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Moneybird Commerce


Moneybird Commerce is a module developed for Drupal, whose role is to establish a link with the Moneybird platform for the contacts and invoices management.
This document has the objective to describe the features of the module, and to describe how to install it in Drupal, configure, and use it.


The module contains the following features:

  • A configuration page where the user can
    • enter the details to connect the module to his moneybird account
    • select the profile to use while generating the templates (also involves the language)
    • define if the module has to stay synchronized with moneybird even when the network link is down
    • synchronize manually the faulty contacts and invoices that couldn't be synchronized earlier
  • Creation of a Moneybird payment method in Commerce.
  • Automatically create the corresponding contact in Moneybird after a checkout is completed.
  • Automatically create the invoice in Moneybird after a checkout is completed.
  • Displays a link to the Moneybird invoice when the checkout is completed.
  • Displays a link to the Moneybird invoice while reviewing an order afterwards.

After Installation

Now that you've installed Drupal, there are few tasks you need to do:

OS X download notes

If you are installing on a Mac server, or are creating a test site on your Mac, you may also want review these handbook pages during installation:


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