Drupal Theme Editing or Use Sub Theme

I am actually building a site in Drupal using a online Theme builder Template Toaster.
I read out somewhere that rather then editing a Drupal Theme,we should add a sub theme in it.

Is it fine to add a sub theme & how to do it ? I am new to it and generally need urgent help.

Issue udating from 7.32 to 7.41

I have updated the drupal core to 7.41 . when i am updating the modules manually i run into error

PHP Fatal error: Class 'DrupalDefaultEntityController' not found in ...

i have tried fixing the error by rebuilding the repositories using Registry_rebuild
and also tried with drush .

when are try using with update.php method, it gives another error saying An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 500 Debugging .

Notice "Undefined index" after saving a page

Hey Guys,

since a couple of days, I get the following Error message after I've saved a content page.
Notice: Undefined index: n0151 in include() (Zeile 1 von /mnt/webw/c0/01/5220001/htdocs/drupal-cms/modules/system/html.tpl.php).

The Notice appears just only in admin view, not in the common user view.

There were no changes on the Durpal System within the last couple of month and I'm wondering why this happens and why now.
I've already delete the drupal cache, but this didn't resolves the issue. Any ideas?

embedding rate and embedding capacity of PVD stenography

How to find the embedding rate and embedding capacity of PVD stenography in matlab?

SECURITY CONCERN: reference links: suitability for Drupal CMS of Apache+cPanel+suPHP on single user system (VPS or Dedicated)

First a clear statement; there is absolutely no doubt (based on both personal experience with a compromised pre-Drupal-7.32 site and on a review of literally 100s of discussions of this matter both on Drupal.org and wider WWW) that running suPHP (which forces the web server to run PHP script as cPanel/filesystem user) has serious security implications for all PHP-based CMS systems, including Drupal.

Changing a simple href tag in the html generated by drupal


I'm volunteering for a non-profit and we had the website set up by a commercial team a few years back. I have access to all files on bluehost and it's clearly set up using Drupal.

I only need to change a href tag in the homepage html, which as I understand is generated by Drupal. Could you please enlighten me on who to achieve that simple task ?

I understood html but really has no backgroud in php or Drupal, etc.

Thanks a lot.



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