References Dialog: Create New Referenced Node Content While Editing Parent Node

Overview of the References Dialog module

What it does

Question: I have a node/entity reference field on a node form, but I don't have the content for it yet. How can I add referenced node(s) without leaving the container node create/edit form in a single, seamless workflow?
Answer: The References Dialog module provides an elegant solution by exposing links to Edit, Search for existing, or Create in a clean modal popup dialog. The selected or created node id then populates the node reference field and dialog is dismissed. Watch a 1 minute demo of it in action.
Screenshot of References Dialog in action

Once asked questions

  • Does the module work out of the box?
    Yes. Note that as of this writing, you'll want to have picked up the -dev version. -alpha4 presented some hiccups like Drupal site chrome (header/footer) showing in modal dialog form and some PHP notices.
  • Does it work on node_reference or entityreference modules?
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