Adding Comments to Code Including Modules and Themes

One of the biggest issues with code in any type of programming is the lack of good commenting.

What are the reasons that most programmers do not add comments?

Cache too large

My Drupal database has a table called cache that needs to be cleaned up as it is 1903.34 MB.
Can someone help me with suggestions how to do this?

Does anything like book library catalog exist?

Hello friends,

I have some advice to my specific needs, requirements on the web that i am going to build on Drupal. If a similar contribution has already been posted on this forum, I apologize, but I was unable to find it.

As a relative amateur I want to build a database for insertion and find out materials (say, something like a database and search portal, example here:, which will meet my requirements.

To describe the example,

Special Menu Items makes my menu look weird

I am using Superfish menu on Danland theme, Drupal 6. I have downloaded and installed Special Menu Items module because I do not want one of my menu items to point to a path. My "CONFERENCE" menu's path is set to "nolink" (without quotation marks). But it looks different compared to "HOME" and "ABOUT" menus. How can I make it look the same?

Image URL :

Microsoft JScript runtimes error

I have installed wysiwyg module on my drupal 6.31. The module requires an editor which I installed CKEditor. However, wysiwyg doesn't see it as installed and when I go into my blocks I do not have the CKEditors toolbar. When I double click on ckeditor.js I get this error:

Line: 5
Char: 13
Error: 'window' is undefinted

What does it mean? Is anything wrong with my server?

Postgres db_lock_table behavior


I'm read the Drupal API.
The function db_lock_table have this description:

"Lock a table. This function automatically starts a transaction"

And the MySQL code is:

"db_query('BEGIN; LOCK TABLE {'. db_escape_table($table) .'} IN EXCLUSIVE MODE'); "

What happend if I use this function with Postgres?
It's starts a transaction?
And the db_unlock_tables commits a transaction?
How I can rollback a transaction?

Thank's for your answer.


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