Admin Toolbar

The Admin Toolbar module improves the user experience for site Admins and Developer by adding drop-down menu funtionality to the Drupal Toolbar that is now packaged with Drupal 8.

Admin Toolbar provides fast, full access to all links in the Drupal Toolbar without having to click to get there.

(This is a work in progress...)

Customizing the Admin Toolbar

The Admin Toolbar was added to core in Drupal 7. In earlier versions of Drupal, there were several modules that added similar administrative interfaces including the Admin Menu and Admin module.  While those modules are also available for Drupal 7, some of the advantages of using the core Admin Toolbar are:

Working with the overlay

The administrative overlay makes it easier to administer a Drupal site by displaying administrative pages as a layer over the current page (using JavaScript), rather than replacing the page in your browser window. Once an overlay is active, you can use the close link on the overlay to return to the page you were viewing before you clicked the link. In a "Standard" install, the Overlay module is enabled by default.



Administrative interface without the overlay:

Working with the toolbar

The administrative toolbar gives you quick access to the most important administrative pages. The Toolbar module is enabled by default (unless you choose the "Minimal" profile when installing). The shortcut bar that is displayed below it



The following links are available, given that their respective module(s) are enabled.

  • The home icon: Return to the home page.
  • Dashboard: Go to the administration dashboard.
  • Content: Find, manage, and create new pages; manage comments.
  • Structure: Edit blocks, define new content types, configure menus, administer tags with taxonomy, and configure some contributed modules.
  • Appearance: Switch between themes, install themes, and update existing themes.
  • People: Manage existing users, or create new user accounts.
  • Modules: Update, enable, disable, and install new modules.
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