Getting started with Git on

This section provides an overview of how to use Git repositories on for both Drupal core and contributed projects.

Note: This screencast will walk you through Git on

Before you start

You will need to install Git and configure Git before you can do anything else.

Commit access

A user on will be granted commit access to a project only if they created the project or were granted permission by an administrator of the project.

To connect and commit to a Git repo, a user must clone the repository via SSH. For example: git clone --recursive would clone Drupal core.


This is a stub... the page will give the locations of the repositories, explain what replication means, and what the general (not tool-specific) process is to clone repos without giving command line commands or saying how to do it with different tools.

[This page should probably contain information about how to set up your account so you get credit for your work in commit logs, with a note to see your specific Git tool's "How to identify yourself to Git" directions for the HowTo.]

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