work with business users to gather requirements, write functional and technical specifications
• Conduct multiple levels of testing including unit, system, integration and performance
• Estimate and plan iterative / agile releases
• Configure Drupal and create custom modules to meet requirements
• Design, develop, and test an overall solution that includes a content management system (CMS), including capabilities such as social collaboration, analytics, CMS content entry, CMS content migration, explicit / implicit personalization, developing content types or content objects, site architecture, and page templates
• Estimate and plan releases for a CMS implementation
• Anticipate issues and risks at the module level and escalate appropriately

Photos are uploading to FTP but not going live

Please see below for an example:

Just below the thumbnails should be a 600px JPG. The files are uploading to the FTP fine and the associations to the URL are fine as well. The JPG is not showing however, from either the posted gallery or directly from the URL. I've never really seen anything like this before.


How to set non Drupal 404 and 403 pages for Drupal?

Under Site Information we can provide custom 404 and 403 pages to Drupal, but these need to be created inside Drupal, and non Drupal pages are rejected. (such as myerror/404.html).

Contrib modules like custom error and static 404 also work inside Drupal. Any ideas on how to set an external page as 404 or 403?


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