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Atom Person

The Person content type allows a user to reference content, such as Blog Posts, to a specific profile. There are fields for name, title, photo, bio, and contact info.

There is also a person type with the following options

  • Author
  • Staff
  • Volunteer
  • Other

Persons tagged as Staff and Volunteers will automatically display on those respective pages.

Atom Blog

OpenAid 1.0

OpenAid 1.0 uses the custom module OpenAid Blog to power the Blog functionality. When enabling the OpenAid Blog module, the OpenAid Countries, OpenAid Images, and OpenAid Tags/Topics modules are also enabled, providing three content types (Author Profile, Blog Post, and Image) and a Blog landing page.

Is Drupal the right tool for the job?

Drupal is a powerful and flexible content management system for building virtually any kind of website. What are you looking for Drupal to do for you? The following are some areas that Drupal champions:

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