TinCanAPI D8 Port

This is a sandbox project for porting the Tin Can API module from D7 to D8. The Tin Can API project is a suite of modules that provide various points of integration with the Tin Can API/Experience API. The module(s) can be used to track many different types of user interaction such as viewing nodes, clicking links and watching YouTube or Vimeo videos via the Media module. The Tin Can API module can also act as a framework to track custom statements.

kdonaldson SCO Node

The kdonaldson SCO Node module is an attempt to port jimbullington's SCO Node module to D8. It will allow nodes to be created that contain SCORM content. The SCO content can then be played and scored on a Drupal 8 site.

Video Training

This module is designed to allow you to attach video screencasts to any admin page within Drupal.

Immediate plans are to allow users to upload screencasts as Drupal managed assets and leverage the Video module to render the videos via an overlay.

Future plans are to allow users to upload and post videos from other services or CDN's using a secure delivery method in an effort to make these videos enterprise compliant.

Express Help

This module is used in the University of Colorado Boulder's Express Install Profile to provide inline help.



This module takes a Teamtrehouse https://teamtreehouse.com/ username and uses it to pull in their JSON data to populate a pie chart in a block which can be placed on a page in your Drupal site, great for Portfolio's and CV's. The form for entering the username can be accessed from the site configuration page at /admin/config


Drupal packaged distribution that powers up standards-based free and open access legal information websites.


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