With this module you will be able to upload and view SCROM packages using Drupal.


H5P SCORM module has following dependencies:

Quadstat Core

This module does not do anything by itself but is used for the Quadstat Drupal distribution.

Please report all issues here:




The assignment calculator is designed for educational websites such as
universities or high schools to help students calculate the steps needed to
complete an assignment by the due date. Content administrators will set up
various assignment templates, such as research papers, and will include the
steps needed to complete an assignment and the percentage of time this step
should take. For example, step one might be researching a topic and it should
take 10% of your time. Once these templates are created, a user on the site

Webform Score

This project lets you score an individual user's answers, then store and display the scores.


Editing Existing Crosswords.

Some words combining together in a pattern to create a puzzle as known as Crosswords. That pattern can be rectangular grid with some black and white shaped squares. Crosswords player need to fill the white square boxes with letters to form words. These words can be filled vertically and horizontally. The black squares are used to separate the words. To fill the words there are some clues are always given.


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