OpenAid Feature Modules Becoming Atom Modules

The current Feature Modules in OpenAid will eventually become their own standalone projects, known as Atom modules. These Atom modules will be their own standalone modules. This will people to use certain features of OpenAid that they like, without needing to use the entire distro. It also means these modules can be developed and improved upon independent of OpenAid as well as be of potential use to other distros.

At the moment, these are all Sandbox Projects and you can help by testing them out and providing feedback in the form of an issue, or by improving the code.

Atom Modules


OpenAid is a distribution aimed at non-profit and humanitarian aid organizations designed for groups to quickly install and customize a site to promote their work to the world.

Using as a project demo

Evaluate Drupal projects online

Target audience: Drupal project maintainers.

On Drupal project pages you might find a 'Try a demonstration' link to evaluate it. A good project demo is one where you can fiddle with the settings and for this you need to provide admin access in a temporary sandbox. This is where comes in handy by allowing anyone to create a temporary Drupal website with any module, theme or distribution.

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