Comparison of generic distributions

General purpose Drupal distributions for all kinds of sites.

Distributions Acquia Drupal Cocomore Drupal TurnKey Drupal Panopoly Drupal
Project page - - - Panopoly
Website Acquia Drupal Cocomore Drupal TurnKey Drupal Panopoly Drupal
Hosted version ? ? TurnKey Hub Pantheon
Documentation href="">Getting Started Cocomore Drupal Distribution Drupal showcase Article to install Panopoly

Comparison of nonprofit distributions

For additional useful materials on Drupal for Nonprofit Organizations, see Resource Guide: Drupal for Nonprofit Websites.

Distribution list

  • Donor Rally is an open source social fundraising tool developed for nonprofits.
  • CityGroups is a searchable public directory that allows community organizers and residents to find community groups by location and topic.
  • CiviCRM Starter Kit includes the most recent versions of Drupal and CiviCRM as well as popular CiviCRM related modules in a single download. CiviCRM is a web-based, open source, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software geared toward meeting the needs of non-profit and other civic-sector organizations.
  • Open Outreach provides nonprofits and grassroots organizations with an organizational website including content management, events, blogging, and social media solutions.
  • Springboard is an open source online fundraising, advocacy and marketing platform built on Drupal and Salesforce.
  • Townsquare provides volunteer, knowledge, and conversation management tools. Current version includes working volunteer hour-tracking and management tools and wiki/knowledgebase.
  • Volunteer Rally is a volunteer management application that allows you to publish a calendar of available volunteer shifts on the web.
  • Watershed Now is a Drupal distribution developed to support the common content management, social media, online advocacy, fundraising, and geo-mapping needs of conservation organizations.
  • Duw is a Drupal distribution for non-profits under development with the support of Palante Tech.
  • OpenAid is a turnkey website platform designed and built by international public health and knowledge management experts to help small NGOs and international development projects create cost-effective program-focused websites quickly.

Comparison of social and community distributions

Drupal distributions for social and community sites.

Distributions Drupal Commons Open Atrium VoiceBox
Project page Commons Open Atrium VoiceBox
Website Drupal Commons Open Atrium FunnyMonkey Code
Hosted version ? Discussed here ?
Documentation Documentation (it needs free account) Documentation, book Documentation

Comparisons of Drupal distributions

This section contains overviews of different groups of Drupal distributions that install a similar type of website. These overviews can be very useful if you are evaluating distributions to meet a certain requirement and cannot distinguish the differences between them.

See also:

More details about distributions

Setting up a Drupal site typically involves downloading and configuring Drupal core, then downloading and configuring various contributed modules, as needed. To make this process easier, there are a variety of "pre-configured" versions of Drupal you can download and use for specific types of sites (e.g. a blogging site, a conference site, a corporate Intranet site, etc.). These "pre-configured" versions of Drupal are called "distributions".

Finding distributions

Drupal distributions are listed as projects in Download & Extend, filterable by compatibility, popularity, keyword, and more. Many distributions include code (such as the jQuery library) that cannot be hosted on due to incompatible licensing, so downloads of these distributions are provided via a 3rd party website.

Distributions vs installation profiles

There is sometimes confusion regarding the terms "distribution" and "installation profile" (also called "install profile"). Here are the definitions:

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