OpenAid Project

Enable the OpenAid Project feature at /admin/structure/features

The Project content type comes with the following features:

  • Country vocabulary
  • Mapping
  • Partner references
  • Related files
  • Resource references

Project Mapping

OpenAid uses OpenLayers and Mapbox to provide the mapping functionality of the site. The location of a project is set on the node edit form.

Updating OpenAid

The update process with OpenAid is the same as process as updating modules on a standard Drupal site. Note that contributed modules for OpenAid live in profiles/openaid/modules/contrib rather than the common set up sites/all/modules/contrib.

OpenAid does have regular updates, oftentimes to keep up with security releases of Drupal core and contributed modules, however, OpenAid site maintainers are encouraged to update modules (especially those with security updates) as updates become available rather than waiting for a new release of OpenAid.

Working with Embedded Media

OpenAid uses the Node Embed module to allow for the embedding of images or other media assets. This page will walk through the basics of configuring your OpenAid site to use Node Embed, but you can learn more about what Node Embed has to offer at their documentation pages.

As the name implies, anything that is a node can be embedded via Node Embed. Let's use the Image content type as an example.

OpenAid Contact

Enabling the OpenAid Contact module will provide a Contact webform. You can view the form at /contact or by bringing it up at admin/content.

Add the Contact form to a Menu

You can then add the form to the menu of your choice at /contact/edit

Customize the Form Elements

To edit the form elements on your Contact page, select the _Webform_ working tab.

OpenAid Captcha

The OpenAid CAPTCHA module adds a CAPTCHA to the following forms by default:

  • Blog comment form
  • Page comment form
  • Contact form
  • User registration form

This can be configured further at Administration > Configuration > People > CAPTCHA (admin/config/people/captcha).

OpenAid Feature Modules Becoming Atom Modules

The current Feature Modules in OpenAid will eventually become their own standalone projects, known as Atom modules. These Atom modules will be their own standalone modules. This will people to use certain features of OpenAid that they like, without needing to use the entire distro. It also means these modules can be developed and improved upon independent of OpenAid as well as be of potential use to other distros.

At the moment, these are all Sandbox Projects and you can help by testing them out and providing feedback in the form of an issue, or by improving the code.

Atom Modules


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