Getting started with Drupal 8 administration

This section is an introduction to site administration for new Drupal 8 users. It covers the use of the administrator account and offers suggestions on where to start.

Understanding the administrator account

At the end of the installation process, the person who performed the installation is automatically logged into the site with the administrator account. You may see the administrator account referred to as "User 1". This administrative account is automatically given all privileges for managing content and administering the site. The best practice is not to share this account. You can always grant users permissions by assigning them to certain roles.

Where to start

Administrators will generally need to address the following areas in a new site.

Check your site's status

Drupal 7 - Create a quick Admin "Edit This Page" link that bypasses the content List

I sometimes do not like having to click on the Content link and then have to search for that page in the Content/Nodes screen, so this little code is handy for quickly editing a page while bypassing the Content list. Wordpress also has a quick command for this, but I never found it on Drupal.

Recovering the administrator password

There are several methods to recover the Drupal administrator ("user 1") password. The fastest way is using drush.

Request new password via e-mail

You can reset your password by requesting a new password at

Change password with a database query

Drupal 7

Update administrator password via sql-query in Drupal 7.

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