Mobile-specific website

For some projects, you may want to have a mobile web site that uses different markup and layout from the desktop site - for instance, it may be easier to manage two web sites than to create a responsive layout for your desktop site, or you want to use a mobile web framework like jQuery Mobile or Sensa Touch for mobile users.

Mobile Tools module

The most useful module for building separate desktop and mobile sites for Drupal is Mobile Tools, which has many different features:

  • Web Browser detection - is the user on a desktop browser or a mobile browser?
  • Mobile domain redirection - route users to the correct domain.
  • Mobile-only themes - different devices may get different themes.
  • Mobile site availability - let mobile users on full site know there is a mobile version.
  • Mobile context - offer different functionality to mobile users.

There are a few modules available that have limited scope relative to the Mobile Tools module. Their functionality may match your website’s requirements.

Browser Detection - Browscap module

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