Need to add virtual styler to my fashion site

Hi there,

Anyone have reference like virtual dressing room? I'm working on a fashion web shop and the client wants to enhance user functionality.

Any help will be appreciated.. :)


How to add a sitemap

how to create sitemap in latest drupal version best for seo ?

Query reagrding CMS

Hello everybody, I am new to this online community. I want to know about Drupal CMS. What is CMS and what are its features? Why it is used? Please suggest me by your precious replies...

Nathan Carr Fullerton

One Million Drupal Sites

It’s official! According to the project usage stats, Drupal has more than a million sites (1,005,489 as of February 15) live and in production on the web.

This number under-reports reality, because the project usage stats don’t count *all* Drupal sites on the web. For more information on how project usage stats are counted, visit the usage statistics page.

How to change the URL that Drupal creates when set up

Hey have set Drupal fro the first time and encountered a problem. Lets say the domain that is associated with the Drupal is Drupal automatically adds /drupal to the url. At the end I cannot reach my domain, but
Can I change this or do i need to install Drupal again in a different place on the server?


I have figured it out!

My Website Speed Is Slow in Wordpress is it easy to transfer website from wordpress to drupal

I make three website in Wordpress before 3 month but now these three website speed is very slow now somebody told me that website speed is more then wordpress you will get on drupal so please suggest me how to transfer these three website


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