How to show TinyBox Splash on Certain Browser

On certain device you may want to enable and disable Splah screen by TinyBox. In example, you may want to show TinyBox on Firefox browser but hide it when Symbian browser detected.

In this example we want to show TinyBox Splash screen only on Firefox browser:

TinyBox, Create Splash Screen from NID, Content Type and Views

TinyBox is a powerful module but it is very simple to create a Splash Screen.

Splash Screen from Certain Node

Every node in Drupal has a unique ID called: NID (Node ID). Create a new content/node, and after you save the content you will see the node id on the edit tab. Suppose your nid is 100 then:

TinyBox Installation

Installation procedure of TinyBox consists of 2 steps: Library and Module installation.

TinyBox (Simple Splash)

TinyBox Simple SplashTinyBox module uses TinyBox, a lightweight and standalone modal window script. The main purpose of this module is to provide Splash Screen as simple as possible.

TinyBox get content from node body. This mean any elements supported including: text, color, table, image, etc.

TinyBox can get value from nid, content-type and the incredible Views!

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