Archival Resource Key Identifier Name Mapping

Noah's Ark stoneware (Wikimedia Commons)

This module allows your Drupal site to act as a Name Mapping Authority for ARK (Archival Resource Key) Identifiers. It will resolve ARK identifiers to content on your site which you have designated as ARK (which also produces the identifiers and tells you and others what they are).

Select your content types and fields to map to the ARK concepts of "Who?" and "When?" ("What?" is always mapped to the resource title).


Course Upload

course_upload README listed below...


Senior Systems API

The Senior Systems API module allows other modules to utilize the APIs exposed by Senior Systems' Web Services Module.

Blackboard Connect API

Blackboard Connect API allows a Drupal module to manage an organization's contact list in Blackboard Connect.


Exam Spider

Edit Exam

Exam spider module provides exam or quiz with single and multiple options in a question.You can also use exam spider clock, negative marking, Display Random Question, Exam Published or unpublished. Easily set re attempt time in days, User can reattempt exam after that time period.


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