Express Lane - PayPal Express Checkout

Express Lane is one of the newest Drupal e-commerce platforms. It provides streamlined integration for PayPal Express Checkout. It's intended for easy configuration, yet it's powerful enough to use as the e-commerce or e-fundraising platform that will grow with your organization.

Webform Paypal

Download Paypal Webform Module
Download Webform Module
and enable

Go into config of Webform (from the modules screen) and select the Content Type that you want the Paypal button to appear under

Create content for that content type, save and go back into Webform tab
Create a field, using Paypal button

To get the Button ID, log into Paypal

PayPal Website Payments Standard

Edit: 2013-08-16
In general this page works for D7 / UC3. Follow what's here and translate from D6 to D7 and you should be good. Additional instructions on IPN are found in comment [Drupal 7.23, Ubercart 7.x-3.5].

INTRO - How this works behind the scenes

PayPal Website Payments Standard (WPS) works as follows:

  1. Customer fills in name, email, billing and shipping info on the checkout form.
  2. Customer selects to pay with Credit Card (WPS) on the checkout form.
  3. Customer clicks "Review Order" and then "Submit Order."
  4. UC automatically "packages up" the customer's order (either as an itemized list or as a sum total depending on your WPS settings), along with the name, email, and shipping / billing addresses and redirects the customer along with that information to a secure payment form at PayPal.
  5. Customer fills in credit card info on the PayPal site. The form already contains all of the information passed to it by UC so the customer only needs to enter the CC details in the PayPal form.

    * The customer may choose to create a PayPal account at checkout time depending on how you configured "Website Payment Preferences" in your PayPal account (see configuration steps below).

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