Titles like "Site builder" and "Themer" - roles or job titles?

Bear with me if you don't understand role playing games, but you can have "roles" which are different from "character classes".

  • Defender
  • Leader
  • Controller
  • Striker

You could have different character classes in each role; your striker might be a stabby-stabby rogue; or a magic blasting warlock.

Blue Masters theme beginners issues

I am a beginner here with Drupal and so far have enjoyed my experience. I would like some help though. Version 7.19.

I have the blue masters theme and I am unable to find the images that are utilised in this theme to change them? The slide show images? there are three and they do not appear in my normal galleries?

I am unable to remove the social media icons or update the html code to make them relevant?
I went to Appearances/settings and was unable to find the appropriate setting to deselect?
When I edit the attributes in the admin module they do not stick?

Page Not Displaying issue

Hi all… very new to this after taking over a website for a charity.

I have a message appearing on the home page, http://www.bdfa-uk.org.uk

'The requested page could not be found.' appearing at the bottom

Where can i change whats displayed there, or add content or find out whats not displaying??

Can someone point me where to go!!

Drupal create custom content type(with sub pages or tabs)

I am very new to drupal. I am creating cars website using drupal.

Need to create cars model content type.

Please look example site http://automobiles.honda.com/all-models.aspx

Cars have many models and it each model has many features page like http://automobiles.honda.com/accord-coupe/

User Permissions for accessing content

HI There,

Which permission do I need to grant a user so they can see "Content management" and view a list of content so they can edit?

My user has access to create rotator articles and to edit it, but whenever they save/publish it there is no way to access it again and edit it.


Wesley daniel chain : error on drupal installation

Hello Everyone ,

I get an error in the installation of drupal
"PHP 'register globals' On ('1')
Register_globals is enabled. Drupal requires this directive to be disabled. Your site may indeed be at risk if register_globals is enabled. You will find instructions on how to change the configuration settings in the PHP manual. "
please what should i do ?

And thank you in advance for your time and your help

Wesley daniel chain


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