Exam Spider

Module for creating exam, Exam also have timer, add single and multiple choice answer.


A lightweight quiz module featuring videos.


Place the quizard module in your modules directory.
Navigate Manage > Extend, and enable Quizard.


Multiple Field Question

Multiple Field Question for the Quiz module provides a new question type for the quiz module that allows you to build quizzes with drag and drop functionality. The module lets you create multiple field types in single question for a Quiz in Drupal using the form builder interface. Answers can be evaluated manually. Scores and results are displayed only after the quiz is evaluated. It also provides for the user to create inline questions with multiple fill-in-the-blank type fields within the questions providing greater flexibility to the quizzes.


Opigno TinCan Question Type

Opigno TinCan Question Type


This module adds a new question type for the Quiz module.
With this new question type, you will be able to import TinCan Packages to your Drupal instance and to use it as a question.

This module as been created mainly for the Opigno LMS and is maintained by Connect-i, the editor of Opigno.

Absorb LMS

Project will be published soon...


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