Start a new installation and site in Windows 7 using Drush

The following is a quick start process for installing a WAMP stack using Uniserver (substitute the server of your choice) and a Drupal-7.15 (or later) in a Windows 7 environment.

Amp Stack Installation

1. Download and install the Visual C++ redistributable package from This is needed for Uniserver.
2. Download the latest version of Uniserver from Run the downloaded executable and extract it to C:/ root directory.
3. Download Drush for Windows from Right click the .msi file and select open to start the install process. It will install into your Program Files directory.
4. Pin Uniserver to your task bar by opening the Uniserv er directory and right clicking "Start as program" and click "Pin to Taskbar".
5. Pin Drush to your task bar by clicking "Start>All Programs>Drush" and right clicking "Drush Command Prompt" and click "Pin to Taskbar".

Before Starting the Drupal download

6. Start the Uniserver from the Taskbar.
7. Click the 1 icon on the Taskbar to open the Uniserver, then click "Start Both" to start the Apache Server and MySQL interface.
8. Click "Server Status" to verify the server is running properly.

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