How to change the URL that Drupal creates when set up

Hey have set Drupal fro the first time and encountered a problem. Lets say the domain that is associated with the Drupal is Drupal automatically adds /drupal to the url. At the end I cannot reach my domain, but
Can I change this or do i need to install Drupal again in a different place on the server?


I have figured it out!

My Website Speed Is Slow in Wordpress is it easy to transfer website from wordpress to drupal

I make three website in Wordpress before 3 month but now these three website speed is very slow now somebody told me that website speed is more then wordpress you will get on drupal so please suggest me how to transfer these three website

how can and where can ckeditor source can change the content to html and html to content

HI All
I have to change the ck-editor code according to my requirement which is add additional space between textarea tags when we toggle source to view or view to source
so i need files and place where they written
please can any one help me out

Thanks i Advance.

Improved site search for Drupal sites

I'm developer of,
We provide reach site search functionality for Drupal based sites. Our search box is very easy to install, just enter your url, check the search results and insert the script.
You get hosted full text search server, ready to use AJAX search box (get results while typing) and a lot of options for categorization, facets, sortings.

I want to analyze that two buttons analytics using Google analytic’s?

I am creating one google analytics acoount after that paste google analytics code in to my webpage
That google analytics code given hole page tracking information.

But i am creating one Webpage,In that page i can place two buttons
I want to analyze that two buttons in same page analytics using Google analytic’s?
It’s possible using google analytics?
if possible how can i do this one plz provide some code and guide me

Titles like "Site builder" and "Themer" - roles or job titles?

Bear with me if you don't understand role playing games, but you can have "roles" which are different from "character classes".

  • Defender
  • Leader
  • Controller
  • Striker

You could have different character classes in each role; your striker might be a stabby-stabby rogue; or a magic blasting warlock.


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