SECURITY CONCERN: reference links: suitability for Drupal CMS of Apache+cPanel+suPHP on single user system (VPS or Dedicated)

First a clear statement; there is absolutely no doubt (based on both personal experience with a compromised pre-Drupal-7.32 site and on a review of literally 100s of discussions of this matter both on and wider WWW) that running suPHP (which forces the web server to run PHP script as cPanel/filesystem user) has serious security implications for all PHP-based CMS systems, including Drupal.

Changing a simple href tag in the html generated by drupal


I'm volunteering for a non-profit and we had the website set up by a commercial team a few years back. I have access to all files on bluehost and it's clearly set up using Drupal.

I only need to change a href tag in the homepage html, which as I understand is generated by Drupal. Could you please enlighten me on who to achieve that simple task ?

I understood html but really has no backgroud in php or Drupal, etc.

Thanks a lot.


Spanish version

Hi, are there any spanish version or spanish module??

Thank you

pre installation

Please, as someone who doesnt know about drupal, and want to learn to use it to build a website. How do I learn it very well? A sort of tutorial and videos. Thanks.

How to become an administrator

I've just taken responsibility for a project website and need to update content. However, the command doesn't seem to work in terms of letting me into the site to make changes. I jsut get a page telling me 'Access Denied: you are not authorised to access this page'. I ahve a username and password so not sure why i can't access the admin panel. Any suggestions?

Upgrading old version of drupal to new [job filled]

My website was programmed in Drupal some years ago and when trying to upgrade the php along with the latest build of drupal, many things don't work as they should.

I am looking for someone who can upgrade our drupal site to the latest build so we can use new version of php on an apache server.

Also due to the site that we have, I would imagine this to be a project for serious experienced programmers.

I am looking to get this project completed as soon as humanly possible.

email is below,



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