MailChimp FAQ

Q: How do I create anonymous signup forms on the site as either a page or a block?
A: Head to this path admin/config/services/mailchimp/signup/add, fill out the form and click on “Block”, “Page”, or both Display Modes.

MailChimp E-Commerce

Connect your online store to MailChimp to learn more about your customers and increase your return on investment. MailChimp E-Commerce features capture detailed purchase data from your customers that you can use to create personalized campaigns and Automation workflows.

Mailchimp Campaigns

Mailchimp Campaigns is a submodule of the Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 versions of the Mailchimp module. Mailchimp Campaigns allow creating and sending campaigns, and viewing statistics from within a Drupal website.


The install file adds one table to list campaigns and one input filter format named MailChimp campaign. This module requires the entity module, in order to work.

MailChimp Lists

MailChimp Lists is a submodule of the Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 versions of the MailChimp module. It allows synchronizing Drupal users with MailChimp lists and it allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, and update member information.

8.x and 7.x-4.x

Once your MailChimp API key has been added to the Global Settings configuration page (admin/config/services/mailchimp), your Lists will populate automatically. To see your lists, visit the Lists tab (admin/config/services/mailchimp/lists).

7.x-2.x and 7.x-3.x

Don't use these branches. Use the 7.x-4.x branch instead.

MailChimp Module: Introduction

Note: more documentation for the Drupal 7.x and 8.x versions of the MailChimp module are also available in the README files of the submodules.


The MailChimp module integrates with MailChimp, the popular email delivery service.


  1. Embed subscription forms for any MailChimp list with custom meta data and a block for each list.
  2. Enables end users to manage their subscriptions from their account page.
  3. Allows end users to subscribe to lists during registration.
  4. Lets you map user tokens to MailChimp merge fields.
  5. Allows you to make lists required for certain user roles, and optionally allow anonymous users to subscribe by presenting a signup form with all MailChimp merge fields displayed.
  6. Allows subscriptions to be maintained via a batch process during cron or in real time.
  7. Allows the option of also enabling list "interest group" subscriptions, for more fine grained mailing list control.
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