Comparison of Form Building Modules

Drupal has a lot of modules aimed at helping site builders and users add forms to their sites. What follows is a rough comparison of 4 of them. If there are any I've missed, please add them.


Webform is a module designed to allow you to add custom forms to the front-end of your site. Each form is stored against a node, so you add new forms to your site as if you were adding content. It's useful for things like Survey websites or just where you want a couple of forms that differ from the standard contact form.


  • Webform has been around for a long time, its very well established and has a big following.
  • Webform can make a wide variety of forms with lots of different elements available.
  • Webforms inherit all the cool access stuff that nodes have.


  • Webform submissions are stored in their own custom way - not using any of the standard drupal API's.
  • Drupal 7 has lots of cool Field Types available in contrib that webform cannot utilise.
  • There is little or no integration with alot of modules because the submissions do not use entities.
  • Webform cannot (without some magic) be used to edit nodes or comments.


The Flexiform module provides a UI and configuration storage for the creation
of complex forms including fields and elements from multiple entities.


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