Special Menu Items makes my menu look weird

I am using Superfish menu on Danland theme, Drupal 6. I have downloaded and installed Special Menu Items module because I do not want one of my menu items to point to a path. My "CONFERENCE" menu's path is set to "nolink" (without quotation marks). But it looks different compared to "HOME" and "ABOUT" menus. How can I make it look the same?

Image URL :


Microsoft JScript runtimes error

I have installed wysiwyg module on my drupal 6.31. The module requires an editor which I installed CKEditor. However, wysiwyg doesn't see it as installed and when I go into my blocks I do not have the CKEditors toolbar. When I double click on ckeditor.js I get this error:

Line: 5
Char: 13
Error: 'window' is undefinted

What does it mean? Is anything wrong with my server?

Postgres db_lock_table behavior


I'm read the Drupal API.
The function db_lock_table have this description:

"Lock a table. This function automatically starts a transaction"

And the MySQL code is:

"db_query('BEGIN; LOCK TABLE {'. db_escape_table($table) .'} IN EXCLUSIVE MODE'); "

What happend if I use this function with Postgres?
It's starts a transaction?
And the db_unlock_tables commits a transaction?
How I can rollback a transaction?

Thank's for your answer.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxxxx

A day after I installed drupal and openpublic i started getting the error below:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 23360497 bytes) in /home/msbonlin/public_html/profiles/openpublic/modules/contrib/features/features.export.inc on line 577

user settings for own module - is there a "drupal way"

Hi Guys !

Is there a drupal way for taking user settings per module ? for example i want to save
count of items per page or something other spezific settings per user. These settings should accessible by the users.

A little link or so would be great !

Need to add virtual styler to my fashion site

Hi there,

Anyone have reference like virtual dressing room? I'm working on a fashion web shop and the client wants to enhance user functionality.

Any help will be appreciated.. :)



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